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Exposing Right-Wing Propagandist Roger Ailes CEO Fox News Via The Young Turks & Media Matters

Ah those were the days:Thugocracy Photo of Bush Regimes top War Criminals & Thugs

Palin and her husband Todd involved in the Alaskan Secessionist Movement

Fox News a right-wing political propaganda outlet
Roger Ailes CEO of Fox News influence over his network
Glenn Beck a unique and independent voice of a Puppet or a van triloquist dummy for Roger Ailes
But is Roger Ailes in turn a full-partner with Rupert Murdoch or is he turn a puppet or dummy for Rupert Murdoch who passes on his Uberconservative views and ideology to Roger Ailes
Ailes caught lying about his relationship with the personnel at Fox News

Anyway first some after thoughts about yesterday's post on Glenn Beck .Glenn Beck may be more of not a clown but a van triloquist dummy/ a puppet for Roger Ailes Rupert Murdoch and the Neocons .

Roger Ailes denies that he has any control over Fox News Personnel. There seems to be evidence gathering of Beck's role in the former Bush administration. But did Glenn Beck enjoy the sort of cozy relationship with former President Bush during Bush's term in office as he describes or did he exaggerate or misinterpret the relationship? Did he learn what he was told were secret intel from the Horses'Mouth some of which he could pass on to the public in so many words or in other matters sworn to secrecy about what was said. What did Glenn beck Know and when did he know it??? Was he using the White House or were Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al using Glenn Beck?

According to our old friend the Father of the Neocons Leo Strauss the masses need to be kept subdued doing what the State demands and there are as we all know a number of ways of doing that - for instance bread and circuses & lots of prostitutes ( under the bleachers were a large number of prostitutes those Greeks and Romans what a bunch crazy guys the drunken louts)

Another tactic is using religion as a way to pass along their talking points to help the Religious Right to stay on the reservation as they used to say.
They are told as all members of cults are to respect the natural hierarchy
It is as if though that a number of Religious Right leaders and preachers have been let off of their leash like mad dogs having been held back for eight years by the Bush Regime . Of course the Neocons and Uberconservatives should be concerned " he who sows the wind shall inherit the wind"

Glenn Beck: America's own Joseph Goebbels the NAZI propagandist stand up comic except he works for the private sector and so claims objectivity. As we saw in the previous post Glenn Beck met with Bush he claims a number of times did may have had a telephone or E-Mail relationship with white house being fed misinformation, exaggerations, a Pollyanna version of Washington and of the wars . Maybe Glenn beck knew about renditions or torture ,or wiretappings these are some interesting pieces of the puzzle we'd like to know.

So was he following the Karl Rove Talking Points since he believed Bush was as great as Lincoln (or this week Bush is a liberal)

And all along only Glenn beck knew and still knows their nefarious plans ie kill them all and take the oil; to others they would say it was to get rid of an evil dictator to appease Israel or please God and the Christian Right to kill or convert all heretics , heathens and pagans including all Muslims or it is all part of America's Geopolitical Grand Design as in Expanding The Empire versus just maintaining it . Bush was the former and Obama is the latter.

Beck: Iraq "was always about getting to Iran" & WMD's bonus April 5, 2007

Head of Fox News: Obama is Innocent Until Proven Guilty ... By Us
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Rep. Grayson calls out Fox News as the Bully
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Rep. Alan Grayson GOP and Fox News are the enemies of the American people
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The Orchestra Pit Theory of the media -grab their attention
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Head Of Fox News Roger Ailes Busted On Glenn Beck Lies & More By Huffington/Krugman
TheYoungTurks — February 02, 2010 — Glenn Beck's Weak Defense Crushed:

Bernard Weiner argues in this article that the Teapartiers are not in fact the same old right wing bigots but that there are also those who are well meaning sincere people who have genuine fears about losing their jobs or house or even end up homeless or overburdened by medical bills convinced Obama is going to make it more expensive.

"Rage and Rebellion: How Will the Left Respond?" by Bernard Weiner at Truthout April 28, 2010

Like a lot of progressives, I've been puzzling over the Tea Party phenomenon. Many on the left choose to believe that the hundreds and sometimes thousands who attend the group's rallies are the same old extreme rightwingers who always have been around -- usually content to remain isolated individuals or small groups in the shadows but this time encouraged out in the open by incitement from the FarRight media.

While no doubt, there's a large truth in that observation, I think it's a mistake to interpret the Tea Party phenomenon mainly in that reductive, generic way. There are, it appears, a whole lot of newcomers to the agitated fold, frightened by the joblessness, the squeezing of the middle-class, the disappearance of the American Dream, the rapid sociological and demographic changes in the America they knew and felt comfortable in. Many of these folks are sincere but tend to get their narrow views of the world from the rightwing media machine, and thus are open to the simplistic demogoguery of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, FoxNews, et al.

and he sounds a warning that progressives should reach out to this group of Americans who feel ignored. resentful, depressed or angry , fed-up pissed off and they are carrying automatic weapons -so it is crucial to find a way to undercut the influence of the Right-wing medai of FoChannel Glenn Beck etc.

You can't have millions of unemployed young men hanging around the streetcorners, drinking booze, feeling blocked from finding a decent way out of their predicaments. We all remember newsreel shots of pre-Nazi Germany in the 1920s and 1930s: gangs of disaffected, jobless, resentful young men, many with clubs and guns, roving the streets looking for someone to attack. Many wound up -- with a role, a "patriotic" purpose -- as the shock troops in the Nazi power machinery, easily swayed by Hitler's demagogic attacks on various weak, powerless groups: Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, socialists, et al.

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying that the Tea Partiers and their ilk are nascent S.S. thugs (though many don't mind having the support of those types). But when history offers lessons, it's wise to pay attention.

The lesson being presented here is that as the traditional social glue is weakening, those angry citizens feeling ignored or demeaned are increasingly looking for some outlets for their fury, someone to hit, as it were. Unless liberals make more of an attempt to understand the sources of their rage and find some way to reconnect them to the civilized hope for change and progress, the left will continue to push them toward the very forces of Hard Right extremism that threaten to destroy much of our democratic republic.

It seems clear that in contemporary American society, the center is no longer holding. The institutions that contain us as a nation of like-minded citizens are deteriorating more every day. Try, for example, to find the moderates in the Republican Party. They barely exist. The agents of Know-Nothing extremism remain in control, even though they have led the party to embarrassing national defeats in 2006 and 2008. No wonder men with semi-automatic rifles are going in-your-face at public events, Arizona is turning into a police state, and Sarah Palin is taken seriously as a candidate by a large segment of the country.

and on the growing Secessionist movement in the USA Chris Hedges might be more serious and more substantive than American liberals like to think.

The New Secessionists by Chris hedges via , April 26

The most pressing problem is that the movement harbors within its ranks Southern secessionists who wrap themselves in the Confederate flag, begin their meetings singing Dixie and celebrate the slave culture of the antebellum South. Secessionist groups such as the Southern National Congress and the more radical League of the South, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a “racist hate group,” openly embrace a return to uncontested white, male power. And this aspect of the movement deeply disturbs leaders such as Naylor, Sale and Miller.

What all these movements grasp, however, is that the American empire is over. It cannot be sustained. They understand that we must disengage peacefully, learn to speak with a new humility and live with a new simplicity, or see an economic collapse that could trigger a perverted Christian fascism, a ruthless police state and internecine violence.

“There are three or four possible scenarios that will bring down the empire,” Naylor said. “One possibility is a war with Iran. Another will see the Chinese pull the plug on Treasury bills. Even if these do not happen, the infrastructure of the country is decaying. This is a slower process. And they do not have the economy fixed. It is smoke and mirrors. This is why the price of gold is so high. The economy and the inability to stop the wars will alone be enough to bring us down. There is no escape now from our imperial overstretch.”

and so it goes,

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