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Fox News & AFA Fischer Hitler's Brownshirts Were All Gay & TYT Shep Smith Slams Fox Defense of BP

TYT Kudos For Shep Smith
Shep Smith Slams Fox News Defense Of BP-June 25, 2010

Neocon Religious Right GOP Talking Points Lies & Propaganda
American Family Association
AFA's Fischer: Hitler and the Brownshirts Were All Gay
Fischer in a surprising bit of dubious revisionist history claims Hitler found that Gay soldiers were more brutal than straight soldies - What a load of BS-

AFA Targets 10 Year Old Parade Marshall, Fox Quotes Bryan Fischer by Kyle via Right Wing Watch at People For the American Way June 24, 2010

Last year, we wrote about Will Phillips, a 10 year old boy in Arkansas who was refusing to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance until gays can get married and achieve full equality.

Phillips has been tapped to serve as Grand Marshall of the Northwest Arkansas Pride Parade in Fayetteville on Saturday and the American Family Association is freaking out, sending out an action alert targeting the mayor and calling it a "form of child abuse":

I am shocked to learn that the city of Fayetteville is issuing a proclamation in support of the homosexual activist group, Northwest Arkansas Pride.

It’s offensive enough to sensibilities that they are going to parade their deviant lifestyle on the streets of the city.

It’s even more abhorrent that the city is supporting it, knowing very well that the organizers of this event are exploiting children to push their radical sexualizing event.

I implore you to withdraw the proclamation and focus on issues that promote a healthy and safe lifestyle, rather than one that is risky and dangerous.


AFA President Tim Wildmon says, “It’s shameful that adults would abuse a brain-washed child in this way. He’s obviously just parroting the nonsense he’s been told by manipulative adults. For gay activists to trot out this child and make him the poster child for promoting unnatural sexual expression is a form of child abuse."

So of course Fox News picked up the story and just take one guess who they quoted:

“We believe that it goes beyond the pale for adults to exploit a 10-year-old child for dark political purposes,” said Bryan Fischer, the director of issue analysis at AFA. “He is too young to understand. There is nothing about homosexual conduct to be proud of and much to be ashamed of.”

The AFA, according to Fischer, has sent an “action alert” to its members in Arkansas, and he says they have deluged the mayor’s and city council’s office with e-mails “asking him to stop this charade.” Though there are no plans to actively protest at the parade, Fischer said, “as of noon Thursday our records show that the mayor and city council had received 12,300 e-mails asking them to stop the parade.”

But in good news, Fayetteville's Mayor is refusing to bow to the AFA's pressure and Saturday’s parade will go on as scheduled.

and some fear mongering over Kagan Confirmation will lead to a rise in anti-Semitism in America???

Kagan's Confirmation Represents an "Existential Threat" To Jews In America by Kyle RightWingWatch Via People For the American Way June 24, 2010 -

Normally, when we post a release from Rabbi Yehuda Levin it is about how allowing gays to serve in the military will cause natural disasters or cause God to repeal his "Divine Grace from our military's struggles" which will thus make us lose wars.

But in an apparent effort not to be typecast as merely an anti-gay loon, Levin is branching out, today releasing a statement opposing the confirmation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court on the grounds that she is Jewish and that she will issue "extremist decisions" from the bench - the combination of the two, you see, will inevitably cause a "backlash" of anti-Semitic violence to sweep the nation, representing an "existential threat" to Jews in America:

It is clear from Ms. Kagan's record on issues such as abortion-on-demand, Partial-Birth-Abortion, the radical homosexual and lesbian agenda, the "supremacy" of the anti-family panoply over religious liberties of Biblical adherents, et. al., that she will function as a flame-throwing radical, hastening society's already steep decline into Sodom and Gommorah.

USA Homegrown Terrorists & Honor Killings???

Note if a Muslim American had tried to have his wife murdered Robert Spencer Pam Gellar, Glenn Beck , Limbaugh & other anti-Islam bigots would have had this as a lead story for days if not weeks-but since the guy is Christian & white these blowhards are not interested. In the same way they are not concerned about Mosques being attacked or attacks by American terrorists on integrated or African-American churches.

Racists See ‘Set-Up’ in Arrest of Idaho Lawyer by Larry Keller Via Hatewatch & Southern Poverty Law Center June 22, 2010

Onetime Aryan Nations attorney Edgar J. Steele was denied bail today in a case that has many of his fellow bigots suggesting in postings to white nationalist websites that the Idaho attorney must be an innocent victim of a conspiracy because of his racist views — not a man who plotted to have his wife and mother-in-law killed.

Steele was arrested June 11 and charged with use of interstate commerce in the commission of murder for hire. Federal authorities contend that Steele, 64, paid a man he knew to make it appear that his wife, Cyndi, and her mother died in a car accident. Steele hoped to collect on an insurance policy, an FBI informant said.

Four days after Steele’s arrest, auto shop workers discovered a pipe bomb attached to the underside of a sport utility vehicle driven by Cyndi Steele. Larry A. Fairfax, who like Steele lives in Slagle, Idaho, was charged with two felonies in connection with the pipe bomb and also is being held without bond. Fairfax — who was the FBI’s informant — says he rigged the device so that it wouldn’t explode. Prosecutors maintain that Fairfax didn’t disclose everything he knew about the alleged plot.

And so it goes,

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