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EU Begins Ethnic Cleansing With The Expulsion of The Roma ??? And Canada's Role???

Thousands of people took to the streets in Marseilles to protest against President Nicolas Sarkozy Photo: AP

Sarkozy and others on the fascist and racist right see nothing wrong with destroying the property of the Roma ousting them and rounding them up as efficiently and as "legally" as the Nazis rounded up communist, socialists, Jews , homosexuals and the Roma aka Travelers and Gypsies .

Those on the extreme right claim the Gipsies are a threat to national security. Yes some of them maybe petty thieves but how does one argue from the fact that out of millions of Roma a few steal bread and therefore all are guilty by association and just by being Roma and so are a threat to entire nations. The truth is that the hatred and suspicion of the Roma goes back hundreds of years , They have often been used as scapegoats for whatever crisis is taking place. Maybe they put the evil eye on Sarkozy -or on the nations of Europe. It goes to show these notions of the progress of man and so called enlightenment are but a Romanticized revisionist history. Most of our fellow human beings are still fearful of anything different anything which does not accord with these Petty Bourgeoise ' views . In times of crisis they search for some group to blame because if things are not going the way they expect then there must be a conspiracy at work -once they blamed the Jews and now they blame the Roma and the Muslims and immigrants .

And so the mob and the politicians work together to create enemies.
If only there were no Roma they say then all would be well again.
Or if no Muslim woman would wear the full veil / Burqa then all would be fine
But nothing would change and so they would demand all Muslims be expelled or interned and so it goes. Hitler played a similar game .
So Europe then slips back to its fascist and racist roots so they can indulge their anger and resentment and their sense of powerlessness and so experience an Identity crisis . Their identity becomes defined and dependent upon their description and characterization of the other to whom they see themselves as superior to.
Maybe once again the nations of Europe long for a strong leader to define who they are and what they are to do and give them a belief in some sort of grand destiny .

Moving backwards in time making History the present as the French government under Sarkosky mimic the Vichy France and Italy mimics Mussolini's Fascist state.

Internment camps for Marginalized ethnic groups - who are stereotyped as dirty, prone to crime and are work-shy (as the Nazis would say).

UN warns France over Roma deportations
AlJazeeraEnglish August 27, 2010

The United Nations has strongly condemned France's recent deportations of hundreds of Roma.
The organisation's anti-racism panel also hit out at Iran for discriminating against minorities.
Both countries were among a dozen being investigated for alleged racism.
Nazanin Sadri reports.

Protest Against Crack Down on Roma/Gypsies in Italy

Europe accuses Nicolas Sarkozy of Roma gipsy 'witch-hunt' by Bruno Waterfield Sept. 7, 2009

Nicolas Sarkozy has been accused by European politicians of carrying out a "witch-hunt" against Roma gipsy migrants following the expulsion of 1,000 gipsies from France in the past month.

During a debate in the European parliament, MEPs expressed grave concerns over Mr Sarkozy's policy or returning the Roma from illegal camps to Eastern Europe.

Social Democrat, Labour and Liberal MEPs will vote on Thursday a European Parliament resolution condemning the French President's policy to expel Bulgarian and Romanian gipsies.

A draft text expresses "deep concern regarding the recent measures taken by the French government to repatriate and return thousands of Roma EU citizens to their countries of origin".

MEPs also criticised the European Commission for failing to enforce freedom of movement rights for EU citizens.

Martin Schulz, the German leader of Social Democrat MEPs accused President Sarkozy of carrying out "a witch-hunt against a minority" in order to boost his flagging popularity at a time of economic crisis.

He accused José Manuel Barroso, the Commission President of "kowtowing" to Mr Sarkozy by not enforcing rules allowing EU citizens freedom of movement.

Guy Verhofstadt, a former Belgian Prime Minister and leader of Liberal MEPs, said: "What's taking place in France is unacceptable, and unfortunately is not an isolated case. Several governments while confronted with the difficulties of the economic crisis, are sliding towards populism, xenophobia, and racism."

France has expelled more than 1,000 gipsies in the past month, bringing the total this year to more than 8,000. The expulsions have been condemned in France and abroad.

Mr Barroso held a meeting yesterday (TUES) with Mr Sarkozy in Paris to discuss the issue and both agreed "there was no interest for both parties to create a controversy out of this issue".

The Europe-wide backlash against gipsies continued to gather pace after Italian police evacuated and demolished a gipsy camp in Milan that housed 250 Roma in 64 barracks and 35 tents.

Riccardo De Corato, the right-wing deputy mayor of Milan, said that 315 Roma settlements had been dismantled in the city since Italian expulsions of gipsies began three years ago. He said that the Italian policy, imitated by Mr Sarkozy, has reduced the number of gipsies in Milan from 10,000 in 2007 to 1,200 this year.

Backlash against Gypsies intensifies as Rome demolishes makeshift camp
Daily Telegraph September 3, 2010 via Vancouver Sun

A Europe-wide backlash against Gypsies gathered pace Thursday as Italy announced that it would demolish shanty settlements.

The far-right Jobbik party in Hungary raised tensions further by calling for internment camps where Gypsies, also known as Roma, would be detained, if necessary, for life.

The governing Fidesz party described the idea as "outrageous," saying that the solution was "not to set up ghettos, but to have strict laws and a strong police force."

The European Parliament said it would debate the Roma's plight next week as it scrutinizes the legality of cross-border expulsions.

Jerzy Buzek, the parliament's president, said lawmakers wished to express concern.

"All European citizens have the same rights within the EU," he said. "No one can be expelled from a country just because they belong to the Roma minority."

The moves follow high-profile French efforts to expel nearly 1,000 Gypsies last month.

Gianni Alemanno, the mayor of Rome, said the city would demolish dozens of illegally built shanty camps.

The first, at Quartaccio on the outskirts of the city, was razed Thursday. Bulldozers ripped through makeshift shelters of scrap wood and corrugated iron.

Man arrested for shooting intruders is at centre of Roma row Rene Galinier, 73, who wounded two unarmed women who broke into his house, has become the hero of the extreme right By Harriet Alexander, Sunday Telegraph August 30, 2010 via The Vancouver Sun

On one side stand those who have condemned the expulsions as redolent of Nazi Germany -- on the other are those who say Sarkozy has not gone far enough. In the middle of the political maelstrom sits Galinier, who is in a local prison cell, charged with attempted manslaughter and denied bail pending trial.

...Sarkozy started to shut hundreds of illegal Roma camps in response to clashes between police and Roma communities last month. With more expulsions planned, and criticism mounting at home and abroad, he hopes to bolster support for his stance next week by convening a summit of interior ministers from countries facing similar immigration debates. Western European governments are split on the matter.

On Friday, a United Nations human rights body rebuked France and urged the government to aim for integration of Roma rather than deportation.

...Galinier's story has resonated throughout the village and beyond. A committee has been set up to fight for his cause, and slogans have been painted on the road to Nissan-lez-Enserunes proclaiming: "We're right behind you, Rene." A local petition has more than 8,000 signatures, with 10,000 from as far afield as the U.S. joining the campaign on Facebook and Internet forums.

The Internet forums have attracted the attention of more extreme elements of French society, with many denouncing the Roma community for every crime under the Mediterranean sun.

Galinier has caught the eye of the extreme right with some of his comments. After being arrested, he said: "I was in danger -- I was scared. I was threatened by this dirty race. I've become racist."

...The National Front, an extreme-right party, seized the opportunity provided by Galinier. Its vice-president, Marine Le Pen, whose father Jean-Marie founded the organization, described his arrest and detention as "totally abusive," given the "insupportable immunity of these notorious delinquents."

The village has had a total of 17 break-ins since the beginning of the year and a falling crime rate. Yet villagers still speak of a "crime wave" and lay the blame squarely on the trailer doorstep of the Roma.

Roma rights organizations claim that "stigmatization" will not solve the underlying problems of lack of integration and facilities.

Maxime Andreu, of the regional Support Committee for the Roma, said: "We should be looking at why they are having to leave their countries -- what is being done with all the EU funds to help them there?"

Controversy swirls over Canada's part in Roma debate By Peter O'Neil, Europe Correspondent, Postmedia News August 27, 2010

PARIS — Canada is being drawn into the controversy over President Nicholas Sarkozy's controversial initiative to expel Roma migrants, with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney coming under criticism for agreeing to attend a France-hosted meeting here next week that has been described by some as an "anti-Roma" gathering.

That in turn has led to criticism from Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh, the former B.C. premier and federal cabinet minister who has arranged to visit Roma camps and meet with senior French officials and rights groups in mid-September.

"By attending this meeting Mr. Kenney is sending the message that he agrees with the far-right policies of President Sarkozy," Dosanjh told Postmedia News Friday.

France, according to Dosanjh, is violating European Union law by deliberately targeting the Roma and should therefore be openly condemned by the Canadian government.

But a spokesman for Kenney rejected the Liberal attempt to link the Canadian government into a French initiative against Roma, which has resulted in criticism from the Vatican, the Council of Europe and groups like Amnesty International.

...While France is legally entitled to expel non-nationals from EU countries who arrive and are unable to find work after being here three months, the EU prohibits member states from targeting groups based on race.

"These people aren't being targeted because they are Romanian or Bulgarian. It is because they are part of an ethnic group," said Lucia Presber, a Canadian at the University of Paris and a specialist on Roma issues.

She said Canada's participation in Europe's debate is important because the country is recognized internationally as a "role model" on human rights.

"Canada could lose that reputation if it is seen as siding with Sarkozy."

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Fundamental Values of the French Republic Violated By Current Government's Draconian
Measures against the Roma (Gypsies)
France protests against Roma crackdown
AFP September 04, 2010 France protests against Roma crackdown

Demonstrations were held in Paris on Saturday by opponents to the French government's recent crackdown on Roma. Celebrities including actress-singer Jane Birkin and actress-director Agnes Jaoui joined crowds gathered outside the immigration ministry in Paris.Duration: 01:18

French bishop visits Roma camp Video at YouTibe
AFP | August 29, 2010

The Bishop of Versailles took a trip to a Roma camp this weekend to show support for some of the thousands of gypsies threatened with expulsion from France. Roma gypsies have occupied the site for three years but could now face forced removal under controversial measures led by president Nicolas Sarkozy. Duration: 1:20

7 out of ten Romanians do not want Roma to be part of their family- Got Racism???
Racism against Roma ,immigrants, Muslims is acceptable in France and other parts of Europe. AFP September 06, 2010
Romania's efforts to integrate gypsies
AFP September 06, 2010

As the European Parliament debates the recent expulsions of Roma from France, back in Romania, efforts are being made to provide training and job opportunities for members of this often persecuted minority. In the village of Francesti, Roma are being given carpentry skills with European funding. Duration: 02:00.

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