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Glenn Beck 4.5 Million$ Estate: Reward For Being Minister of Propaganda For Fox News & Rachel Maddow on Christian Jihadist Michigan Militia Huteree

UPDATE: 1:28 PM April 1st

Glenn Beck 's McCarthyism takes on the pernicious vile Commie Cup Stackers- and yes he's serious
glenn glen beck cup sport stacking speed stacks stackers.flv

Note the similarities of the rhetoric and imagery used by these extremist compared to Glenn Beck 's nightly insanity. Beck & Hutarees believe Obama is a secret operative for Communists , collectivist, socialist, fascist , Nazi out to destroy traditional America. And yet the media defends Extremist Glenn Beck who for the Conservatives is now representative they claim of average Real Americans and the Conservative Tea Party Republican Movement.

So FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES here's the Hutarees Response to the raids on their hiomes and compounds this past weekend.
Response from Hutaree Christian Militia

Glenn Beck ass kicking evil Pernicious Progressives who dare to make people like rich Glenn Beck pay taxes- Maybe even question his affiliation with companies such as Gold Line or his connections to violent extremist such the Tea Party Republicans

Ed Schultz responds to Glenn Beck's McCarthyite attack on him as one of America's enemies
and Glenn Beck makes fun of Fargo and America's Heartland
and we get an aerial view of Beck's 4.5 million walled in estate-his bunker possibly preparing for the civil unrest which Beck himself is stirring up.

Glenn Beck You're A Liar & A Coward! Ed Schultz

During the signing of the Health Care Bill it seemed odd that crowds were allowed that close to legislators as they tried to enter Congress . Why were Teaparty Republicans allowed to swarm Congress. If liberal protesters had done this in the Bush era Beck et al would have insisted on arrests and possibly shooting protesters . But the right in this case and others get a free ride.
It appears that militia groups are getting ready to at least go public in order to defend their gun rights by marching on Washington Armed though they claim not to have any violent intentions .So should liberals & progressives stage a counter protest with armed liberals marching on Washington ??? If there were some shootings and a few deaths this would please Glenn Beck et al.

Million Armed Militia Members March on Washington April 19th the Anniversary of Tim McVeighs Oklahoma City Bombing*- something these groups are not ashamed of but in fact are proud of .

Rachel Maddow on Militias & Hutaree
she lists violent acts by Michigan Militia Members connected to Hutaree
Dave Neiwert, author of The Eliminationists joined Rachel tonight and helped put right-wing anti-government domestic terrorism into context.

and check out on right wing & Fox News hyped violent rhetoric :
FOX News Steps Up The Rhetoric.
March 24, 2010 — Countdown: Main subject FOX news "Hugs & Guns". Health care bill gained fans, not foes

End Note:

Timothy McVeigh & Terry Nichols: Oklahoma Bombing
The Oklahoma City Bombing: Bad Day Dawning at TruCrimeTV

That we can learn a lot about a man from the books and films he chooses is borne out by Timothy McVeigh.

One of his favorite films: the 1984 Patrick Swayze epic Red Dawn. It follows a group of small town teens' conversion to guerilla fighters when a foreign army invades America.

Like McVeigh, the teens stock up on survival gear - mainly guns and ammo - in order to defend their country from annihilation.

And one of McVeigh's favorite books: The Turner Diaries written by former American Nazi Party honcho William L. Pierce, under the pen name Andrew Macdonald. Its hero - Earl Turner - responds to gun control by making a truck bomb and blowing up the Washington FBI Building.

Two scenarios - all too familiar.

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