Saturday, July 03, 2010

UPDATE: Since When Did Toronto Become Baghdad Hidden Conspiracy or Cops Gone Rogue ???

Sounding paranoid compare Toronto Police to Honduras American backed Fascists beating up protesters- the Return of the Ugly American

and the Honduran police & military invent pretext for arresting those citizens who are pro-democracy exercising their right to free assembly and freedom of Speech and other Unamerican activities.

Sept. 25 , 2009
Riot police firing tear gas dispersed thousands of Zelaya supporters marching through the city toward the Brazilian embassy on Wednesday (September 23) where ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has been holed up this week after slipping back into Honduras.

30 Plain clothes cops fifty protesters and 300 uniformed ready for heavy duty combat as if they were in a War Zone like the city of Baghdad in Iraq or Belfast .

Since no one died will a report even be possible on the G20 Police over-reaction & possibly helping to fuel the violence or even taking part in it or initiating the violence.

G20 Toronto Protest plainclothes cops arresting a dude / scary cop lady / agents provocateurs

G20 Toronto Protest cops forcing the crowd back

Hidden Government conspiracy or a special under cover unit gone rogue
or just plain ineptness making one blunder after another.
false flag or a few bad apples in this case from 50 to a few hundred undercover agents and their back up police units was the municipal provincial or National government involved or police hired thugs
or even a few bad apples and rogue personnel .
Since When did Toronto become Baghdad is that where we are heading or is it just a failure of the system and some over zealous cops or criminal elements in the Toronto police forces. A few bad apples or does it go higher.
The idea of some wide spread conspiracy as a bit beyond the Pale.
Mainstream Media MIA

Were they ordered to commit acts of violence to discredit the protesters or to justify the 1 billion dollar price tag
Is the Black-Bloc a terrorists attack by Quebecers . Is this what the police are trying to peddle that since most are from Quebec . Are they like anti-English Canadian Quebecois or some angst ridden young anarchist who just shout a lot and use foul language for effect but are they violent or are the most violent of them all undercover agents.

Black Bloc’ vandals in Toronto were undercover police says Canadian research centre by Terry Burrows, via The

Toronto is right now in the midst of a massive government / media propaganda fraud. As events unfold, it is becoming increasingly clear that the ‘Black Bloc’ are undercover police operatives engaged in purposeful provocations to eclipse and invalidate legitimate G20 citizen protest by starting a riot. Government agents have been caught doing this before in Canada.

Canadian “Bureaucratic Economizing” Exposes The Fraud

That the ‘black bloc’ provocateurs and the uniformed armoured police are wearing in Toronto (as at Montebello) the identical government issued combat boots, has at least one positive aspect. It looks as if someone in the procurement bureaucracy was at least trying to do some economizing in the spending of the one billion dollars that this G20 fiasco has wrested from the taxpayers. Very sensibly, these bureaucrats wanted to provide the same sturdy combat boots for both the uniformed police officers as well as the undercover ones. How wonderfully Canadian.

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