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UPDATE: G20 Toronto & Police Over-reaction & Glenn Beck Hijacking MLK's "I have A Dream " & Beck Hero Ezra Benson Racist John Bircher "

UPDATE: 1:39 PM, June 28, 2010

First a peek at Toronto Police's Draconian ACTION

Freedom Of The Press in Canada -Not so much especially in Toronto
So Martin Luther King jr. 's talk about freedom of Assembly, freedom of the Press still a burning issues as Uberconservatives back draconian Police Actions

Real News journalist attacked at G20

TRNN's Jesse Freeston, one of the members of media attacked or arrested at G20-June 27, 2010

Glenn Beck trying to hijack Martin Luther King's Civil Rights Movement to back his own Take Back America style Rally.
Beck spews fear, hatred, bigotry insane conspiratorial theories about liberals & Progressives -if anything MLK could be called a liberal and a progressive and a champion of equality and justice for all.
Whereas Beck believes that the wealthy elite or Corporate elite CEOs etc. must be supported unconditionally . Taxing the rich at all is UnAmerican and part of a communist plot now led by an African-American president.
He and his ilk for instance defend BP oil against President Obama claiming BP is the real victim not the people in the Gulf or the sea shores or the ocean or the American people.Daring to tax or regulate big Business is seen as a Communist Plot to destroy traditional America.

Martin Luther King Jr - I Have a Dream

1968 - Martin Luther King's Prophetic Last speech - Remember

According to conservatives such as Glenn Beck, Fox News , Sean Hannity , Limbaugh , Coulter, Newt Gingrich et al don't know what all the fuss was about or why there was even a need for the Civil Rights Movement because in their distorted revisionist history African-American's were never oppressed or terrorized by the KKK , the White Citizens Groups and the state or federal government.
They claim Black Americans and other minorities have exaggerated their victimization.
These Uber-Conservatives characterize all such protest movements such as the Anti-Vietnam War movement which Martin Luther king became a part of or the Feminist movement, or the anti-poverty Movement or Gay Rights movement or Native rights movement as being unnecessary because there was in their view no real oppression or denial of civil liberties to these minority groups.

Facts and real history hold no sway or power over the Uber- Conservative mindset.

Another hero of Glenn Beck bites the dust-this one Ezra Benson outed as a racist and supporter of the extremist organization John Birch Society and a pro-segregationist Mormon.
Beck is also another American Conservative trying to redeem the notorious Joseph McCarthy as an American hero .
History has shown McCarthy was on a witch hunt most of the people he accused were not Soviet spies or Communist Infiltrators. McCarthy has been characterized as a self-serving bully and egomaniac who enjoyed notoriety more than truth or justice .
Glenn Beck is organizing a march by his followers on the Lincoln Memorial supposedly in part to celebrate Martin Luther King's notable speech" I Have A Dream" given at The Lincoln Memorial August 28.
as one of Beck's heroes earlier was shown to have direct connections with the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s & 40s.

Via Media Matters
Beck: "I am not hijacking" MLK "legacy in any way, shape, or form"
He adds: "On 8-28, we plan to salute Dr. King and the civil rights movement"
June 23, 2010

One wonders if Beck's rally should just be ignored or should should he be criticized for holding a rally on that day.
Beck's earlier 9/12 rally on Washington Beck claimed it as an overwhelming success as he claims there were around a million people in attendance but others including independent non-aligned officials put the tally at some 75,000 to 100,000 marchers.
So even if the rally is filmed by various independent sources Glenn Beck will make up his own numbers of those attending
What if the KKK were to march to the Lincoln Memorial claiming they were celebrating the life and works MLK-what would average American's think or do -would they question it at all?

Top U.S. civil rights leaders accuse Beck of hijacking Dr. King's legacy, plan 8/28 counter-rally via media matters by Will Bunch via Media Matters , June 22, 2010

Some of the nation's top civil rights leaders are angrily accusing right-wing media star Glenn Beck of "hijacking" the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech by planning to rally his conservative forces at the same Lincoln Memorial site on the anniversary date of Aug. 28 -- and so they are planning a counter-rally and march of their own.

"Beck is hijacking the imagery and symbolism of August 28 and the Lincoln Memorial to promote an agenda of intolerance," said Marc H. Morial, the former New Orleans mayor who is now president and CEO of the National Urban League, one of the counter-rally organizers, said earlier tonight in a telephone interview.

The Morial-led Urban League is teaming with well-known activists such as the Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network in planning a "mass rally" and march that will begin at a high school in Northeast Washington. Morial said that one of King's surviving children, Martin Luther King III, is also on board.Less than three miles away, the Fox News Channel host and former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin are headlining a heavily promoted rally called "Restoring Honor."
The Religious Right in America in the late 1970s were galvanized in their fight against the US government & secularism not over abortion or gay rights but in large part due to their fears in the 1970s that they would lose their tax exempt status on their schools and universities and lose government grants they received if they did not integrate. Falwell and others disparage the Civil Rights movement and they claimed that segregation was ordained by God.
Glenn Beck Racism Mormonism Civil-rights movement

Beck, A Self-Proclaimed Heir To Civil Rights Movement, Promotes Quotes By Anti-Civil Rights Ezra Taft Benson by matt Corley Think Progress June 25, 2010

On his radio and TV show, Glenn Beck regularly pays tribute to the civil rights movement, claiming that one of his goals is to “reclaim the civil rights movement” and that his followers are “the inheritors and the protectors of the civil rights movement.” He’s drawing heavy criticism from top civil rights leaders now, who say that he is “hijacking the imagery and symbolism” of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech by planning a rally at the Lincoln Memorial on the speech’s anniversary.

Beck denies the claim and says he plans to “salute Dr. King and the civil rights movement” at the rally. But Beck seriously hurt his civil rights credibility on his Fox News show yesterday when he used a quote from a 1966 speech by former Eisenhower Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson to justify his claims that communists are infesting America...

...Beck’s decision to feature Benson on his show was a revealing one. As Beck knew quite well, Benson was not just a member of Eisenhower’s cabinet. He was a notoriously illiberal Mormon Church president who helped pioneer Mormonism’s apocalyptic hard-right strain, which Beck latched on to and appropriated following his conversion. Had Beck allowed the tape of Benson’s lecture to continue, it is possible that listeners would have heard Benson ask, “When are we going to wake up? What do you know about the dangerous civil rights agitation in Mississippi?” Or they might have heard the sound of Benson’s voice railing against “traitors within the church” who criticized the mixing of religion and extreme right-wing politics.

Beck then went on to favorably cite disgraced Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his claim to have in his “possession the names of 57 communists who are in the State Department.” Watch it:

He and Beck do sound alike in their fear mongering and hate mongering and their somewhat racist & bigoted world view .
Both see commies everywhere . Both believe that the Communist Conspiracy has been working to undermine American government and American culture and society for at least the last 80 years or longer.
The conspiracy they envision at times sounds a lot like the one conjured up by anti-Semites which has in their view existed for at least a couple of centuries.
Accordingly they believe progressives and various Presidents of the United States and others in the American government have been working diligently and patiently behind the scenes.

John Birch Society exposed! Opposed Desegregation

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