Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Sermon: Religious Right Lou Engle Rod Parsley Christians Must Enforce The Law Of God On All Mankind

The person who uploaded this video is celebrating the fact that racist Christians insulted this man and all Hindus
So Love They Neighbor as thy self or love your enemies not so much-
Their version is Love thy neighbor if they are Christians .

Christians foil Hindu prayer via ilovejesus420

CNN story about Christian Church which believes in Faith Healing which has led to the deaths of some thirty children
Christian Prayer Kills Kid CNN May 25, 2010

Christian Evangelist calls for the killing of homosexuals and others who deviate from what he considers healthy Godly Sexual Practices
I don't remember Jesus saying anything of the sort?
Instead didn't he defend Mary Magdelin who was a prostitute?

Kill those who are sexually immoral!

Lou Engle is becoming one of the most prominent preachers of the Religious Right.
Others include James Kennedy, Ron Luce, Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich who are spreading a radical form of Christianity with the intention of making America into a Theocratic State. Peter C. Wagner and others preach that Christians must become the dominant voice in all spheres of American life- they refer to these as the Seven Mountains,- Government,Judiciary, Education , Media, Arts & Culture , the Family & Business. This notion of taking over the spheres of influence can be traced back to the Theologian/philosopher community organizer Francis A. Schaeffer and to the even more sinister Reconstructionist Rousas Rushdonny and see Chalcedon Website

Rod Parsley and Lou Engle: Together At Last by Kyle Rightwing Via People For The American Way on June 23, 2010

First a word from Rod Parsley on America following Europe's slide into the darkness of Post-Modernism, Post -Christian Paganism.
He says there is no Middle Way, no room for compromise or negotiation True Christians have to put on their Holy Armor to fight against all those who do not accept Jesus . Their fight he say is to enforce the word of God on all humankind.

They can't wait for the Apocalypse and the deaths of Billions of Non-believers and then they talk about God Is Love
so he told these guys to judge all others and to persecute those they hate and revile whom they refer to as Secular Humanists. They reject empathy, sympathy or tolerance preferring to demonize those who do not agree with their agenda of creating a theocratic state .

Rod Parsley and Lou Engle Lament Sexual Immorality

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