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Zelaya and the Honduran People Betrayed By President Obama , Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister Stephen Harper- Selling out To The Rich and Powerful

UPDATE: 12:44 AM, 12:38 PM July 24, 2009

DN! Coup Regime Rejects Own Negotiators Proposal on Zelaya Return
July 22, 2009

Honduran Constitution was American made to serve the interests of the United States and their corrupt minions in Honduras.So the Honduran constitution was made in America for the rich and powerful who believe Honduras 'resources belong to them and that workers in general should be denied their basic rights of a fair wage and proper working conditions etc. But Clinton and others who are connected to The Family or adhere to the Prosperity Gospel believe that it is those who are rich and powerful ; the so-called righteous who are to make the laws or is just greed defending their investments .

"The 1982 constitution – which Zelaya wanted to change – was passed under the close scrutiny of the US ambassador in Honduras at the time, John Negroponte. He is a sinister figure, who later became US ambassador to Iraq after the invasion, and then Bush’s National Security Adviser."
Quote from: Mike Gonzalez, SocialistWorkeronline,July 21,2009

Canadian Government Favors Canadian Mining Industry in Honduras and against real Democracy
Canada as anti-Democratic as American Neocons and their cousins the Neo-liberals.

Coup plotters' fear isn't losing power to Zelaya or Chavez, it's losing power to Hondurans

The Real News Network examines what is really going on in Honduras which contradicts the conservative media in the U.S. and Canada and their respective governments . At the end of the day Canada and the U.S. are anti-democratic if more participatory democracy will erode profits of the multinationals. President Obama and Prime Minister Harper have received the talking points from the Lobbyist who represent Big Oil, Big Coal and the mining interests. So Obama is unable to help American citizens whose lives have been disrupted whose health is being compromised by Mountain Top Removal Mining and strip mining . Obama is no more willing to take on Big Coal or Big Oil than he is willing to stand up to the big pharmaceutical companies for example. It is the Lobbyist and the rich and powerful who call the shots not the President or the people. Most of the Senaate and congress in the US like many members of the Canadian Parliament & upper echelon bureaucrats have sold their souls to the highest bidder.

Canadian Gold Corp given carte blanche in Honduras paying subsistence wages while destroying the environment

Gold Corp and other foreign run corporations paying peasants to take part in so called "pro-Democracy Pro-Coup demonstrations. Rich and powerful are above the law in Honduras as they often are in Canada and the United States. The Canadian refuses to take seriously the environmental distaste taking place in the Tar Sands/Oil Sands anymore than the United States government wants to evaluate realistically and the harm being done in the Appalachians to the environment and its impact on the health of the peoples of Appalachia . Big Coal and Big Oil and other Big corporations their profit margins and the health of their stocks are a number one priority of the respective countries and so trump the environment and the health of the citizens of Canada , the United States or Honduras or Burma or any other country. Profits is what the Neocons( Fascists elitists who hate everybody) and the Neoliberals ( conservatives who only think they are liberals- self-deluded or con-artists) hold as sacred and that the rights of companies and corporations come before the environment or the health or the aspirations of the people .

The Global Report July 22, 2009
Honduran Coup made in America with the help of John McCain this would not be that surprising he was involved in the Iran-contra scandal and was a staunch defender of Apartheid South Africa

It appears Obama is starting a pattern in Latin America one which is in favor of keeping the old tried true policies which means ignoring the wishes of the people of Latin America in favor of keeping and start reversing the trend towards real democracy.

President Zelaya of Honduras blames President Obama and Hillary Clinton for the ongoing crisis in Honduras. If they took action the coup leaders and helped Zelaya to return to Honduras the crisis would quickly end. Zelaya was not attemting to set up a virtual dictatorship but rather wanted to have the Honduran constitution changed according to the will of the Honduran people and just the will of the rich and powerful and the influential corrupt anti-democratic foreign corporations such as the Canadian run Gold Corp.

" Honduras's ousted president calls for UN, US action "MADRID, SPAIN , Mail& Guardian online. July 21, 2009

Honduras' ousted president has called on the international community, including the United Nations and the United States, to support him in returning to power in his country after crisis talks broke down.

"The international community must set a precedent so that there is no repeat of this and so that coup d'etats become a thing of the past and those who try it are punished," Manuel Zelaya was quoted as saying in an interview with Spanish daily El Mundo.

El Mundo said it interviewed Zelaya at the Honduras embassy in Managua. The president left Honduras after a military coup, which has installed Robert Micheletti as president.

Governments around the world have called for Zelaya's return to power and are shunning the new de facto government, but Micheletti said on Monday he would never allow Zelaya's reinstatement.

Asked whether the situation would end if the US were to intervene diplomatically, Zelaya said: "Immediately. This will be over in the blink of an eye once the United States takes clear steps against those behind the coup."

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has already warned Micheletti that he could face cuts in economic aid unless he strikes a deal with his enemy.

The ousted leader, an ally of Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chávez, did not state exactly what action he wanted the international community to take although he said countries like Spain could cancel bank accounts, suspend visas and trips to members of the regime.

Failed talks held by Costa Rica's President Oscar Arias to broker an end to the Honduras power struggle had revealed the "arrogant, military and fascist" nature of those who had seized power, Zelaya said.

"Those responsible for the coup have laughed in the face of the Honduran people, of the international community and of Oscar Arias.

Honduras Coup supported by Republicans, former Bush Regime personnel and Hillary Clinton and her corporate friends & cronies. Is Obama surrounded by Anti-Democratic Neoliberals and Neocons who want to maintain the status quo in Latin America if not reverse any moves towards democracy which have been accomplished over the lat twenty years. These corporate interests and supporters want American corporate interests and America's hegemony in Latin America restored. They want to also send a message to Latin American countries that they must begin to tow the party line of American interests and ignore the needs and aspirations of their own people . In essence President Zelaya and Chvez and their supporters are seen as a threat to the American Empire.

"Challenging the coup in Honduras" by Mike Gonzalez, SocialistWorkeronline,July 21,2009

Trade unions, farmers, student organisations and social movements have called a general strike in Honduras for Thursday of this week. The protest movement has continued and grown since the 28 June coup, despite increasingly brutal repression and the murder of several demonstrators by the army.

During the coup president Manuel Zelaya was taken from his home and dumped on an airfield in neighbouring Costa Rica. The government that emerged from the coup is supported by the judiciary, the armed forces, the Church, and the employers' organisations – and that fact tells its own eloquent story.

What none of them expected, was the level of mass resistance that the coup has provoked.

The immediate cause of the coup was Zelaya’s decision to hold a referendum that the could lead to a change in the constitution. He had also raised the minimum wage some months earlier. And perhaps most importantly, he had begun to appear at the side of Hugo Chavez at the meetings of ALBA, the Latin American regional organisation promoted by the Venezuelan president.

Venezuela is supplying cheap oil to Honduras, 60 percent of whose people live in poverty, so Zelaya had reason to be grateful. But Zelaya is no radical in the Chavez or Morales mould. He is a liberal elected to the presidency via the system of alternating power with the conservatives that has operated in the country for decades.

So was this just another military coup in a "banana republic"? The term was coined by the US writer O Henry about Honduras, at the beginning of the 20th century. The county's history has long been dominated by the multinational United Fruit Company.

It still depends on exporting bananas, coffee and sugar for its survival – largely to the United States. Since the 1980s, it has also played a strategic role for Washington. After Nicaragua’s radical Sandinista revolution of 1979, Honduras was transformed into a military base for the US-financed contra war. Eventually this cost over 50,000 Nicaraguan lives and virtually destroyed its economy.

The 1982 constitution – which Zelaya wanted to change – was passed under the close scrutiny of the US ambassador in Honduras at the time, John Negroponte. He is a sinister figure, who later became US ambassador to Iraq after the invasion, and then Bush’s National Security Adviser.

US military aid to Honduras increased from $4m to $77m on his watch, and the US military base at Soto Cano is his legacy.

It is that connection that probably explains the Honduran coup. It clearly took President Obama by surprise. At first he added his voice to the Organisation of American States and the United Nations in condemning the coup and demanding the return of Zelaya.

Given Honduras’s absolute dependence on the US that should have been the end of the matter. But Zelaya has still not been able to return and representatives of the new “de facto” government of Roberto Micheletti have visited Washington under the auspices of Hillary Clinton and been well received by, among others, ex-presidential candidate John McCain.

At the same time Clinton has set up negotiations between Micheletti and Zelaya. This has given the new regime legitimacy it had no right to and delayed the return of Zelaya that the mass movement continues to demand.

Negroponte, his equally sinister colleague Otto Reich – George Bush’s sometime adviser on Latin America – and John McCain now reappear on the scene. All of them have worked closely with a Venezuelan lawyer called Robert Carmona-Borjas who was one of the architects of the failed 2002 coup against Chavez.

McCain in particular has been campaigning against Zelaya because of his objection to the privatisation of Honduras’s mass media. And both he and Reich speak for the interests of the giant media corporation AT&T.

More importantly, as a group they represent Bush’s strategy for Latin America – backing repressive regimes like Colombia, attacking progressive movements like Aristide’s in Haiti, and mounting a sustained political attack on Venezuela and Bolivia.

Honduras itself is not very significant strategically. But if the Bush clique can push Obama into negotiation with the new right wing regime there, with what seems like the willing help of Hillary Clinton, this will lay the foundation for a new US strategy in the region – and for its increasing involvement in Latin American affairs.

The popular organisations of Honduras have seen this most clearly and chosen to resist it with all their strength.

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