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UPDATE: Wikileaks Releases Top Secret Documents ON Afghanistan War Obama Furious About Leaks Not About War Crimes

UPDATE: Wikileaks Releases Top Secret Documents ON Afghanistan War Obama Furious About Leaks Not About War Crimes

Wikileaks makes public thousands of government files related to the war in Afghanistan from 2004-2010.
Obama upset over the leak vows to get the culprits rather than deal with America's War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity!!!
Released at Wikileaks, Guardian,UK, & NY Times

Sunday, July 26 5pm EST.WikiLeaks today released over 75,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan.

The Afghan War Diaries an extraordinary secret compendium of over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010. The reports describe the majority of lethal military actions involving the United States military. They include the number of persons internally stated to be killed, wounded, or detained during each action, together with the precise geographical location of each event, and the military units involved and major weapon systems used.

The Afghan War Diaries is the most significant archive about the reality of war to have ever been released during the course of a war. The deaths of tens of thousands is normally only a statistic but this archive reveals locations and key events behind each of these individual deaths. We hope the impact will lead to a comprehensive understanding of the war in Afghanistan and modern warfare in general.

These reports have been primarily written by soldiers and intelligence officers listening to reports radioed in from front line deployments. However the reports also contain related information from Marines intelligence, US Embassies, and reports about corruption and development activity across Afghanistan.

Each report consists of the time and precise geographic location of an event that the US Army considers significant. It includes several additional standardized fields: The broad type of the event (combat, non-combat, propaganda, etc.); the category of the event as classified by US Forces, how many were detained, wounded, and killed from civilian, allied, host nation, and enemy forces; the name of the reporting unit and a number of other fields, the most significant of which is the summary - This is an English language description of the events that are covered in the report.

also see: In Disclosing Secret Documents, WikiLeaks Seeks ‘Transparency’ By ERIC SCHMITT Published: July 25, 2010

and see:
Afghanistan War Logs, July 25, 2010

Afghan Bombshell: WikiLeaks 'War Diary' exposes US cover-up

Obama administration complicit in coverups and complicit in War Crimes-Obama Fail
CNN tries to undermine WIKILEAKS But Fails.
CNN not interested in exposing US & NATO War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity
White House Furious At WikiLeaks Publishing 'Total History' Of Afghanistan War
MOXNEWSd0tCOM | July 26, 2010

Meanwhile Obama bullied by the Neocons such as Bill Kristol, Karl Rove, Fox News, etc. is now planning the bombing and possible occupation of Iran in other words another unjustifiable war. Will those Bombs only kill the bad guys? or will they also blow to pieces whole families or occupied schools or day cares- ah well they tell us the only good Iranian or Iraqi or Afghan is a dead one in this brutal Holy War against Islam.

And now "the Gloves come off" as Cheney once famously said as Obama , Biden, Clinton and the Neo-Liberals (Fascism lite) are pushing for War against Iran based upon more Bogus intel prove they are as eager for was as Bush and Cheney and the Neocons were in thei propaganda and lies about Iraq.
Yes we were here before and it never seems to end no matter who is in power.

Ex-CIA chief: Strike on Iran seems more likely now AP via Washington Post ,July 25, 2010

WASHINGTON -- A former CIA director says military action against Iran now seems more likely because no matter what the U.S. does diplomatically, Tehran keeps pushing ahead with its suspected nuclear program.

Michael Hayden, a CIA chief under President George W. Bush, says that during his tenure a strike was "way down the list" of options. But he tells CNN's "State of the Union" that such action now "seems inexorable."

He predicts Iran will build its program to the point where it's just below having an actual weapon. Hayden says that would be as destabilizing to the region as the real thing.

U.S. officials have said military action remains an option if sanctions fail to deter Iran.

Iran says its nuclear work is for peaceful purposes such as power generation.

also see: Resolution Green-Lighting Israeli Strikes on Iran Introduced by House Republicans By Jamal Abdi July 23, 2010 "Huffington Post"

Republicans in the House of Representatives have introduced a measure that would green-light an Israeli bombing campaign against Iran. The resolution, H.Res. 1553 (in full below), provides explicit support for military strikes against Iran, stating that Congress supports Israel's use of "all means necessary" against Iran "including the use of military force". US military leaders have warned that strikes could be catastrophic to US national security interests and could engulf the Middle East in a "calamitous" regional war.

Nearly a third of House Republicans have signed onto the resolution, which has been publicly discussed and circulated by its lead sponsor, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), for months. The National Iranian American Council is leading calls to oppose the measure, urging those concerned to demand that House Republican Leader John Boehner denounce the resolution.

The introduction of the measure coincides with a pattern of renewed calls for military strikes that have escalated since President Obama signed "crippling" Congressional Iran sanctions into law. Neoconservatives who were instrumental in orchestrating the Iraq War, such as Bill Kristol, and Reuel Marc Gerecht, have led the stepped up calls for military action. -

and more bad news for the Obama Administration as thousands of US government files have been made public by Weakileaks, the Guardian UK and the NY Times.
Neocons will be pleased Bush and Obama have shown little or no concern over civilian deaths.

The war is in fact a disaster and Americans are continuing to commit war crimes and slaughtering innocent civilians. All the war crimes committed even under the Bush/Cheney Regime are becoming Obama's since he has refused to hold anyone accountable for these crimes.

Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation, July 25, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: In one of the biggest security breaches in history secret details have been made public by Wikileaks, alleging "execution squads", an apparent plot to kill President Karzai and previously unreported civilian deaths. In an exclusive Channel 4 News interview Wikileaks editor Julian Assange defends his decision to leak 200,000 pages of classified military data onto the internet.

One of the disturbing elements of this story is that the Obama administration condemns the leaking of facts which show that the Afghanistan war is not going well. Like the former Bush/Cheney regime the administration is only concerned about its public image and shows little or no concern or remorse over the slaughter of innocent civilians by American and NATO troops.

Meanwhile the Pentagon, the Congress and the Whitehouse accompanied by their media echo chamber are ready to take on Iran and kill a few hundred thousand Iranians just to show that Iran is evil and working with the Anti-Christ or some other daft crap. Or some claim Iran was behind the 9/11 attacks and was the main force of resistance in Iraq which is a lot of nonsense. Meanwhile they are building the same bogus case against Iran as they did about Iraq. So like John McCain and Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich the Obama war mongers can't wait to use a bit of theatrics "shock and Awe" to dazzle and mis direct the public from the fact that Israel has nukes and yet is not criticized for having nukes and will not be criticized for using them in any manner they so choose.

Iran should be allowed to develop nuclear energy resources like any other country.
One theory is that since the overthrow of the American backed ruthless brutal dictator the Shah of Iran and followed by the hostage taking of Americans the USA has wanted to obliterate Iran ever since.

First they encouraged, cajoled and bribed their friendly puppet dictator Saddam to take on a long bloody and indecisive war against Iran. Saddam was supplied with weapons, fighter jets, helicopters weapons , biological weapons, gas etc. by America, France, Britain and Germany primarily but he failed.
Since Saddam failed to defeat or humiliate Iran the USA decided he was no longer a worthwhile asset and he knew too much.

The only hope Iran has is if other Muslim and Arab countries and those nations who believe in the Rule Of Law including International Law are willing to take a stand against America and Israel.

The Rule of Law when it comes to war is clear in its rules and conditions which must be met for one nation to go to war against another. There needs to be either an attack on the other nation or its allies which against illegal, immoral , unjustified" Wars Of Aggression ". Even the United Nations will probably step aside fearing retaliation by the American Empire. Being the only Super Power Americans believe they must show the world that they are not to be fucked with.
This is Real Politik in its most naked and immoral form.

All that matters according to the Neocons and, the Neoliberals who follow in the footsteps of Nietzche is "The Will To Power". Force is all that matters.
In order to maintain America's self-delusions and its corrupt way of life it must be willing to use force while claiming as other Empires have that they are spreading peace, good order and democracy to the world and as an added bonus Evangelical Fundamentalist UberConservative Americanized Christianity.

Christ they tell us was a decent middle class guy who believed in rapacious Capitalism and the Free Market and who saw the poor as weak, stupid and lazy while praising the wealthy and the powerful who are the true inheritors of Paradise. And besides any soldier killed in these Holy Wars to defend Christianity and Judaism against the Pagan hordes ie Muslims is guaranteed a place close to the Throne Of God.
When put in this context aof Good versus Evil, Jesus Versus the Anti-Christ .
This has become the new Manichean nightmare into which America is insisting on plunging the world into.
How else can America justify its murder of some 1,300,000 Iraqis on the alter of Christian Capitalism.
How else can America justify the abuse, humiliation, torture of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghanis etc.
How else can America justify its 1,000 military basis world wide while still building more in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East all to what purpose.
Like the British Empire the American governments and its citizens sees the rest of the world as a bunch of of brutes and savages who follow bizarre and absurd religions which are basically forms of Devil Worship.

Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation, July 25, 2010

• Hundreds of civilians killed by coalition troops
• Covert unit hunts leaders for 'kill or capture'
• Steep rise in Taliban bomb attacks on Nato
• Read the Guardian's full war logs investigation

A huge cache of secret US military files today provides a devastating portrait of the failing war in Afghanistan, revealing how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents, Taliban attacks have soared and Nato commanders fear neighbouring Pakistan and Iran are fuelling the insurgency.

The disclosures come from more than 90,000 records of incidents and intelligence reports about the conflict obtained by the whistleblowers' website Wikileaks in one of the biggest leaks in US military history. The files, which were made available to the Guardian, the New York Times and the German weekly Der Spiegel, give a blow-by-blow account of the fighting over the last six years, which has so far cost the lives of more than 320 British and over 1,000 US troops.

Their publication comes amid mounting concern that Barack Obama's "surge" strategy is failing and as coalition troops hunt for two US navy sailors captured by the Taliban south of Kabul on Friday.

The war logs also detail:

• How a secret "black" unit of special forces hunts down Taliban leaders for "kill or capture" without trial.

• How the US covered up evidence that the Taliban have acquired deadly surface-to-air missiles.

• How the coalition is increasingly using deadly Reaper drones to hunt and kill Taliban targets by remote control from a base in Nevada.

• How the Taliban have caused growing carnage with a massive escalation of its roadside bombing campaign, which has killed more than 2,000 civilians to date.

In a statement, the White House said the chaotic picture painted by the logs was the result of "under-resourcing" under Obama's predecessor, saying: "It is important to note that the time period reflected in the documents is January 2004 to December 2009."

The White House also criticised the publication of the files by Wikileaks: "We strongly condemn the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organisations, which puts the lives of the US and partner service members at risk and threatens our national security. Wikileaks made no effort to contact the US government about these documents, which may contain information that endanger the lives of Americans, our partners, and local populations who co-operate with us."

The logs detail, in sometimes harrowing vignettes, the toll on civilians exacted by coalition forces: events termed "blue on white" in military jargon. The logs reveal 144 such incidents. Some of these casualties come from the controversial air strikes that have led to Afghan government protests in the past, but a large number of previously unknown incidents also appear to be the result of troops shooting unarmed drivers or motorcyclists out of a determination to protect themselves from suicide bombers. At least 195 civilians are admitted to have been killed and 174 wounded in total, although this is likely to be an underestimate because many disputed incidents are omitted from the daily snapshots reported by troops on the ground and then collated, sometimes erratically, by military intelligence analysts.

Bloody errors at civilians' expense, as recorded in the logs, include the day French troops strafed a bus full of children in 2008, wounding eight. A US patrol similarly machine-gunned a bus, wounding or killing 15 of its passengers, and in 2007 Polish troops mortared a village, killing a wedding party including a pregnant woman, in an apparent revenge attack.

Questionable shootings of civilians by British troops also figure. The American compilers detail an unusual cluster of four British shootings in the streets of Kabul within the space of barely a single month, in October/November 2007, culminating in the killing of the son of an Afghan general. Of one shooting, they wrote: "Investigation is controlled by the British. We not able [sic] to get the complete story."

A second cluster of similar shootings, all involving Royal Marine commandos in the ferociously contested Helmand province, took place in a six-month period at the end of 2008. Asked by the Guardian about these allegations, the Ministry of Defence said: "We have been unable to corroborate these claims in the short time available and it would be inappropriate to speculate on specific cases without further verification of the alleged actions."

Rachel Reid, who investigates civilian casualty incidents in Afghanistan for Human Rights Watch, said: "These files bring to light what's been a consistent trend by US and NATO forces: the concealment of civilian casualties. Despite numerous tactical directives ordering transparent investigations when civilians are killed, there have been incidents I've investigated in recent months where this is still not happening. Accountability is not just something you do when you are caught. It should be part of the way US and NATO do business in Afghanistan every time they kill or harm civilians."

The reports, many of which the Guardian is publishing in full online, present an unvarnished and often compelling account of the reality of modern war. Most of the material, although classified "secret" at the time, is no longer militarily sensitive. A small amount of information has been withheld from publication in the Guardian because it might endanger local informants or give away genuine military secrets. Wikileaks, whose founder, Julian Assange, obtained the material in circumstances he will not discuss, also says it redacted harmful material before posting the bulk of the data on its own "uncensorable" series of global servers.

For more see:
Afghanistan War Logs, July 25, 2010

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