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UPDATE: Newt Gingrich And Tea Partying GOP Sowing The Seeds of A Second American Civil War & Domestic Terrorism

UPDATE: 12:35 PM April 26, 2010

Sean Hannity & Michelle Bachmann claim that they are being attacked by Obama Administration and the Democratic Party and the so-called Liberal Media. Meanwhile acting as the victims they lash out at the Obama administration calling it a radical,socialist, unconstitutional take over of the American economy. These criticisms of the Obama administration they erroneously claim come from the American people and individuals such as Hannity, Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck,Rush Limbaugh are just voicing those concerns.

But this is a rewriting of recent history since the Tea Party Movement & the 9/12 protests and others are mainly orchestrated from the top down that is by these Conservative media personalities and the Faux Populism of Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, Dick Army, and the likes of Bill Kristol, Karl Rove ,Dick Morris, David Horowitz ,Dick Cheney etc. They are the ones feeding their base lies and propaganda and distortions of what the Obama administration is doing. For instance polls done on Health Care showed that a majority of Americans were in favor of Health Care Reform yet Hannity et al erroneously argue most Americans were not in favor of Health Care Reform and Obama pushed these bills down the throats of Americans. What they appear to be doing is telling their base that Obama is an evil radical UnAmerican Godless socialist who may not be an American citizen and who may be a secret Muslim . The conservatives throw out their Talking Points and then use those Talking Points that resonate with Conservatives.

And now they say it is the Democrats who are not telling the American people the truth about their policies and actions.

Video below of Newt Gingrich at David Horowitz's conservative conference "Restoration Weekend" in Nov. 2009 where he gave the keynote address criticizing President Obama and any American who supports him or who is a "Liberal" a Progressive a leftist a human rights activists or someone who believes in America abiding by international treaties and conventions ie Geneva Conventions, the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Universal ban on torture or abuse of POWs or combatants or the ban on land mines , Napalm, concussion weaponry, depleted Uranium. Horowitz is an Uberconservative an historical revisionist and an Islamophobe- He calls himself an Historians but real Historian are dubious about his opinions and his abuse of historical data.

So first here's David Horowitz giving a speech in which he calls slavery in America an incidental fact of Human and American History which America did get rid of but he neglects to mention that some 700,000 American citizens had to die for Slavery to officially end the despicable institution. He also doesn't bother to mention that slavery had been outlawed in most of the Western nations fifty or sixty years before hand . Canada as a colony of Great Britain was forced to abolish slavery circa. 1805 when slavery was extinguished throughout the British empire. If the 13 colonies had stayed part of the British Empire they would have been obliged to end slavery at least 60 years before they actually did.(continued after video)

Note he shouts a lot to make his point the louder the better or the more sincere and truthful is the speaker ???
David Horowitz literally screams the truth at the "bodysnatching" professors at DUKE University

and now for a bit more backgound on David Horowitz and his Conspiracy Theories based upon a rather fact challenged skewed view of American history.
So here's opportunist Faux Populist Glenn Beck interviewing David Horowitz about the 100 year old Liberal/Radical Leftist Conspiracy to control America and turn it into a totalitarian State-

David Horowitz - The Tactics of Obama's Administration !!!

I have talked about David Horowitz in discussions of Islamophobics ie Muslim haters or those for their own agenda disparage all aspects of Islam without considering the real history of other religions especially Christianity and Judaism in which Islam is rooted as Christianity is rooted in Judaism and the Torah in the Old Testament while borrowing bits and pieces from the so-called Pagan religions the virgin birth, the Murdered Prophet who is resurrected to taking care of the poor and the weak which the Church abandoned.

Horowitz claims to be an historian and yet he distorts the history of Christianity and Islam to fit his own agenda. He wants to be seen as on the side of the Christians while he attacks Islam.

So he avoids the darker side of the history of Christianity for instance anti-Semitism which led inevitably to the Holocaust while the Vatican and other churches silently stood by believing the Jews deserved it because they were guilty of Deicide and were the real enemies of Christianity and Jesus. He and others defend the Crusades as necessary and the Inquisitions the witch hunts and the hunting down of Heretics and so on.

He also like Glenn Beck the Neo-cons & Uberconservatives has a myopic Pollyanna style view of American history based upon the experience of white male citizens of privilege.

So he doesn't bother to mention that for over a hundred years after the end of slavery the majority of African-Americans were still struggling to be able to exercise the rights he claims they had. So he distorts the history of American & western Civilization claiming erroneously that African-Americans Native-Americans Latino Americans Japanese Americans etc. and other non-white Americans and of course women of whatever color creed or religion or financial state did not have the same rights as White Christian Males in America. They may have had in some instances these so-called rights on paper but segregation, racism, prejudices against various groups was a fact of life for these Unwanted second class citizens who were supposed to know their place and keep their mouths shut . If they didn't there was Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan , the Citizens leagues to take care of trouble makers whether it was a black person trying to register to vote or sitting at the wrong part of a segregated lunch counter or refused to go to the back of the bus or is refused service at a Hotel that was or is White Only or a white Only swimming pool or beach or even a white only water fountain. To Newt Gingrich , David Horowitz,and their fellow travelers this is all incidental and unimpotant part of American history. Even though there are still very good reasons to believe America is for all intents and purposes proudly racist -note the incarceration rates , sentences of non whites to white criminals or the comparison of employment rates and the salary differences etc.

. He also forgets that up til recently Jewish American were also often treated as second class citizens. In his case he has come to believe that Jewish Americans are now part of the privilege class so he is not going to reveal to his fellow elitist the dark history in America towards Jews such as the Anti-Semitism which was wide spread in America before and after WWII. Father Coghlin and Henry Ford preached a very popular vile and vicious attacks on all Jews.

Many Americans saw the rise of Hitler and Mussolini as a good thing that is Hitler and Mussolini wanted to cleanse and purify Western Civilization so it could return to its roots. They did not believe in religious or racial tolerance or diversity or multiculturalism they believed in maintaining a homogeneous national identity and would go about creating such a society through legal and democratic means or by the barrel of a gun.(see pages below header on anti-Semitism, the Church etc.

Horowitz and other conservatives want to bury parts of America history which do not paint such a rosy picture of American history.They prefer a romanticized and idealized white washed as it were imaginary history of America so they can be dismissive of anyone who claims America may have done wrong in the past or even in contemporary America excluding of course in their view the Evil Radical Usurper President Obama or even FDR or Woodrow Wilson etc. They will go to any length to dismiss or hide from view those historical realities which tell a different and sometimes reveals an uglier deadlier mean spirited side of America as part of their historical revisionism. These people are unable to accept that like any other country they have done things of which they should be ashamed. Instead they hold to the line that America is in fact The Shinning City on The Hill -The New Jerusalem so it is uimaginable to this sort of Conservative mind-set to even contemplate that which they might find disturbing or which contradicts their view of American Exceptionalism and its religious and moral superiority over all other nations. According to them I can say this being a Canadian & not born and bred in America the rest of us are a bunch of slow-witted barbarians and heretics or worse.

The other horrible statement he makes implies or infers that Black and Brown leaders of any country are not as up to the task of governing as are white Christian or Jewish Americans whose blood line makes them smarter and more capable than all other races creeds or religions. He also doesn't mention that people from various countries don't all immigrate to America but they also immigrate to Canada, Britain & Continental Europe or Australia and New Zealand.
But he is trying to prove that He is a "Real American"

for more on Horowitz and the Islamophobes see:

Gord's Poetry Factory,January 14, 2010 Pat Robertson: Haiti's Pact With Devil /Edward Said Criticizes "Orientalism" As a Cover For Racism For Faux Scholars & Neocons To Justify Their Wars

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Newt Gingrich's vision of America its glorious past which he believes can be restored once Obama and some 513,000 members of the Washington bureaucracy are removed . Maybe he'll have to set up the Fema Camps-doubtful he 's just saying what he is calculating will get him to the presidency and he will use the Tea Party or any other group or movement he needs to to get there and throw under the bus any who become a nuisance.
Newt argues Eric Holder and President Obama should be impeached.
He says a radical group is now in power who must be stopped and replaced
He also thinks no lawyer should represent a client who is guilty of a crime or is believed to be a terrorist
From now on Lawyers should only represent clients who are innocent
So much for a fair trial and the assumption of innocence
Wants to abolish the 9th circuit court.
Isolate and crush the radical left and replace their system as it now stands with a truly Capitalistic Free-Market system

Newt Gingrich: Impeach judges - Crush and Replace the Left - 2012 "Victory or Death!" Pt.5
Nov. 27, 2009

Tim McVeigh Oklahoma Bombing 15th anniversary- deaths of 168 people merely incidental or not that important to American Tea Partying Republicans and other Uberconservatives. Or they use the Domestic Terrorism of Tim Mcveigh as a talking point to explain how the gov't at the time was over-reaching and was at war with its own citizens and therefore McVeigh was goaded into his action by the unAmerican radicals in the US government.

Rachel Maddow: Oklahoma WACKOS & New Timothy McVeigh Bombing Tapes

goog2k — April 13, 2010 — Rachel talks with Newsweek's Eve Conant about the surge in right-wing extremism, the new Militia Movement, & Oklahoma's wacko anti-government State militia proposal. She also plays another new Timothy McVeigh tape, who BOMBED the Oklahoma Federal building. From MSNBC &

Secessionist State Militias
Reference to film "Seven Days in May"
Oklahoma Conservatives Losing Their Marbles- Oklahoma Bombing By Tim Mc Veigh murdered 168 people and wounded hundreds of others Keith Olbermann interviews Melissa Harris

President Obama is the Commander in Chief -

Psycho Talk! - Newt Gingrich Ed Schultz on New Gingrich, GOP and the Party of NO

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