Monday, July 27, 2009

Republicans Stoking Racial Resentment; Update The Family/"C" Street & Family Values' Sen. Paul Stanley's Sex Scandal

update: 1:38 PM July 27, 2009
Update The Family
Republicans Stoking racial resentment

Update from Rachel Maddow on "The Family"/AKA The Fellowship or "C" Street or "The Cedars" a secretive extremist right wing Evangelical cult to which a number of prominent US and foreign politicians, political leaders and CEOs belong to.

Rachel Maddow: Republican's "C-Street" Cult Update-July 23,2009

Rachell Maddow: Republicans cling to strategy of racism July 25,2009

Lacking anything constructive to offer to the health care reform deliberations, Republicans are trying to shore up their base by stoking racial resentment. Rachel Maddow is joined by Princeton University professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell.

Obama may want to forget and forgive the Bush Regime for its " Crimes" but others are more concerned with justice being done.

"Secrets of CIA 'Ghost Flights' to be Revealed: Guantánamo detainee's lawyers hail UK air firm's U-turn that allows rendition case to go to court" by Jamie Doward Guardian UK July 26, via Common

GOP Christian Senator: "Sex For Me, But Not For Thee"-July 26,2009
Fornication is a terrible thing for these kids...grown-up adultery...not so much.

Family Values Republican Busted For Banging Intern
Watch more at

Senator Paul Stanley Family Values GOP Extramarital affairs with Young Interns
Yet Another GOP Family Values Representative Rears His [sic] Other Head

Let us pray. State Sen. Paul Stanley (R-Memphis) will resign his chairmanship of the Senate Commerce Committee tomorrow, has learned, in the wake of the revelation that he was the subject of an attempted blackmail scheme over a sexual relationship with an intern in his office.

Obamas First 100 Days Review-Ralph Reed etc.
Early Line political analysts, including John Dickerson, Dee Dee Myers and GOP consultant Ralph Reed, speak with Erica Hill about the ups and downs of President Obamas first 100 days in office.

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