Thursday, July 01, 2010

UPDATE: Canada Day: A Not So Happy Birthday & G20 Police Riots Canada's Week Of Shame

G20 -Canadian Bill of Rights & Freedoms Suspended Arbitrarily

Canada's Week Of Shame

Police allow Anarchist to run amok to justify arresting peaceful protesters & beat up a few journalists.
City of Toronto Lockdown
- Police Promise Next Time there Will Be Blood

Police & Authorities Lies & Propaganda
Canadians it appears only have the RIGHTS which police may or may not grant them - Bill of Rights a document with no legal standing as of last week???
People were charged with having a dangerous weapon which included signs, cell phones, video cameras , walking sticks , canes , bottled water

G20 Torontanamo Bay Media Tour

Real News network
June 30, 2010

Toronto G20- Reports from witnesses and subjects of police action - testimony #1 from Queen and Spadina

Toronto G20 BREAKING NEWS Bill Blair Lied about People's Rights in Secret Law-A Scare Tactic Part 1

G20 Summit Toronto Police Shooting

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