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G20 Toronto Police Seize Medieval Role-Playing Nerf Swords & Battleaxes & Female Detainees Humiliated & Threatened With Rape

UPDATE: July 2, 2010
Harper's Neocon controlled CBC official Public Relations defender of the Toronto Police

G20 Toronto Police Rape Threats + Strip Searched - Amy Miller-July 1, 2010

Police Held G20 Protesters 20 Hours Without Water

Medieval Role-Playing Nerf swords & Battleaxes Seized By Toronto Police

CBC: Police G20 'weapons' cache includes gay couple's Pride flag poles

Among the "weapons" confiscated from supposed evil-doers on display by the Toronto Police Service on Monday were bamboo poles. These poles (CBC 'News' online had called them "bamboo stakes") were confiscated from two highly-respected members of Toronto's Queer community who were taking them to the The 519 Church Street Community Centre for a Pride picnic. The mainstream media is reporting them as weapons and using them to justify Sunday's crack down on German tourists looking for hot dogs and Sunday shoppers going for a stroll at Queen and Spadina.

Journalist follows Black Bloc for an hour and a half while Bloc members went on a rampage and yet the police did nothing
G20 Female Detainees threatened with rape
G20 - Victimization of Canada - July 2 2010

Public opinion poll shows most Canadians believe the police acted responsibly. Well of course they would if they watched the news on TV as one channel after another kept replaying the violent acts committed mostly by Black Bloc .
Black bloc were allowed to run rampant as police refused to interfere .
Meanwhile the police were busy arresting peaceful protesters for acting suspicious by singing O'Canada or sitting in a park that was supposed to be a free speech zone.
So an ill-informed public supports the police speaks more about people's methods for acquiring information. They expect CNN or CBC or CTV to tell them the truth. But sometimes the media is not interested in investigating a story beyond what the Toronto Police or others in authority tell them.
The police are not going to admit to having done anything wrong that's the nature of the beast.
It should be the media's responsibility to go after the truth but that would mean doing the hard work and ties up their dwindling personnel.
CBC defends Police unconditionally
Toronto Police as Bad as Israel's IDF

So one relies on alternative news & political analysis such as the The Young Turks, Huffington Post , Democracy Now & The Real News Network ,bloggers & Video bloggers and online news outlets such as Common Dreams, Truthout , Information Clearing House,, Salon .com., Politico, TruthDig, ,ACLU , Southern Poverty Law Center , People For The American Way, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch & other independent Human rights organizations to attempt to ferret out the truth and decide whether there is an important story to be uncovered.
Canadians are against free speech if it does not conform to the views and agenda of those in power and the Establishment's for Hire Media ie CBC & CTV

Joint Lawsuit Planned for G20 Arrestees
Overwhelmed with calls, Civil Liberties Association is working on suing police forces
by Jennifer Yang

via common Dreams July 1st , 2010

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association says it is considering a joint lawsuit against the Toronto police and other police forces responsible for the G20 mass arrests.

...Among them is Adam Suska, a 32-year-old supply teacher. After watching a Queen’s Park demonstration on Sunday, Suska was walking towards Bloor St. and Spadina Ave. when police officers stopped him and asked about his black t-shirt.

Following Saturday’s trail of destruction caused by protesters using Black Bloc tactics, there were multiple reports of summit police targeting people dressed in black.

Suska claims police called him a “piece of s---” and asked for identification, which he didn’t have. He was arrested for breaching the peace and taken to the Eastern Ave. temporary jail, where he was released without charge after eight hours.

Suska said the experience has shaken his faith in police and he now has trouble sleeping. He said he would definitely be open to a joint lawsuit or class-action suit.

“I felt just disgraced and so ashamed,” Suska said. “I shouldn’t have to feel like that just for walking down the street.”

Police Chief Bill Blair has tried to justify police officers’ actions during the summit, saying Black Bloc members infiltrated peaceful demonstrations or that protesters failed to disperse when asked.

Democracy Dies in Canada:Toronto Mass Arrests Mark Turning by C. L. Cook via Pacific Free Press

CBC coverage has, throughout the G20, been unapologetically apologetic for the G20 policies that demonstrators traveled to Toronto to object to; unfailingly, it toes the official line, refusing to entertain the deeper contextual questions behind both the economic programs being debated, or why so many would travel so far at their own expense in an effort to make their objections known.

The police, or "security" strategy, is too barely mentioned, beyond the eye-popping billion dollar price tag, or what the precedent-setting, "temporary" abrogation of the constitution means for the notion of Canadian rights and freedoms.

Not included in the estimated billion dollar cost this summit is purportedly ringing up is the thousands of hours the CBC has and will continue to devote to covering it - or covering it up afterwards. Incidentally, a billion dollars is roughly the annual budget of CBC/Radio Canada.

Presumably, left off that billion dollar estimate too are the hundreds of false arrest and civil liberty violation court cases certain to flood through the Canadian judiciary system in the coming weeks, months, and years.

--------------"> 2.0! Canada: Billion Dollar Cops Take on the Nerf Army by C. L. Cook via Pacific Free Press July 1, 2010

Laying Low the Nerf Army

While the corporate and state presses remained largely supportive of the gross excess of both the financial and social costs of the summit before and during the G20, they have been quick to enjoin criticism now, charging from their bunkers to snipe the wounded. None are more wounded than Toronto's police chief, who the CBC exposed lying during a press conference about weapons seized from those attending demonstrations, both legal and less so.

Toronto PD called the press conference to reveal to the world why the billion dollars spent was necessary, displaying to the media a wide array of exotic weapons that would outfit nicely a Mad Max remake. There, police chief Bill Blair proudly displayed pistols, rifles, maces, mail armor, knives, gas masks, crossbows, and a chainsaw... Chainsaws!?

You may think you missed the television images of the black clad, masked horror wielding the whining chainsaw through the mass of horrified storm troopers; or been in the toilet when the chain-mail clad archer was firing crossbow bolts into fleeing crowds of terrified Torontonians during the "street riots." You missed them not; the chainsaws and crossbows were not actually taken from anyone at or near the G20. They were props added to the contraband arsenal, presumably for effect.

No crossbows, no chainsaws: Check.

So, the billion dollar question is: How much of what the Toronto police chief has to say is true (for the media it seems: Who cares; let's on to the next story)? But, as my favourite policeman used to say:

"Just one more thing..."

Brian Barrett hails from the shire of Whitby, near Toronto. The 25 year old swain was on his way that cursed day to the city when all was commotion. He wasn't going there to protest, but was armed and ready for battle.

Alas, poor Brian ran afoul of Sheriff Blair's black guard whilst en route to his joust.

Verily, Brian belongs to one of those groups of gamer geeks who love nothing more than to live out their fantasy battles. Dressing up in Medieval costume, they meet in park settings to swing foam swords and axes at each other.

Rightly feeling a-feared for the safety and security of the land, the wise and clever guardians of good Fortress Toronto, on finding Brian furtively walking through Union Station, foam weapons in hand, clapped the rascal in irons, taking from him his vile instruments of destruction.

Poor Brian languished in the Big Smoke's dungeon for hours before his release, but his weapons remained.

On returning home to the shire, what should Brian see on yon boob tube, but the wicked Sheriff of Hog Town, displaying his wares of war for the world to see, saying of them they disturb the peace of the city. Sayeth Brian to the scribes then;

"He turns around and states that they are specifically dangerous terrorist items that were solely intended to hurt police. That's unacceptable to me."

Yes, good Brian it is unacceptable to me too. And it is unacceptable Canadians allow liars, thieves, traitors, and blackamoors dismantle the law of the land, the ancient and good Common Law, the Great Charter many fought and died for over the centuries before we inheritors of the decent society arrived.

It is unacceptable we see Canada become a nation where the people are ruled not with justice but are lorded over as serfs, suffering the caprices of the high and mighty.

and so it goes,

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