Sunday, April 25, 2010

Glenn Beck: 60s Radical Left Control The Whitehouse & Most Dangerous Domestic Terrorists are Leftist

Glenn Beck an Historical Revisionist claims America has always stood for equality and Justice For All:
* Leftist Domestic Terrorists Supported By Liberal Media
* Media exaggerates the dangers posed by the right
* Right Wing Domestic Terrorist merely responding to the tyranny of Washington's Big Government
* Glenn Beck ignores and distorts and re-writes American history sans Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow ,Segregation, lynching
* Beck sees Civil Rights Movement as Communist inspired
* Beck compares himself to Martin Luther King Jr. fighting for Justice -

Glenn beck admits that there are few nut jobs on the right like Tim McVeigh but in fact Left Wing groups he claims have done more damage to America than anyone on the right. He mentions the Black Panthers and the Weathermen. But he seems to forget about Domestic Terrorists such as the Ku Klux Klan. In Glenn's version of American History in which its history is all romanticized and all the bad bits are discarded. So he is living in the world of father's knows Best . So for him the Genocide carried out against the American Indians was not all that bad besides they were savages in his view. He refuse to accept the fact that the US cavalry and the colonist had a habit of massacring Native Americans

As for slavery it was common practice in the 19th century fail The majority of Western Nations banned slavery 60 years or so before America. But Glenn Beck acts and talks as if once slavery was abolished African Americans were given their full rights and their rights were protected by the states or the federal government fail Jim Crow laws were established creating an Apartheid system which thinks was either exagerated by the left leaning press in the North. And he leaves out the 9 -12 thousand African-Americans who were lynched or those who died during the Civil Rights Movement. The white supremacists blew up houses schools churches and had car bombs . For ovver a hundred years Thousands of protesters were treated as if they were not even human. They were beaten , attacked by dogs, the hoses were turned on them they were tear gassed trampled on by horses . In Glenn Becks world these were radicals out to radically change America from that of white privilege to one in which others non-whites would be permitted to compete with white Americans . Sometimes these Uberconservatives are still angry about that is that African-Americans were being guaranteed their rights. They couldn't be kept out of schools or colleges or stores, restaurants bars theatres . . And yet these days he compares himself to Martin Luther King . The idea of comparing this elitist racist throw back is is laughable and yet stomach turning. Hitler compared himself to Jesus doing God's work. His God approved of war to cleanse the earth. Christian Theocrats have basically the same goal to cleanse the world of all non-believers

In a Stream of Insanity Reichsführer Beck Attacks Nancy Pelosi's Milk Comments

Glenn Beck on O'Reilly not seditious as he trashes the current administration claiming the people in the Whitehouse are mostly 1960s leftist radicals who are now "The Man".

Glenn Beck On Accusation Of Him Being "Seditious" - 04/22/10

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