Thursday, July 15, 2010

G20 Police Suspension of The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms Invade Parkdale Neighborhood

Toronto Neighborhod Defends G20 Activists

Toronto's Parkdale community responds with condemnation to mass arrest inside its borders. Lawyer Riali Johanesson, detained while trying to provide counsel for the detained, takes us through that crazy Sunday.

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It appears a majority of Canadians believe the protests at the G20 were a threat on the level of a terrorists attack to the City of Toronto and was an attack on the nation???
Therefore the conclusion or upshot is that no protest be permitted period. Why because there is the chance that one or some protesters might commit acts of violence .
The average Canadian seems convinced the police and others in authority have carte blanche for dealing with anyone who dare criticize the Canadian government or even foreign governments if those governments are allies of Canada.
So it is OK to demonstrate against the Iranian government or other nations demonized by Canada's politicians and its Media Meat Puppets who believe their job is to protect the elite in Canada and around the world.
So anyone protesting for instance against the Israeli illegal inhumane blockade of Gaza must be shut down because Israel is an ally of Canada and more importantly an .

The point of a charter of rights and freedoms is to protect average citizens from the abuse of power by those in positions of authority. It is not the case that such a charter of rights is meant only for the elite or the Middle Class or for those policing the state.
It is up to the police and those in authority to explain and justify mass arrests or the infringement of the rights of the average citizen.
We are supposed to be a nation of laws and respecters of human dignity in which people are presumed innocent til proven guilty.
Instead the presumption is that if one takes part in a protest against the G20 or the policies of a friendly nation or the government of Toronto, or its police force or the government of Ontario or the government of Canada then one is presumed to be unCanadian or anti-Canadian and therefore working to undermine the Nation's Security ie a terrorists.
As a terrorists the belief is that such persons have no rights before the law and can be arrested based upon secret intel and imprisoned indefinitely.

Naomi Klein Seattle G20 Policing costs 100 Million dollars TOronto G20 Policing 1 Billion dollars
Where was the water cannon when police cars were set on fire.

Digital Journal - Naomi Klein condemns Toronto police

At the jail solidarity rally in front of police headquarters in downtown Toronto, Canadian author Naomi Klein condemned the Toronto police force and stated that she is "pissed off."

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