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Geller of SIOA & Fascist Geert Wilders & Klayman of Freedom Works Threaten Violent Insurrection & Geller's Antisemitic Genocidal Serbian Friends ???

UPDATE: Sept. 15, 2010 12:44 PM

"Progressives... rely in their arguments on the constitutional freedom of religion, knowing full well that Islam is not just a religion: it is also a form of government, which is totalitarian in its nature and is therefore antithetic to the American form of government. Thus, promoting Islam in America amounts to undermining America's founding principles." 9-11 Rally at Ground Zero: Are You an Islamophobe? Red Square Blog Sept. 12, 2010 linked to Pam Geller's Atlas

(parenthetical remark or aside by GORD. Such statements seem odd to me. Well of course evil liberals and progressives would use that commie document the US Constitution and its amendments etc. to defend the religious freedom of non-Christians living in America.
Is Mormonism a religion or ideology-is the Israeli state run as simply a secular state or religious state- Israeli settlers Movement believe Israel should be a Jewish only state-Christian Evangelicals believe there should be no distinction between religion and state Tea Party has said separation of state and church is nonsense invented by liberals see: Glenn Beck etc. GORD.

"Religion Preying on Freedom" written on Missile.
(reminds me of the Israeli bomb shells little Israeli kids write hateful messages on to Palestinians but of course Israeli's do no inculcate or Brain-wash their children with Hate???)

Missile Float driven around Ground Zero by Anti-Mosque group- Is this civilized debate or a message of Hate or a warning
posted by @marksborden Twitter Pics.

Pam Geller, Robert Spencer of SIOA & Larry Klayman of Freedom Works into some very crazy and dangerous talk.
Larry Klayman warns that it is in the American constitution that when the president gives up sovereignty to a foreign nation or to a group which does not represent America's interests it is the duty of the American people to remove the president from power through persuasion, impeachment or armed rebellion. Yes this again is what Freedom Works, SIOA, Jihad Watch are suggesting. Klayman says the Imam of the Park51 / Islamic Center has already implied that if he is not permitted to build a Mosque at the "Ground Zero " site there will be violent retaliation often the part of the Muslim World.

Larry Klayman of Freedom Interview Sept. 11, 2010
ProjectShiningCity September 12, 2010

PSCTV's Jeff Bruzzo interviews Larry Klayman, Chairman of Freedom Watch. Larry was at the rally to stop the mosque at Ground Zero, hosted by Pamela Geller, in Lower Manhattan.

for many people Islamophobia, anti-Islam anti-Muslim is now an acceptable prejudice in the way that anti-Semitism once was or other forms of religious bigotry, ethnic and racial prejudice.

As I have said the Islamophobes want to deny Muslims in the West including the USA & Canada equal rights. People such as Geert Wilders would prefer a sort of peaceful ethnic cleansing. The most strident and vocal Islamophobes have a Fascistic mindset.( On Geert go The Scary World of Geert Wilders and here and for instance see Islamophobe Daniel Pipes endorsement of Wilders .

These Uberconservatives and Islamophobes Tea Party gang etc. can't accept that the West has become a multicultural, pluralistic society.
For instance in Europe various countries Italy, Spain and France are now terrorizing their respective Roma population shutting down their campsites which are mostly Trailer Parks and offering the opportunity to return to their motherland of Romania - But most Roma have been in Western Europe for generations in some cases centuries and yet the European peoples want the Roma (Gypsies) out of their countries .

It appears the Europeans and Americans and Canadians learned nothing from the events of WWII and the Shoah (holocaust). The only thing they learned was that the Jews were treated in the most barbaric way imaginable but they don't see this as being of relevance to other unjustly and unfairly treated minorities or those who are different.

For instance Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs has defended the Bosnian Serbs who during their Psychotic reign of terror in 1990s slaughtered tens of thousands of Muslims.
These Muslims had been their neighbors for centuries 1680 to 1919 during which time there was very little animosity between the Serbs, Slavs, Croats, Jews, Muslims, Catholics , Orthodox Christian Serbs that is before 1919 .

During WWII the Serbs slaughtered almost the entire population of Jews in Bosnia/Yugoslavia. The Serbs slaughtered Croats and Croats slaughtered Serbs then they slaughtered Muslims and Muslims retaliated. Note to historical revisionists the Mufti of Jerusalem did not represent all Muslims in the Middle East let alone the world and he was disliked and distrusted by many Bosnian Muslims. Muslims who joined the special Muslim brigades mainly did hoping to be able to protect them from the Nazis and their Serbian collaborators but rebelled when they were sent to other areas (See note at end)-

In the 1990s the story was very different indeed since the propaganda calling for "Ethnic Cleansing" can be attributed to the Serbs who were promulgating the Myth of Greater Serbia or Heavenly Serbia. Their intention was to remove all non-Serbs and all who were not members of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The Serbian intellectuals, politicians, artists, literati had been calling for such ethnic cleansing for over a century that is shortly after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
During the time of the Ottomans all of these ethnic groups lived together side by side without any real animosity towards one another based upon race, religion or ethnicity.

Meanwhile the Western European Nations and the United States and Canada tended to either romanticize the plight of the Serbian Nationalists or saw them as victims of centuries of persecution which was blatantly false or the leaders accepted the idea that all of these people were uncivilized and were barbaric in their use of violence which was also not true.

What was true in the 1990s was that the Serbs led by Slobodan Milošević had a large military with an air force and tank brigades and large guns while all the other ethnic and religious groups had only small arms. The Western Nations were either indifferent or sympathetic to the Serbs agenda which was later officially referred to as the Bosnian Genocide of slaughtering all the Bosnian or Balkan Muslims who had few arms to defend themselves and to make matters worse the West refused their request for arms even when it became obvious that the Serbs were engaged in a brutal campaign of Ethnic Cleansing or Genocide. ( reading about Serbian Nationalism and their agenda of Ethnic Cleansing I am finding parallels with present day Israel and its treatment of Palestinians and especially its homicidal attack on Gaza in 2008-2009. And once again the more powerful nation Israel which has one of the best equipped and trained armies in the Middle East is treated as if they were the victims. The Palestinian do not have a large army and have only rifles and home-made rockets which are far from accurate and do little damage.

But America , Canada and some European countries believe somehow that Israel is under attack by an ill-equipped half-starved rag-tag army .
It seems Israel has convinced a number of nations that even killing old men and women and children is Morally Justified because they too are Palestinian and Muslim which makes them Not-Quite -Human. And killing children is also justified because they will after all according to the Israeli government just grow up to be Evil Muslim Palestinians. On the other hand the Israelis believe that given the Demographics the Arab Israelis and Palestinians will soon be equal in numbers to Jewish Israelis so given the notion of self-defense as an Ethnic group in order to survive they must eliminate as many Arab Israelis, Palestinians and Muslims as possible.

Prime Minister Binyamin (Benjamin /Bibi) Netanyahu seems to have no real problem with Ethnic Cleansing and he is backed by Rabbis and the Settlers Movement who believe that Israeli Jews as the Chosen of God have the right and the duty to make all of Ancient Israel - The Promise Land Eretz Yisrael/ Eretz Israel theirs once again. But Eretz Israel they believe must be purified in the same way that Serbians believe their "Heavenly Serbia " which the Serbs believe to be God's anointed country or New Jerusalem must be purified . Yet Americans believe their nation is God's chosen nation which will lead the way for the Second Coming and the fight against the Anti-Christ. The people of England claim God is in deed an Englishman.

Anyway Purification of the land or Nation can only be achieved by expelling all those who respectively are not "Real Jews" or who are not "Real Orthodox Serbians" or Not "Real Americans" .To put it more bluntly only those who belong to the Serbian Orthodox Church are "True Serbs" all others are not Serbs and are inferior to "Real Serbs" and so must be eliminated by expulsion or death.

The view in part of many Europeans and other Christian Nations appeared to be that these Muslims in Bosnia /Yugoslavia like Muslims everywhere deserved to be wiped out. Christian nations in their various crusades and colonizations had after all being doing this for centuries from 1097 til the present.

This is what the USA has done in Iraq and is planning for Iran to wipe out as many Muslims as possible and to undermine whatever power it has so it will no longer be a threat or be able to defend itself from invasion by the USA or Britain or NATO forces or Israel. So the plan is to undermine the sovereignty of Islamic and or Arab nations in the Middle East so we in the West can get cheaper oil and other commodities and if necessary make it easier to invade these nations so that they will kowtow to America and Israel especially.

So you are wondering what this has to do with right wing Tea party & Islamophobes well in all of these cases the leaders or "True believers" speak as the Serbs did in the 20th century about the Golden Age of Serbia these people also refer to some Golden Age in America or Europe to which they wish to return.

Such Uberconservative groups reject many of the changes that have taken place in America or Europe. They preach a form of nostalgia & sentimentality referring to an Era which never really existed. During that Mythical era everything was simple and everybody new their place and there wasn't all this kowtowing to various ethnic , religious or racial groups and their human rights.

So whether its Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin or Fox News or Pam Geller they imagine this mythical age which they think they can recreate.

So they want to purify America by returning America to its supposedly Judeo-Christian roots and the building as it were of the New Jerusalem or what is often referred to as "the Shinning City on The Hill " when America was God's chosen nation. They characterize war and the killing of the Enemy as part of their loyalty and duty to the nation and to Western Civilization. To the True Believers allowing too many of these foreign elements to grow and blossom in America and in Europe is to dilute its purity. But this sort of reactionary tendency and movements have arisen from time to time as the Real Americans the Real Christians and Real Europeans fear being drowned in a flood of immigrants who are outsiders who are very different from average Americans or Europeans. These notions of purity when taken to their final conclusion are extremely dangerous .

In Serbia these Mythical notions of a past Golden Age and the desire to cleanse the nation led to hatred and suspicion of the "Other" which took the True Believers to use violent rhetoric which in Serbia 's case to the killing of those whom they feared even though in fact that is in the real world these others were not threatening their very existence. So the Serbs mass murdered tens of thousands of Muslims in Bosnia/Yugoslavia and they had to create a whole conspiracy theory which would justify what they had done. In Israel for instance we read or hear these ultra-orthodox Israeli Jews who see violence as absolutely necessary to make Israel pure once again. Of course these Ultra-Orthodox Jews also want to cleanse Israel not just of Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians and Christians but also of those Israelis who are not real Jews because they have been infected as it were by modernity and secularism, pluralism, multiculturalism and un-Biblical notions such as Equality and human rights for everyone both Jews and non- Jews.

So we end up with the spokesperson for the right wing Tea Party group Freedom Works suggesting that a violent revolution might be needed to return America or Europe and Christendom to its founding God approved principles.
So they are dismissive of those who defend Islam or say that the troops and armies of America and Europe must act according to certain International Standards or according to an ethical code created by secularists and non Christians and Non-Jews.

For the "True Believers" the only morality or ethical act is any act which preserves the "Purity" of America and the "purity" of Judeo-Christian Western Civilization.

All who do not fit into these strict categories must be seen as inferior and therefore not entitled to equal rights and freedoms . To take it further only those who adhere to strict Judeo-Christian values and principles have been endowed with certain inalienable rights by their Creator all others are Godless as Ann Coulter might say. These Godless hordes and include Secular Humanists, liberals and liberalized Christians , feminists, homosexuals and any Non-Christians or Non Jews and don't belong.

The question for The True Believers is whether one can have a Purified America or a Purified Europe with these alien individuals or groups residing in America or Europe. Should they be expelled or destroyed as in a sacrifice to the One True God.

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First a note on Serbian Massacre of Jews in WWII-It seems a bit disturbing that some Islamophobes such as Pam Geller,and Robert Spencer who also happen to be Jewish have allied themselves with Serbian Nationalist and racist who have a history of violent and brutal anti-Semitism. It is very disturbing that various Jewish organizations such as the ADL -Anti-Defamation League don't call Pam Geller et al out on this -yet the ADL is now working with Pam Geller and her organization SIOA to protest the Ground Zero Mosque

Serbia’s Nazi Past and Genocide Against Jews in the Holocaust May 1, 2009 HOLOCAUST HISTORY MISAPPROPRIATED – By: Dr. Philip J. Cohen
A Monthly Jewish Review – Mindstream - November 1992. Volume XXXVIII No.8. at The Congress of North American Bosniaks website

In conjunction with the war in former Yugoslavia, Serbia has undertaken a campaign to persuade the Jewish community of Serbian friendship for Jews. This same campaign portrays Croats as a common threat to both Jews and Serbs, in an attempt to gain Jewish sympathy and support at a time when most nations have isolated Serbia as a Balkan pariah.

However, even as Serbia courts Jewish public opinion, their propagandists conceal a history of well-ingrained antisemitism, which continues unabated in 1992.

To make their case, Serbs portray themselves as victims in the Second World War, but conceal the systematic genocide that Serbs had committed against several peoples including the Jews. Thus Serbs have usurped as propaganda the Holocaust that occurred in neighbouring Croatia and Bosnia, but do not give an honest accounting of the Holocaust as it occurred in Serbia.

During four centuries of Ottoman rule in the Balkans, the Jewish communities of Serbia enjoyed religious tolerance, internal autonomy, and equality before the law, that ended with the breakup of the Ottoman Empire and the emergence of the Serbian state. Soon after a Serbian insurrection against Turkish rule in 1804, Jews were expelled from the interior of Serbia and prohibited from residing outside of Belgrade. In 1856 and 1861, Jews were further prohibited from travel for the purpose of trade. In official correspondence from the late 19th century, British diplomats detailed the cruel treatment of the Jews of Serbia, which they attributed to religious fanaticism, commercial rivalries, and the belief that Jews were the secret agents of the Turks. Article 23 of the Serbian constitution granted equality to every citizen but Article 132 forbade Jews the right of domicile. The Treaty of Berlin 1878, which formally established the Serbian state, accorded political and civil equality to the Jews of Serbia, but the Serbian Parliament resisted abolishing restrictive decrees for another 11 years. Although the legal status of the Jewish community subsequently improved, the view of Jews as an alien presence persisted.

Although Serbian historians contend that the persecution of the Jews of Serbia was entirely the responsibility of Germans and began only with the German occupation, this is self- serving fiction. Fully six months before the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia, Serbia had issued legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy and university enrollment. One year later on 22 October 1941, the rabidly antisemitic “Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibit” opened in occupied Belgrade, funded by the city of Belgrade. The central theme was an alleged Jewish- Communist-Masonic plot for world domination. Newspapers such as Obnova (Renewal) and Nasa Borba (Our Struggle) praised this exhibit, proclaiming that Jews were the ancient enemies of the Serbian people and that Serbs should not wait for the Germans to begin the extermination of the Jews. A few months later, Serbian authorities issued postage stamps commemorating the opening of this popular exhibit. These stamps, which juxtaposed Jewish and Serbian symbols (but did not contain Nazi symbols), portrayed Judaism as the source of world evil and advocated the humiliation and violent subjugation of Jews.

Serbia as well as neighboring Croatia was under Axis occupation during the Second World War. Although the efficient destruction of Serbian Jewry in the first two years of German occupation has been well documented by respected sources, the extent to which Serbia actively collaborated in that destruction has been less recognized. The Serbian government under General Milan Nedic worked closely with local Naziofficials in making Belgrade the first “Judenfrei” city of Europe. As late as 19 September 1943, Nedic made an official visit to Adolf Hitler, Serbs in Berlin advanced the idea that the Serbs were the “Ubermenchen” (master race) of the Slavs.

Although the Serbian version of history portrays wartime Serbia as a helpless, occupied territory, Serbian newspapers of the period offer a portrait of intensive collaboration. In November 1941, Mihajlo Olcan, a minister in Nedic’s government boasted that “Serbia has been allowed what no other occupied country has been allowed and that is to establish law and order with its own armed forces”. Indeed, with Nazi blessings, Nedic established the Serbian State Guard, numbering about 20,000, compared to the 3,400 German police in Serbia. Recruiting advertisements for the Serb police force specified that “applicants must have no Jewish or Gypsy blood”. Nedic’s second in command was Dimitrije Ljotic, founder of the Serbian Fascist Party and the principal Fascist ideologist of Serbia. Ljotic organized the Serbian Volunteers Corps, whose primary function was rounding up Jews, Gypsies, and partisans for execution. Serbian citizens and police received cash bounties for the capture and delivery of Jews.

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and on Serbian activities in WWII and in the so called Bosnian War 1993-1995 which was started by Serbs as an act of genocide or Ethnic Cleansing of Non-Serbs to create a Greater Serbia or "Heavenly Serbia" occupied entirely by Christian Orthodox Serbs.

Bosnian Serb ex-policemen charged for Srebrenica massacre, Sep 14, 2010

Serbia police search 5 locations on trail of fugitive genocide suspect Ratko Mladic, Canadian Press, Sept. 13, 2010

The History Place -Genocide in the 20th Century : Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1995

WWII GENOCIDE OF JEWS & BOSNIAN MUSLIMS at Bosniak & Jewish Solidarity

SERBS WERE NAZIS IN WORLD WAR II :Notice to Israel: Serbs and Serbia were Nazi Collaborators in World War II By Yahalom Kashny
at Srebrencia Genocide Blog, Sept. 5,2010

As a survivor of the Holocaust, I am increasingly agitated by Serbian revisionist propaganda on the internet.

The crimes of the Croatian Ustashas were terrible, but the Serbian Chetniks also collaborated with German Nazis in World War II. Serbia was a Nazi puppet state in World War II led by Milan Nedic, Serbian fascist collaborator.

10,419 (MOSTLY BOSNIAKS) STILL MISSING 15 YEARS AFTER THE BOSNIAN WAR International Day of the Disappeared at Srebrencia Genocide Blog, Aug. 30, 2010

About 15,000 people are still considered missing from the wars among the former Yugoslavia's succeeding countries, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Of that number, a total of 10,419 people are still missing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and almost all of the missing - or 10,276 - are Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks).

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Video 29 minutes at Real News Network Paul Jay interviews Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff, on Bush Admin 9/11 responsibility, Sept. 12, 2010.

Video: 'Tea party's' Dick Armey: A GOP majority would take up abortion fight Christian Science Monitor Sept. 13, 2010

Video: 31 August 2010: Soldiers and police violently seal shops in Hebron without showing order B'Tselem

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