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Glenn Beck Calls George Bush a Progressive Compares him to Lincoln Via Media Matters & The Raw Story

More from the wacky world which is inside Glenn Beck's Head

Glenn Beck going to an extreme calls George W. Bush a progressive & Compares him to Lincoln -and according to his own conspiratorial logic Bush could also be labeled a liberal-socialist-NAZI-Commie-fascist .

Glenn Beck Meets With George Bush Aug. 1, 2007

and there's more as Glenn beck compares Bush to Lincoln but wasn't Lincoln one of those socialist which explains why he went to war over slavery. But the Southern Confederates argued that God had mandated that they who are of God's chosen were permitted to own slaves . Or they offered a more sort of quasi scientific excuse that slavery was just part of the natural order.
Lincoln fought the war arguing the Southern Confederate State's had no right to secede from the Union.

But Beck favors state's rights over the federal government and likes to provide a platform for secessionists on his program.

Glenn Beck August 23,2007

and Beck says McCain and Bush are progressives

Beck claims Bush, McCain were "progressive," adds that "the country may not survive Barack Obama"
September 23, 2009 Via Media Matters

From the September 23 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

Glenn Beck calls George W. Bush a progressive -and according to his own conspiratorial logic Bush is a liberal a socialist a NAZI a fascist in the employ of Karl Marx and Charles Darwin & Abraham Lincoln. (maybe they want a month celebrating the Southern Pro-Slavery Confederacy so they can stealthily celebrate the assassination of Lincoln the first liberal president )

After years of praise, Glenn Beck decides to label Bush a ‘progressive’ By Stephen C. Webster Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

At one point in his career, right-wing pundit Glenn Beck happily declared that President George W. Bush and D.C. Comics icon Batman are just alike: both strong and unafraid to take down the bad guys, no matter where they hide.

... Which is why it was a bit odd listening to Beck's Monday radio broadcast, in which he called Bush a "progressive," placing his one-time hero squarely in a political ideology the conspiratorial-minded host calls a "cancer" on America.

Considering this particular television personality's propensity for praising Bush, his rhetorical about-face is truly amazing.

Stacked together, the two claims -- made years apart in wildly differing political climates -- might beg the question: Why does Glenn Beck hate Batman?

After all, this is a man who claimed American progressives helped craft Nazi propaganda, even though Adolf Hitler himself explains in "Mein Kampf" that much of the Nazis' messaging techniques were scooped from the British.

...During his Monday radio show, Beck acknowledged something a bit unusual for him: the fact that President Obama has continued many of President Bush's policies.

"What has [Obama] done that is different?" he asked. "I think he’s done exactly what George Bush was doing, except to the times of a thousand. I mean we’re talking about a progressive. And George Bush was a progressive. It’s the difference between a steam train and the space shuttle."

The statement is quite interesting, considering Beck's history of abject flattery directed at President Bush, a self-described "compassionate conservative."

Beck seems to have flipped on Bush, including him in that which he's so loathed: a political ideology that holds workers and individual rights above the moneyed interests, that promotes social justice and activism over apathy and acquiescence, that strives for peace, a public safety net and a level economic playing field, otherwise known as American progressivism.

To be clear, during his two terms Bush limited workers' rights, busted unions, rolled back bankruptcy protections, repealed large swaths of financial regulation, helped raise living expenses for the poor and middle class, slashed taxes for the wealthiest Americans, engaged in wars of aggression and then borrowed and spent more than every other U.S. president before him, combined.

None of these are hallmarks of progressive politics.

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