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Anti- "Ground Zero Mosque" Professional Agitators Support UK's Vile & Violent Racist Organizations BNP & EDL

European, British and American anti-Muslims, anti-Immigrant, Nativists, Xenophobes give moral support to each other.
They want only " Real Americans " & " Real Europeans " & " Real Brits " to occupy the West and want all others to be kept out. They define the "Real" citizens or legitimate citizens as "Real Christians" and "Real Jews" and mainly white.

Note: some images , pictures & video disturbing- foul language , swearing, racist, bigoted-Vile, Vicious & Violent
Posted for Educational Purposes as always.

As part of BNP Fun Day , 12 yr old girl burns Black Doll - This is what the EDL and BNP think about Muslims and Black People & Asians etc.

As Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs has informed us it is our duty to connect the dots - of course she means between CAIR, Ground Zero Mosque Al Qaeda & president Obama-
But let's see what happens when we connect the dots as it were between so called moderates and extremists who are critical of Islam and all Muslims.

Islamophobes Bostom, Geert Wilders (SIOE), Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) And Pamela Geller (SIOA)

Poster by British Nationalist Party-Nativists White Supremacists

BNP members give the Nazi Salute at BNP Fun day

Undercover Journalist at BNP Fun Day with Nick Griffin

BNP Poster Defaming Islam and Inciting Hate

Anti-Muslim Racist Geert Wilders of Netherlands with Nick Griffin head of BNP
Geert Wilders is a hero to Islamophobes and Christian Zionists in America see Pam Geller. RobertSpencer, Hannity, Glenn Beck interviews of Geert.

April 5, 2010

Once again the racist EDL have bought terror, destruction and violence to England's streets. This video contains footage from the Stoke riot and the Dudley riot where EDL supporters are seen violently attacking a lone Policeman, smashing down barriers, goading the Police and screaming racist abuse. It's obvious the EDL went to Dudley to commit racist violence. Well done to the Police for stopping them.
Surely we should now ban the EDL as its racist and violent intentions are beyond doubt. Maybe if these EDL supporters are so worried about Islamic "extremism" they should join the British army and go fight in Afghanistan where they could fight Islamic "extremism" at the source...

Angel Faced racist aged 12 Girl Burns Golly at BNP Fun Day via Undercover journalist from " NOW" :News of the World" August. 8, 2009

GUILTY: Golly 'Winston' is held by girl before being dropped on the fire

By Dan Evans, 23/08/2009
A LITTLE girl grins with glee as she holds a golly over a fire . . . while a jeering BNP politician finds the doll guilty of BEING BLACK during a vile mock trial and execution.

The baying crowd cheers when the toy - dubbed Winston - is condemned and dropped on to the flames to "die".

Goading on the assembled adults and kids the politician, a local council candidate, yells out these chilling words: "Let's get a real one . . . in the town we'll find one or two."

BNP leaders burn black doll August 23, 2009
Video shows BNP leaders, John Coombes and Dick Hamilton, staging a mock execution and burning of a black doll See this article from the NoW for more info:

During the weekend the party's other MEP Andrew Brons used his stint in the political tent to compare Muslims to SMALLPOX during his speech.

He declared: "I'm less concerned about the presence of mosques than the presence of the people that use them. Being worried about the presence of a particular mosque is almost like looking at a disease like smallpox and saying it's a problem with spots."

Ex-BNP cultural officer Jonathan Bowden, 47, also attacked Islam, and dubbed Jewish Israel as "cancer".

He bleated: "The only way this (Muslim) problem will be solved is if they go back - go back to their civilisation.

"(But) we must renounce support for Israel. Israel is the cancer that lies at the heart of much of this."

"Uncovered: the unholy Zionist-EDL alliance" by Dr. Hanan Chehata Middle East Monitor ,Sept.1, 2010

The increasingly cosy relationship between the extremist, racist EDL movement and the ultra-racist Zionist movement in the UK is becoming more and more visible with each passing demonstration that they attend. It is now a common sight to see a mass of Israeli flags at an EDL rally and a mob of EDL members at a pro-Israel rally. This is an association which is at once revealing as to the true nature of the Zionist movement whilst also a source, one would assume, of much distress and embarrassment to right minded Jews who would blanch at such a self-defeating and counter-productive association.

Website dedicated to outing the BNP as a racist party no matter how they dress up their rhetoric and public image.

The real BNP The politics of the BNP as racists, as a Nazi party, as Holocaust deniers

The BNP as racists

Racism in the context of the BNP is more than just colour prejudice. The BNP's racism is more fundamental, predicated on the belief that there is a racial hierarchy and that the white race is superior.
Fact 1 The BNP still wants an all-white Britain

The BNP has publicly toned down its message on repatriation but it still wants an all-white Britain. The BNP constitution says that anyone who cannot prove a link to Britain before 1948 can never be considered British.
The British National Party stands for the preservation of the national and ethnic character of the British people and is wholly opposed to any form of racial integration between British and non-European peoples. It is therefore committed to stemming and reversing the tide of non-white immigration …

BNP constitution

The BNP makes much of its policy of voluntary repatriation but if you read the small print it states clearly that the option of compulsory repatriation would be open to any BNP government.

also see: "Welcome To The Big Time, Pamela Geller!" by D. Aristophanes at SadlyNo!.com via Alternet
Sept. 3,2010

Mirrored at Alternet as ; Pam Geller, World-Class Shrieking Islamophobe, Goes Mainstream

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