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Obama Must Watch Video of The Massacre of Reuters Journalist And 8 other Unarmed Civilians By US Helicopter Gunships War is Not a Video Game!!!

This needs to go viral -
Article at Alternet and Afterdowning street.org presents this horrific film as evidence of war crimes and how far up does this go who gave them the orders some general , the pentagon , the White House , Congress and Senate doesn't their Constitution and Bill of rights apply to how they treat non-Americans

"It's their fault for bringing their kids to a battle." US Soldier refering to kids they massacred sounds like the soldiers at MyLai
or when they had too kill those kids at Wounded Knee or The Philippines .

Note shorter versions below.

39minute version at Afterdowningstreet.org Wikileaks leaked video of Civilians killed in Baghdad - Full video Submitted by davidswanson on Mon, 2010-04-05

Watch the Wikileaks Video U.S. Intelligence Tried to Suppress — Does it Reveal U.S. Military Cover Up?

In 2007, two Reuters employees — photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen and driver Saeed Chmagh — were killed by a U.S. helicopter strike in Baghdad. The U.S. military’s official response to the killings argued that the attack occurred after security forces came under fire from men accompanying the reporters, and that the rules of engagement were followed in returning fire. Skeptical of the military’s claim, Reuters filed a Freedom of Information Act request for video of the killings, but was unable to get the videos from the military, despite warnings from the Pentagon’s inspector general that future shootings were “likely to reoccur” if the event was not closely examined.

6 minute Shorter version of video RT

also see: Alternet.org

This is shocking footage indeed even if we are aware these things happen but to see it actually happening in real time the it is quite unsettling that such unjustifiable killings could take place. The video shows evidence of a mass murder by US Helicopter crews in Iraq. The video is disturbing but what is really sickening is that the Pentagon and higher ups kept this as a secret til Wikileaks managed to get live footage from the cockpit of a US Helicopter Gunship .
There is at Afterdowningstreet a 39 minute complete version.(no restrictions yet at Youtube )
The 17 minute original Wikileaks video YouTube has used their discretion to categorize the film footage as too graphic can only be watched if you sign in according to the age restriction. Ironically isn't this the age of many of US troops but that dear YouTube is the point that is to put faces and flesh and blood of very real people as part of the story can only be watched if you sign it.

Wikileaks has released if authentic a video purporting to show. the murder of a dozen unarmed civilians two of those killed were Reuters Journalist if anything they were targeted and the soldiers used the excuse that the cameras the men were carrying they thought were guns but on the tape the helicopter crew sound like they are going to kill no matter what and the first group of men they see they kill???

When the pilots sees one of the men wounded but still crawling on the ground the US troops blew him to pieces and this we are told is to preserve our wonderful Western Values . So what values are they again??? We in the West that is or maybe just America now are still the same whether its the War against the Indians or the Iraqis , the Afghans they are all of the West's enemies no matter how they act it is held with disbelief and insincerity they are the barbarians in the West's point of view.
It reminds me of the transcripts from the MiLai Vietnam Massacre by US soldiers and it was done in the spirit of being a great day one of the best for them. To hell with whether or not they are innocent or guilty US policy is to take them all out???

Anyway why isn't this the big news in Canada or the United States or did I miss the ten minutes spent one day on the story.
The murders in this case has been videoed taped by the soldiers whose language is disturbingly rather casual it is indifferent but they are quite pleased with themselves saying F...Yeah!!! It is sickening so to most of us I hope while others as Characterized by those leaving comments for the video- to them it's all kicks ass Right-On sociopaths are like that. Unfortunately the mind set of these commentators has been in fact policy all along in Iraq killing indiscriminately .

and is president Obama going to forgive this murder too - as others have implied as my lawyer says his inaction makes him complicit in a War Crime. He could change his mind due to new credible evidence.

also see Glenn Greenwald piece on WikileaksGlenn Greenwald: The war on WikiLeaks and why it matters April 3,2010 Salon.com via karmalised

and see:
killing some 30 or 40 civilians in Fallujah-Its worse than one could imagine like SS eisengruppen who were also hailed as heroes by their patriotic citizens "The Real Germans" =Nazis.

Other Bush Cheney Iraq War Crimes Caught on Video

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