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Sara Palin Playing Theocratic Queen Esther & God Speaks Through Glenn Beck The Prophet & Tea Party Rebranding Using Propaganda

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*Armed Gun Rights group protesting in Virgina
*Sarah Palin Wants to create a Theocracy
*Prophet Glenn Beck Says God speaks to him
*Tea Party Rebranding their Movement & Video of Staged Faux NAZI Infiltrator

"While the Democrats are hamstrung by an issues based approach to politics, Conservatives have mastered the art of creating an alternate world of political facts and reason (enabled by the Right wing media echo chamber) where the reality based community need not tread."Chauncey DeVega

'State Of War With The People'
"We will have the freedom and the rights that our fathers paid for," he said, adding: "We are done backing up. Done! Not one more inch."

"You can push Americans only so far," Vanderboegh told the crowd.

Alabama militia leader Mike Vanderboegh speaking to supporters at the Fort Hunt rally.

anyway with all of this vile vicious violent rhetoric being spewed it is creating incrementally an environment of highten sensitivity fearing imaginary demons in this stew of paranoia. So a few might go way over the edge . Another question comes to mind How many conspiracies can people believe in it must be infinite like the angels on the head of a pin.

Gun Rally: Second Amendment Activists Swarm DC, VA Rallies (NEWS, PHOTOS) by Nick Wing, Arthur Delaney, & Sam Stein at Huffington Post April 19 2010

Dozens of Second Amendment rights activists holstered their handguns and slung unloaded rifles over their shoulders Monday at a gun rights rally in northern Virginia, while hundreds of like-minded but unarmed counterparts converged in the nation's capital.

The gun-toting protesters in Virginia were within the bounds of the law but promised to keep the weapons unloaded. Those in Washington, D.C., chose not to carry any firearms in compliance with the district's strict gun laws, even though many believe the rules are unconstitutional.

Signs reading "Which part of 'shall not be infringed' confuses you?" and bright orange stickers saying "Guns save lives" dotted the crowd at the Washington Monument. Across the Potomac River in Alexandria, former Alabama Minutemen leader Mike Vanderboegh told the crowd armed confrontation should be reserved only for instances of the government threatening people's lives.

However, he said it might be justified if people face arrest for refusing to buy insurance under the health care reform package recently passed by Congress.

"If I know I'm not going to get a fair trial in federal court ... I at least have the right to an unfair gunfight," Vanderboegh said.

Sarah Palin's 'Christian Nation' Remarks Spark Debate Advocates of Church-State Separation Say Palin Is Distorting Founders' Intent Palin Tells 'Mom of Faith Movement' Not to Listen to Critics at ABC News April 20,2010

A spokesman for the Secular Coalition for America told ABC News that Palin is misconstruing the founders' intent on matters of church and state.

Is America a Christian nation?

Sarah Palin said on Friday that it's "mind-boggling" to suggest otherwise.

But two groups dedicated to the separation of church and state are now speaking out against her, arguing that she is misreading the founders' intent.

"It's incredibly hypocritical that Sarah Palin, who disapproves of government involvement in just about anything, now suddenly wants the government to help people be religious," Barry Lynn, the executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, told ABC News.

"It is wildly inconsistent with her views on limited government to get the government involved in matters of faith."

Lynn was reacting to remarks Palin gave last Friday in Louisville, Ky., one day after a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled that the National Day of Prayer, created in 1952 by Congress, violated the First Amendment.

"We hear of a judge's ruling that our National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional," said Palin. "I think we'll be challenging that one."

"God truly has shed his grace on thee -- on this country," Palin told the Women of Joy conference. "He's blessed us, and we better not blow it."

While the founders' views on religion varied from person to person, there is no doubt that they believed strongly that religion had no place in government," said Paul Fidalgo, the communications manager for the Secular Coalition for America. "John Adams signed the Treaty of Tripoli which stated in no uncertain terms that 'the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.'

"Our Constitution established a secular government and has no mention of Jesus, Christianity, or a god of any kind, despite the false message spread by figures such as Sarah Palin who claim that America was founded as a Christian nation," Fidalgo continued.

Palin told the women in attendance, whom she referred to as a "mom of faith movement," that they should not listen to critics who would make them feel that their movement is "all a low-cost brand of ignorance."

"Really, it's just the opposite," said Palin. "And I think the more we're involved, the more we're going to rock this world."
also On Sarah Palin and A Christian theocracy see:

Sarah Palin’s Dangerous Vision of America By srjones at Politicususa On Tuesday, April 20th 2010

Palin Fans Unleash Political Terrorism on Senator by srjones at Politicususa, April 20th 2010

Are you noting the similarities between the Palin hate rallies of 2008, the Teapublicans and the Palinban?

Palin’s contract was later found in the garbage by students, along with many shredded documents proving the financial relationship between the Stanislaus Foundation and the state tax payer, suggesting that a cover up was at play. Senator Yee then requested Jerry Brown, California AG, investigate the University’s lack of accountability and transparency. Hence, the birth of yet another Palin scandal: Shreddergate.

If you are not a Palin fan, you might be wondering what they are upset about, as the investigation is not about Sarah Palin’s diva-esque contractual demands, although said demands (Lear Jets and Bendy Straws) rubbed salt in the wound of Palin’s already controversial speaking engagement at the University. Apparently many tax-payers who don’t want to fund hate are even more angry at having to fund Palin’s elitist “common sense conservative values”. In other words, Palin fans were embarrassed that their Queen was once again unveiled as a hypocrite, so naturally they lashed out at the messenger. In the land of Queen Esther as Holy Mother of USA, accountability is not an American value.

The rage, hatred, bigotry and violence that Palin fans have put on display here has a goal: to silence the Senator. In other words, this is political terrorism. The Right will claim that there are “extremists” on both sides, which is true. However, the Department of Homeland Security did not find leftist extremists to be dangerous and the probable cause of domestic terrorism, whereas the DHS most certainly did determine that the far Right extremists are a danger to America. One day after the 15 year anniversary of Timothy McVeigh’s rein of terror, we should be paying close attention to these warnings and noting the similarities in beliefs and actions. And most importantly, a reasonable leader who did not condone such behavior would come out with a very clear statement denouncing it.

Where is Sarah Palin to denounce such abuse of the first amendment? Crickets. Sarah Palin will never denounce this kind of atrocious behavior because thuggery is how Palin has ruled since she became mayor of Wasilla and her Paliban are her weapons of mass destruction she unleashes upon those who she feels have “wronged” her. It’s also unfortunate that like most narcissistic bullies, Palin has both a persecution complex and believes she is the center of the world, thus frequently falsely believes herself to have been wronged.

“It is quite disturbing that such racist and homophobic sentiment still exists in our country,” said Yee. “It is unfortunate acts like these that demonstrate why we must continue to be vigilant against hate and intolerance.”

...And by vigilant, I don’t think Yee means we should cower in the face of more right wing, Teapublican, Paliban extremism and hate, but rather follow his example and stand up loudly against it. Too many liberals and progressives allow their shared value of tolerance to turn a blind eye toward the hate being practiced and preached by the right.

Bear witness, people. If we don’t, who will?

and see; CSU Palin Controversy Incites Hate Messages Tuesday, April 20, 2010 Senator Leland Lee

Yee threatened with racist, homophobic phone calls and faxes

SACRAMENTO – The controversy surrounding an upcoming Sarah Palin event at California State University Stanislaus and calls for greater transparency from Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) has spurred several racist and homophobic phone calls to Yee’s office and even a fax threatening the Senator’s life.

also see: Millions in Public Funds Paying for CSU Foundation, Palin Event at Senator Leland Yee website Monday, April 19, 2010.

Foundation salaries top $1.5 million; receive an additional $3 million in government grants

SACRAMENTO – While the administration at California State University Stanislaus have claimed that only private funds are being used for the university’s foundation and the upcoming Sarah Palin event, state and IRS records show otherwise. In fact, millions of dollars in public funds are being used to run the foundation hosting the university’s 50th anniversary gala which will feature the former Alaska governor.

In 2009, over $1.5 million in taxpayer funds went to salaries of staff and board members of the CSU Stanislaus Foundation (listed at UniversityAdvancement/Foundation/BoardMembers.html and UniversityAdvancement/AdvancementStaff.html), including six-figure salaries for three foundation board members.

In addition, the foundation received nearly $3 million in government grants from 2006 to 2008 according to IRS filings.

“The CSU administration has failed the students and the taxpayers of California,” said Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco). “Both ethically and legally, all documents regarding this foundation – including the Palin contract – should be public. It is unconscionable that the administration thinks they can spend millions of taxpayer dollars behind closed doors without any real transparency.”

After the university claimed they had no documents or correspondence pertaining to the Palin visit, students testified that they found pages 4 through 9 of the Palin contract in the administration’s dumpster, which show her visit requirements include a hotel suite, first class airfare or a private Lear jet, pre-screened questions, and “bendable straws.”

An email from Gajic-Bruyea to other campus administrators and faculty members attempting to justify the Palin visit was also acquired by Yee’s office – demonstrating a clear violation of the California Public Records Act. As a result, Attorney General Jerry Brown has launched a formal investigation and Californians Aware has filed a lawsuit.

"Glenn Beck Loses it and Claims to be Carrying out God’s Plan" By Jason Easley at Tuesday, April 20th 2010

The plan that he would have me articulate, I think to you is get behind me, and I don’t mean me, I mean him. Get behind me. Stand behind me, I truly believe I have done years now of reading the Founders, the diaries, their letters, the Pilgrims, their diaries their letters. I’ve read the first hand letters. I’ve held them in my hand. The exchanges between the Founders, I have held their actual letters in my hand. I have seen it with my own eyes and I will tell you that God was instrumental and they knew it. They knew that had very little to do with it. They just stood where they were supposed to stand, and they said the things that they were supposed to say as he directed…but that’s what he is asking us to do is to stand peacefully, quietly with anger, quiet with anger, loudly with truth.”

Beck then disavowed his status as an entertainer, “When we were, and I’ve never told this story before, when we were starting the TV show, there were things that I did that I wouldn’t do now because I had to be more of an entertainer to get people to go what is this show at five o’clock? I never said anything I didn’t believe, but I may have said things in an entertaining fashion.” Beck also claimed that God led him to attack Van Jones.

As we have seen the last couple of weeks the rhetoric on the right is still quite militant . Sarah Palin , Glenn Beck are still stirring the pot but when something happens they'll have a hundred excuses. So these various Gun Rights protesters fell embolden by all this venomous attacks on Obama and the government calling him a socialist , a collectivist, a communist a Fascist , a mad man , a would be butcher and yet so many liberals are too complacent thinking it might be rude to call them out. In this situation liberals are being hoisted this time on their own petard of tolerance and relativism. The Tea Party and Uberconservatives and their Media echo chamber use the liberals basic fundamental principles as a weakness to be taken advantage of and used as a means to neutralize & silence liberal criticisms. This erroneously tolerant view which claims everyone even the most vile racist has a right to their opinion allows the right to spew hatred and lies and propaganda to embolden and widen its base of angry American citizens.

Defending these Professional Agitators rights to freedom of speech stops liberals from being effective and being on guard for the lurking danger of these hate filled , fear mongering liars who are really anti-democratic , anti-diversity, anti-pluralism as they wish to create a theocracy in which non-Christians will be marginalized and have fewer rights than practicing Christians and Jews.
So it may be that a storm could be coming and the liberals would have waited too long.

Republican party & The Tea Party both say they are separate entities but this has never been shown and again that this is a faux grassroots astroturf movement with a lot of money and clout behind it.

Are the Teabaggers Just Republicans in Denial? Yup. by jedlewison at Daily Kos via Alternet April 20, 2010

Rapoport’s analysis underscores the extent to which tea partiers are really just embarrassed Republicans. Actually, putting it that way is a bit of an oversimplification. I should say: tea partiers are really just embarrassed Republicans — unless they think that the Republican Party is too liberal for them. But there’s nobody in the tea party movement who thinks that the GOP is too conservative. And there’s nobody who is angry at GOPers but not Dems.

Tea party sponsors like Fox have eagerly pushed the claim that teabagging is a bipartisan thing to do, but there’s no real evidence to support that myth. Instead, we’ve got a bunch of conservatives who think that the best response to the failure of their ideas is to rebrand conservativism as tea partyism instead of Republicanism.
The Tea Party gang are slowly becoming more sophisticated in their handling of the media and the use of Propaganda tactics ie rebranding to appear less threatening and to appeal to a broader base .

It appears the Tea Party leaders are finally learning how to use the Media and how to use propaganda techniques and strategies to rebrand themselves as not extremist or violent or racists etc. So in this article Chauncey DeVega takes note of seven of the these propaganda tactics being used by the Tea Partiers to rebrand themselves. They may even gone as far as a Faux Reality video in which a guy wearing a swastika is pursued by a Tea Party official telling him he is racist and doesn't represent the Tea party Movement to leave the area- Remember this started as an which was obvious to most people that it was all a bit of grand standing has it now become a clear and present danger in the United States.

7 Tricks the Tea Partiers Will Use to Shed Their Image of Right-Wing Extremism By Chauncey DeVega via Alternet ,April 20, 2010

The Right wing media and the Tea Parties are playing chess while the Left and the mainstream media are playing checkers.

While they can be disparaged as being narrow minded ideologues possessed of an authoritarian personality, Conservatives in the U.S.–and the extreme Right wing that has now become the center of the GOP–have long been masters of using emotional and moral appeals to motivate their public. While the Democrats are hamstrung by an issues based approach to politics, Conservatives have mastered the art of creating an alternate world of political facts and reason (enabled by the Right wing media echo chamber) where the reality based community need not tread.

This week the note being struck is that liberal infiltrators (in the guise of “agent provocateurs”) are targeting the Tea Parties in order to smear and discredit them. Without any factual substantiation (and ignoring the racist, bigoted, and violent rhetoric that is common at the Tea Party gatherings) the Right has succeeded in reframing the narrative which surrounds the tea baggers. Now, freed from any responsibility for their own actions, the Tea Parties can point to some imagined villain as being responsible for all things disruptive and violent at their protests.

This is a brilliant move because it frees the tea baggers from any measure of responsibility for their deeds. Consider the simple genius at work here: if someone has a racist sign he/she is an infiltrator; if someone spits on a black congressman “they aren’t really one of us” (or alternatively John Lewis was not spat upon because there is no “proof” save for eye witness accounts); if someone incites violence “he isn’t a tea bagger, it must be a crazy progressive.” Not surprisingly, rather than expose this quackery, most in the media are repeating these narratives without critical intervention or comment.

...The Right has upped the ante. Not content with displacing responsibility onto “liberals” and “progressives” for the brigands in their midst, the Tea Parties are now trying to take the moral high ground as the party of diversity and tolerance. To that end, the tea baggers and their Right wing media arm have been circulating a video of a confrontation between a Tea Party member and an alleged white supremacist. Here the tea bagger confronts the white supremacist and condemns him. While doing so, the Tea Party activist is sticking to a clear script: “the Tea Parties are not racist,” “racism has no place with the Tea Parties,” and “that the Tea Party does not concern itself with race.” In one 2 minute clip, the Tea Party has created a counter-narrative, one with compelling soundbites, that runs explicitly counter to the popular understanding that the tea baggers are racist xenophobes. This is poetry in motion...

...The repackaging of the Tea Parties as tolerant and inclusive political organizations is happening as we speak. It will continue from its own momentum regardless of the facts on the ground. In much the same way that Dr. King has been reimagined by conservatives to be a Republican (notice how Glenn Beck, the Pied Piper for the Tea Parties, is increasingly appropriating both the language and symbolism of The Civil Rights Movement), the tea baggers will be depicted as forces of American virtue and pluralism. As this false flag operation continues to develop, here are a few things to watch for in the upcoming weeks:

1. More coverage of the “racial diversity” of the Tea Parties. Expect to see the same talking heads and black and brown apologists trotted out on the major networks;
2. The discussion of agent provocateurs will take on the weight of fact as opposed to speculation;
3. There will be more videos of white supremacists, nativists, and overt “Birthers” being thrown out of Tea Party rallies;
4. Simultaneously, there will be a great deal of attention paid to “incidents” where Palin supporters and tea baggers are assaulted by “anti-Tea Party” forces and “agents of the Obama regime”;
5. The Right wing media frame will continue to emphasize their long standing narrative that Conservatives and “real Americans” are “victims” of the Left and Progressives;
6. Similar to what happened with the ACORN pimp and prostitute scandal (a fraud staged by Breitbart and company), the efforts to “infiltrate” the Tea Parties will be exposed as events planned by the Right;
7. Loose lips sink ships: one of the “white supremacist” or other “agent provocateurs” will give up the fact that they are on the payroll of someone semi-connected (for reasons of plausible deniability) to the Right wing media and/or political establishment.

and so it goes,

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