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Randall Terry Warns Obama Of Increase in Demonstrations and Widespread Violence and Insurrection By the Pro-Life Movement

Randall Terry blatantly and openly calling for an Insurrection against Obama if the health Care Reform bill passes. Once again the Religious Right shows their disdain for Democratic government and institutions . Terry and other Religious Right leaders believe their anti-abortion movement and other causes are pro-Christian and Pro-American which are based upon Biblical Principles which are part of God's Law. If they are God's Law then any action taken is necessary to fight against the Godless Liberals and to defend God's Law.

Insurrecta Nex (latin for Revolution against the slaughter of the innocent.)
Banner from Randall Terry's Overturn

Randall Terry: There Could be Violent Retribution for Healthcare Bill
Watch the complete show at July 24,2009

Bill Maher , Naomi Klein ,
There Is An Evangelical Cancer In The Military!-May 8,2009

Randall Terry of Operation Rescue claims the New Health Care Reforms of the Obama administration if passed will mean that the US government will be paying the cost for abortions. Therefore he believes the government will be culpable in the killing of babies and so should be resisted even to the point of violence.

"Intro clip to Randall Terry's new activist training video series"

"6-18-09 //Washington, D.C.// Movie intro to Randall Terry's new 14 episode TV series Insurrecta Nex (latin for Revolution against the slaughter of the innocent.) The series focuses on the "playbook" from past American social revolutions, i.e. Boston Tea, Abolitionists, Suffragettes, Civil rights movement, etc., and applies them to today's fight against child killing. To learn more go to:"

and see:"> Overturn

Anyway Randall Terry of the Pro-Life anti-abortionist organization Operation Rescue in a recent press conference warned of increasing opposition to Obama's administration's passing of legislation which he believes is pro-abortion . But Terry goes further suggesting that if these pro-abortion policies continue then no one should blame him or his organization for acts of civil disobedience or even acts of violence against abortion clinics or abortion providers for the blame should go to the Obama administration for pushing American citizens who are pro-life into a corner.

"Randall Terry Warns of "Random Acts of Violence" over Healthcare Legislation "By Christian Right Wing Watch, July 21, 2009

At a typical Randall Terry press conference one can expect to hear all sorts of overheated rhetoric about abortion – that it’s murder, that abortion clinics are places of "mass genocide," and so forth. But in recent weeks, he has amped up his rhetoric to insane new heights over the healthcare legislation before Congress, which he claims would pay for “child-killing.”

Earlier this week Terry called for the rejection of the bill and warned of "violent convulsions" of a level that hasn't been seen since the Civil War if the bill is passed

At today’s press conference, however, Terry was quick to point out that he has supposedly been a "non-violent" leader for 25 years, and he ridiculed those who accuse him and other right-wing leaders of "stirring up domestic terrorism”:

Randall Terry Warning of Acts Of Violence

Randall Terry Imitates Liberals and accuses them of causing Pro-lifers to fight back by any and all means necessary

Meanwhile Ralph Reed is attempting to revive his position as one of the leaders of the Religious Right

Ralph Reed's Key To Success: Be More Strident By Kyle |Right Wing Watch July 22, 2009

Just yesterday I wrote a post explaining that, thanks to the recent announcement that he was heading a new Religious Right organization known as the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Ralph Reed appeared to be "succeeding in resurrecting his reputation and re-establishing himself as a bona fide leader of the Religious Right."

And, despite the fact that this new effort currently consists entirely of Reed, one adviser, one actual employee, and a bare-bones website, I think it is safe to say that the "Ralph Reed Redemption Tour" is officially underway now that he is getting long profiles written up by the Associated Press:

"... Reed said his organization is looking to be more inclusive by reaching out to Jews, Hispanics, blacks and any other group receptive to a fiscal conservative message.

"It's going to look different from the vehicles we have now. It's going to be younger, it's going to be more strident," he said. "It's going to be principled but less ideologically reflexive. And it's going to have a broader issues agenda."

and see: Palin's Faith, Instant Forgiveness and God-Ordained Prosperity: Exploring Pentacostal Ideology By Anthea Butler, Religion Dispatches.AlterNet Posted July 25, 2009.

When God is treated like "on-demand cable," the most fervent believers will have trouble adhering to basic rules of propriety, let alone values.

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