Saturday, April 24, 2010

UPDATE: Fueling The Hate Limbaugh ,Dick Morris, Hannity Blame Clinton & Janet Reno For Tim McVeigh Oklahoma City Bombing

Oklahoma City Bombing Domestic Terrorism defended By Limbaugh, Dick Morris, Sean Hannity & Other members of the right-wing Tea Party Republican Uberconservative Echo Chamber

Timothy McVeigh says, "Get over it!" (the human aftermath) - Rachel Maddow

At the Fifteenth anniversary of Tim McVeigh's Domestic Terrorist Action of Bombing In Oklahoma City

Rev? Lou Engle calls for "Martyrdom" & "Civil War" & Timothy McVeigh - Rachel Maddow
goog2k — April 16, 2010 — Right Wing-nuts continue to incite violence. Rachel describes some of the latest, including more on Timothy McVeigh. From MSNBC &

Keith Olbermann Worst Person clip
Sarah Palin the grifter raised $400,000 95% went for her expenses & very little for Republican Candidates
Rush Limbaugh why weren't there memorials for WACO Martyrs & Ruby Ridge-he blames Janet Reno & Clinton for McVeigh's Bombing in Oklahoma City

Worst Person In The World! - Rush Limbaugh

Dick Morris On Sean Hannity Blames Clinton and Janet Reno for botching the Waco stand off which then led to the Tim McVeigh Oklahoma City Bombing

Limbaugh blames health Care Bill for the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland
Psycho Talk Ed Schultz

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