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Islamophobia Has Become Chic For Many Americans Who Want to Deny The Rights Of American Muslims

... Six Flags Muslim Family Day began in the year 2000, and its chief organizer DIED IN THE SEPTEMBER 11th ATTACKS.

History of the Event:

This event was first held at Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ, in September 2000. The event was immediately a huge success. The tragic events of 9/11 that resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives, also affected this event directly. The chief organizer, Tariq Amanullah, who worked on the 96th floor of WTC, Tower 2, passed away. The team was unable to come together again till year 2004, when the event came back bigger than ever before.
from Jason Linkins at Huff Post ,July 21, 2010.

And so the demonizing of all Muslims including Muslim Americans is on the rise as the ultraconservative forces in the USA promulgate the notion that all Muslim Americans should be treated with suspicion and fear as they are deemed to be not Real Americans . Muslims they contend owe their allegiance to Islam and the promotion of Islam as the only true religion . These Islamophobic Ultraconservatives believe Muslim Americans should not have the same rights as Christian Americans . If they had their way all Muslim Americans would be under constant surveillance and if necessary all placed in concentration camps as the Japanese , Germans, Italian Americans were during the second world war.

As we have seen Islamophobes are now fear mongering about the Muslim community building a Community center & Mosque at Ground Zero in New York. They promulgate the erroneous notion that all American Muslims are involved in a stealth Jihad against all Non-Muslim Americans to remake America into a Muslim dominated Nation.

Meanwhile as noted in previous posts the US government under Obama has taken the unusual step of declaring terrorists or enemies of the United States any individual or group that gives support of any kind to organizations deemed Terrorists including humanitarian organizations ie The Red Cross or Red Crescent or Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the ACLU which give aid to so called terrorists including the Palestinians in Gaza , West Bank and other Israeli occupied territories.

So if a citizen gives money or other types of aid to the Red Cross which then passes this onto help the people of Gaza then the Red Cross is to be considered a Terrorists organization and anyone who donates to the Red Cross or Red Crescent are involved in Terrorists activities . A doctor from the United Nations or groups such as Doctors Without Borders who treat people in Gaza or elsewhere in the Israeli Occupied territories are judged according to this draconian law as being as being terrorists who must be apprehended or to be targeted for assassination .

So this is very troubling as the law casts such a wide net that publishing sympathetic articles about the day to day struggles of the Palestinians and the human rights violations of the Israeli government and IDF such articles are seen as pro-Palestinian & pro-Terrorists activities and by definition Anti-Israel and Anti-American.

To a certain extent all of this is not that surprising since successive American governments have had at least since the Reagan years have been suspicious and hostile towards the UN and all NGO's that fight for justice for all including Palestinians and other Muslims .

Glenn Beck is upset about Six Flags Muslim Day because he erroneously believes it is a deliberate attempt on the part of the Muslim American community to ignore or downplay the tragic events of the 9/11 attacks or as a way to celebrate the 9/11 attacks and is at least an insult to those murdered on 9/11 . But Beck ignores the fact that Six Flags Muslim Family day began as an annual event before 9/11 and has more to do with the end of the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan.

Attacking Muslims Is In Vogue Again Among Conservatives by Jason Linkins Via Huffington Post , July 21, 2010

Recently in the land of the demented, it's become ultra-voguish to hate Americans who are practitioners of Islam. Loud, angry, scare-bears have made their position very clear. Muslims aren't allowed to have mosques in lower Manhattan or Staten Island or Tennessee or Southern California. In Jacksonville, Florida, anti-Muslim extremists can mount acts of terrorism without being concerned that the national media will get too heavily involved in covering the story. And among Alaskan celebrities of certain renown, the hatred of Muslims is threatening to rip the very fabric of the English language.

And now, Glenn Beck has decided that he cannot tolerate the thought of American Muslims riding around on rollercoasters for fun! This is what Beck bleated out to the world, via email:

At the very minimum this is one of the worst PR moves of all time. A Six Flags amusement park is having a 'Muslim Family Day' which if that's what they want to do, great! BUT they've decided to have the festivities on September 12th - of ALL days, THIS is the one they pick? What in the world were they thinking?

Hint: They were probably thinking that a Sunday in September might be a nice time for Muslim families to enjoy themselves at an amusement park?

UPDATE: Actually, it's perfectly logical. A reader emailed me with a reminder that September 12 coincides with the final day of Eid ul-Fitr, a holiday that "marks the end of Ramadan." Eid begins in North America on September 10 this year.

Beck would later take to his radio show to "elaborate" on this daft position, saying, "I can't imagine that in 1948, they would have had 'Japanese Day' at the water park on December 8th."


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