Friday, April 23, 2010

Jon Stewart VS Fox News & GOP Racist Southern Policy & Limbaugh Defends Tim Mc Veigh

UPDATE:2:10 PM, April 23,2010

Jon Stewart Sings: "Fox News, Go F*** Yourselves"

And on more serious and ominous note about Tim McVeigh being incited to blow up the building in Oklahoma City in response to WACO and policies of Bill Clinton. So according Rush Limbaugh and Gun Rights groups they find it difficult to criticize Tim Mc Veigh's Domestic Terrorism -they see it as an appropriate response.
042010 Maddow on Hate Speech.m4v

Racist based Southern Policy of the Republican Party from the 1960s to recently
Rachel Maddow on Racism in Republican Policies

Rachel Maddow Steele admits GOP southern strategy.flv with Rick Pearlstein

and so it goes,

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