Sunday, July 25, 2010

BP & The Sopranos & Rachel Maddow & Obam's Good Week Overshadowed by the Shirley Sherrod Fox News Bogus Accusations

Rachel Maddow On BP trying to buy scientists for its defense
also see The Obama Paradox - How the Shirley Sherrod debacle over shadowed the good news from the White House- Sherrod was fired over bogus accusations created by the all-powerful Fox News McCarthyites-They claimed she is a racist but as usual Fox News takes her remarks out of context-she was relating how she realized in 1983 that the struggle was not just for poor blacks but for all of the poor .

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More bad news for BP
BP's Stealth Oil Plumes which they said didn't exist
Researchers Confirm Subsea Gulf Oil Plumes Are From BP Well By Sara Kennedy via Truthout from McClatcy NewsPapers July 23, 2010

St. Petersburg, Fla. - Through a chemical fingerprinting process, University of South Florida researchers have definitively linked clouds of underwater oil in the northern Gulf of Mexico to BP's runaway Deepwater Horizon well — the first direct scientific link between the subsurface oil clouds commonly known as "plumes" and the BP oil spill, USF officials said Friday.

Until now, scientists had circumstantial evidence, but lacked that definitive scientific link.

The announcement came on the same day that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that its researchers have confirmed the existence of the subsea plumes at depths of 3,300 to 4,300 feet below the surface of the Gulf. NOAA said its detection equipment also implicated the BP well in the plumes' creation.

Together, the two studies confirm what in the early days of the spill was denied by BP and viewed skeptically by NOAA's chief — that much of the crude that gushed from the Deepwater Horizon well stayed beneath the surface of the water.

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