Thursday, June 17, 2010

BP CEO's "Small People" Comment & BP Controlling Access & Information & Is Hiding Evidence & Has Gag Orders On Employees

UPDATE: 1:21 PM June 17, 2010

BP's chairman's "Small People " remark illustrates the attitude not just of BP but of most Big Corporations & multinationals who believe they are a legitimate elite who decide what policies and regulations & laws are in their view permissible.
There is the elite and then there is the rest of us-nobodys who must kowtow to Big Business interests over our own.

BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg's 'small people' comments June 16, 2010

BP 'Small People' Comment Angers Gulf Residents June 16, 2010

BP no matter how criminal its actions or morally and ethically questionable they may be the pro-Big Oil pro-business groups are going to defend BP or ensure it survive and once again thrives. The poor BP only made 9 billion in profit the first quarter.
Obama should have insisted on that 9 billion going towards claims but also for rebuilding the region . BP being cheap announced giving what BP earns in about 2 hours that is 25 million dollars to universities in the affected states to use to study the effects of the leak etc. It would have been more generous and more justified if they gave at least a billion dollars to the Universities for independent research.

BP has spent more that that on its aggressive advertising campaign over the last month or two.

Countdown:Olbermann interviews Dr.Riki Ott who alleges BP engaged in massive cover-up to hide Gulf Disaster damage

Has BP been attempting to erase evidence? Shocking video of security guard confrontation via,June 15, 2010

Allegedly, BP wouldn’t let reporters and photographers onto the beaches where the oil was washing ashore and ordered workers to keep mum. This behavior on BP’s part currently continues unchecked. It must be remembered that this is a foreign corporation taking over U.S. territory and banning U.S. citizens from American soil under the umbrella of calling it an emergency area . The Federal Aviation Administration has declared the Gulf Coast spill zone a no-fly area, which includes parts of Louisiana and Alabama, limiting aerial photos.

Recently, marine toxicologist Riki Ott, appeared on national television and made serious allegations against BP. Ott claimed that BP has been removing the heads of dead animals, making it impossible to perform autopsies on the cause of death. Ott backs up her allegations with photos and witnesses who claim that whenever a carcass appears, they are quickly removed by unknown persons to suppress the proof. While Ott’s claims have not been fully substantiated, it appears curious that there seems to be a vacuum when it comes to dead animal counts and photos. According to Ott, in an interview with Keith Olberman, "Turtle watch volunteers who walk the beaches consistently every morning at 6:00 a.m., they're saying the carcasses are disappearing," Ott said. She continued by saying, "people who walk the beaches at night, they've seen little baby dolphins wash up dead, flashlights, people descend out of nowhere, and the carcass gone in 15 minutes. There's reports from offshore of massive kills on the barrier islands from fishermen who have been working on the spill response. BP's response has been to use metal detectors to keep and prevent the people from even taking cell phones out to photograph this."

BP Blocking Media Access to workers - WDSU TV

BP Burning Turtles Alive???
Venice, Louisiana, Boat Captain/ by Catherine Craig

catherinec8 — June 13, 2010 — BP is blocking access to rescuing turtles and is incinerating turtles in the oil. Interview by Catherine Craig

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