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TYT Cenk Uygur On Wikileaks Baghdad Massacre Video & US Iraqi Vet 's Analysis of the incident at Democracy Now! & Bush' SS Style R.O.E "Kill'em all"

Cenk Uygur gives his commentary on Wikileaks video
of Baghdad Massacre of Unarmed Iraqi Civilians
WikiLeaks Iraq Shooting Video Analysis

Cenk Uygur is somewhat reticent about condemning what these soldiers have done.
He is upset about the cavalier attitude of the US soldiers killing these civilians.
But this may be because Cenk Uygur hadn't seen the longer video which is much more disturbing. It shows them shooting rockets into a building but a man is just walking along the sidewalk and they don't wait a second til he walks by and so blow him up. They fir the second missile without waiting for people and or Insurgents to come out or start shooting at the US helicopter.

He does mention that the soldiers on the ground requesting to evacuate the wounded children to a US military hospital and HQ says negative .
In the longer version of video it shows quite clearly the Apache Helicopter shooting the wounded man crawling on his belly.
He also doesn't mention the unarmed man running whom they shoot a number of times.
As for making excuses for shooting the children in the van ;the Helicopter shoots at the van without any provocation or sign of weapons etc. They have stopped to pick up the wounded and are killed for trying to help the wounded . And in each case they don't fire warning shots . Couldn't ground support just surround these men and if they have weapons then get them to drop the weapons and if not start shooting they have no place to go without the helicopter tracking them.
Is there new rules on the books that says that even the wounded and those who give aid to the wounded are legitimate targets.

Member of Bravo Company Part 1 - 4-12-2010 Democracy NOW!

Democracy NOW! - DN! 1/2 We speak with a former member of Bravo Company 2-16, the military unit involved in the 2007 helicopter shooting of Iraqi civilians that killed twelve people, including two Reuters employees, as seen on the military video released by WikiLeaks. The natural thing to do would be to instantly judge or criticize the soldiers in this video, says Josh Stieber. Published with written permission from

And yet another incident of US troops shooting innocent unarmed civilians - Cow Boy Justice- vigilantes -Bush's thugs are now slowly becoming President Obama's Thugs . A

Anti-American Anger Grows in Afghanistan
Protesters take to the streets after U.S. troops open fire on passenger bus outside Kandahar city, killing four civilians by Sonia Verma at Globe and Mail April 13, 2010

U.S. troops fired on a crowded passenger bus on the outskirts of Kandahar city, killing four civilians and injuring 18 others, stoking anti-American protests that promised to complicate a massive offensive against Taliban insurgents this summer.

Although the military command issued an apology, saying it “deeply regrets the tragic loss of life,” Monday’s incident cast fresh doubts on Operation Omid, billed as the pivotal offensive of the war, which will see tens of thousands of NATO troops attempt to seize control of Kandahar.

NATO officials were already struggling to win support for the offensive from ordinary Afghans and tribal elders who had expressed concern over the potential for “collateral damage.”

Monday’s shooting appeared to confirm those fears, with angry Afghans spilling into the streets, burning tires and chanting “Death to America.”

“People brought the bus to Kandahar bus station and drivers and ordinary people protested against Americans,” said a man named Naqibullah who attended the protest, which he said “showed the anger of the people against the Americans.”

The shooting occurred before dawn when a bus carrying about 50 passengers travelling west on the main highway from Kandahar city approached a military convoy on a road-clearing mission, sweeping for land mines and improvised explosive devices.

And another case of mistaken identity so the US says all the dead are Taliban or insurgents this is what they do and the Mainstream Media prints it televises it as the US Pentagon & CIA etc. tell them to when they give out their Rovian style Talking Points..

Pakistan Airstrike Kills 71 Civilians: Official by Riaz Khan and Zarar Khan AP,April 13, 2010

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Up to 71 civilians were killed in a weekend strike by Pakistani jets near the Afghan border, survivors and a government official said Tuesday — a rare confirmation of civilian casualties that risks undercutting public support for the fight against militants.

The government official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject, said authorities had already handed out the equivalent of $125,000 in compensation to families of the victims in a remote village in the Khyber tribal area.

Also Tuesday, a village elder claimed 13 civilians had been killed in U.S. missile strike on Monday night elsewhere in the northwest, contesting accounts by Pakistani security officials that four militants were killed.

Pakistan's tribal regions are largely out of bounds for reporters and dangerous to visit because of the likelihood of being abducted by militants, who still control much of the area, making it very difficult to verify casualty figures.

Army spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas on Monday denied that any of the dead in the Pakistani air force attack were civilians, saying the army had intelligence that militants were gathering at the site of the strike. The victims were initially reported to be suspected militants. The military regularly reports killing scores of militants in airstrikes in the northwest, but rarely says it is responsible for civilian deaths.

And here's a report of civilians being killed in America's other insane war The War On Drugs which has been a colossal failure and yet it continues another perpetual war . Anyway the CIA in this incident is not following procedures & the Rules of Engagement which leads to Peruvian air-force shooting down a civilian plane of US Christian Missionaries because they believed it was a plane carrying drugs. The CIA has spent the last 9 years covering up and outright lying to its own director about this case. So the CIA found themselves not guilty like the US military they always find themselves not guilty either.

Unfortunately President Obama showed his love for the CIA last year guaranteeing they would not be held responsible for their participation in torturing, kidnapping,and even murdering POWS so anything else they will do or have done they've been given amnesty and immunity A sweet deal for the CIA.

American Mother & Baby Killed While C.I.A. Agents Observe

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