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IDF Abuses & Beatings of Flotilla Prisoners & The US Christian Zionists John Hagee & President Netanyahu & Eretz Israel Part 2

UPDATE :On treatment of Gaza Freedom Flotilla by the IDF

"Jerusalem is not a settlement.. it is our capital."
Netanyahu firm on Jerusalem March 23, 2010

These defiant words came from Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, as he addressed a conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) in Washington DC see more below.

Israel's arrogance & hubris -Beating & abusing Flotilla passengers after their arrest abuse continued up to the time of their release
International Law and the laws of Western Nations do not apply to Israel or the United States-Get used to it- from Abu Ghraib to Gitmo to Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Gaza Flotilla Testimony of Alex Harrison | Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting | London | Jun 9

June 09, 2010 — Produced by
Alex Harrison is a member of Free Gaza Movement and was part of the Gaza flotilla.

Given such an attitude Prime Minister Netanyahu is not willing to stop his governments plans to take over East Jerusalem which is populated by Palestinians. He like a proper Neocon edging towards Fascism as he uses Jewish Mythology to justify conquering more territory and convincing the Palestinians to leave once they get tired of the strict diet Israel has put them on . If Netanyahu is akin to the Neocons then he believes anything goes to protect Israel but he must instill greater hatred of the Palestinians and all Arabs and characterize them as an ongoing threat to Israel. Since sooner or later he reassures them the Arabs will try to drive them into the sea. And so we can expect more actions like the attack on the aid flotilla -it raise the question about Israel's own motives.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad it is claimed said this but others argue its a mistranslation -what he says is that he will not recognize Israel as a legitimate state given its boundaries which includes stolen land acquired over the past four decades and from the Six-Day

Pastor John Hagee claims to be a friend of Israel and that America must support Israel unconditionally. He is the major spokesperson for the Christian Zionists.

And yet Hagee's attitude towards the Jewish people is complicated if not contradictory since he argues the Israelites or Jews were God's chosen people but now it is Christians who are God's chosen people. But there is a catch which makes the Israelis of value to Hagee and other Christian Zionists.

According to Hagee's interpretation of the Bible and that of other Evangelical Fundamentalist the Jews play a major role in the Evangelical Fundamentalists' Endtimes scenario -eschatology - in which the Jews must return to Israel and establish Eretz Israel before Jesus can return or for the Apocalypse to begin which will lead to the defeat of the Anti-Christ and Satan and evil.

So the Jews are of little importance in themselves except as a means to an end (and not an end in themselves see; Immanuel Kant On Morality and the Categorical Imperative or the Golden Rule plus )

So it is surprising that Pastor John Hagee would spew such vehemence against the Jews in some his sermons.

Hagee has characterized the Jewish people as being punished by God for some 2000 years for rejecting Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah .
In the 19th century God sent a messenger Theodore Herzl who began the Zionist movement for all Jews to return to what he referred to as their homeland . When God saw the Jews were not heeding Herzl's call and when they did not heed him to return to Palestine God sent a Hunter , Hitler to punish them in the Holocaust or Shoah. Finally the Jews establish the state of Israel in 1948 and at that point the Apocalyptic or Endtimes clock began ticking as God had planned it .

Netanyahu Appears At Major Rally with Far-Right Pastor Hagee on Eve of Biden's Israel Arrival by Max Blumenthal via Huffington Post,

At the gathering, Hagee called Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "the Hitler of the Middle East" and denounced the Goldstone Report as "character assassination by an unbiased and uninformed committee."

Netanyahu welcomed the crowd of 1000 American evangelicals to Jerusalem, a city he described as "the undivided, eternal capitol of the Jewish people. Then, he told them, "I salute you! The Jewish people salute you!" He used the rest of his speech to call for "tough, biting sanctions" against Iran that "bite deep into its energy sector."

...During Hagee's speech, he made no secret of his support for the illegal settlement enterprise that has been the source of difficulties between the US and Israel. "The settlements are not the problem," he boomed from the podium. "The problem is the refusal of Arab leaders to respect the right of Jewish people to live anywhere in the Middle East."

Hagee received a rousing ovation from the crowd and the Israeli government officials seated beside the podium when he proclaimed, "World leaders do not have the authority to tell Israel and the Jewish people what they can and cannot do in the city of Jerusalem. They don't have the authority to tell them what they can and cannot build, who can and and cannot live there."

Pastor Hagee and Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem 3/8/10

March 08, 2010 — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greets far-right Pastor John Hagee in Jerusalem the day before Vice President Joseph Biden arrives to oversee indirect peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Netanyahu and Hagee speak in favor of an undivided Jerusalem and the settlement enterprise in the West Bank, repudiating US demands.

Hagee says F... The United Nations -so he is in agreement with many Americans and many of their elected representatives
Once again illustrating one that the UN HQ should never have been placed in the USA.
Secondly it illustrates why the USA shouls never have been given Veto powers which they have abused more than any other country on the Security council-
Hagee's belief is that no one has the right to judge any policies or actions taken by the Israeli government. Even if Israel were to Nuke Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Egypt or Saudi Arabia or Berlin or Paris or Moscow or London -Pastor Hagee and the US government would be the first to support Israel and to threaten any country that might try to retaliate against Israel or Israel's allies USA, Canada and a few other countries.

Pastor Hagee Denounces Goldstone in Jerusalem 3/8/10
March 09, 2010 — Part II here: This is part one of Pastor Hagee's speech in Jerusalem before top members of the Israeli government and thousands of evangelicals.

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