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Obama Accused of Being a "Racist" by Republicans & Their Conservative Media Echo Chamber & Calls For Action Against Lou Dobbs

UPDATE: 1:52 PM & 2:07 PM ,July 30,2009

Anyway US Republicans and the conservative anti-Obama racist Media stirring up hatred of Obama. They claim they are not the "real Racists" but in fact it is Obama who is a racist.

Maddow on Racists slurs against Obama

Join MoveOn's Fight to Stop "Birthers" by Byard Duncan, AlterNet , July 29, 2009.

Sign the petition condemning CNN's resident conspiracy theorist, Lou Dobbs.

Some Americans believe that all sides of any issue should be given equal status whether it is the Birthers conspiracy or the Reptillian Conspiracy or The New World Order and the Illuminati or even such anti-semitic nonsense as found in the Forgery "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or the Flat Earthers or that the planet is only 6,000 years old as opposed to four billion years old or even racist views of the Neo-Nazis or the KKK or the Minutemen or Posse Comitas. Because they literally believe that these are all just merely a matter of opinion and that "facts" are in the eye of the beholder.

Lou Dobbs Is Alone In The Fringe: Media Renders Final Verdict On Birther Claims-July 30
Tell CNN to address their Dobbs problem here:

Lou Dobbs Is Alone In The Fringe: Media Renders Final Verdict On Birther Claims

Segregation and Friends by Jeffrey Feldman at Huffington Post July 29,2009

Recently, Glenn Beck sat on the comfy couch of Fox's morning show Fox & Friends and declared that President Obama is a racist who hates white culture. Of the three hosts who convened this broadcast gem, the one who disagreed with Beck -- Brian Kilmeade -- had recently declared on air that the white race in America had been weakened through interbreeding with non-whites, a statement for which he apologized after it sparked wide-scale outrage. So on this particular morning, viewers who tuned into Fox & Friends watched a host who espouses white Aryan eugenics mix it up with a guest inciting white anger at blacks, followed by some tips on summertime grilling.

...A man who gleefully turns to the camera and bemoans racial mixing is also a guy who spouts off eugenic theories at parties and office meetings. Fox knew about Kilmeade's views and they kept him on air anyway.

The same is true of Beck's foolish idea that President Obama hates white culture. The only way the bookers and marketing folks at Fox & Friends could not know Beck plays to segregationist fears of blacks when talking about the president is if they have all been in a coma for the past year. And yet they booked him anyway, putting him on set for a chat with a guy who thinks that white blood in America has been contaminated by miscegenation.

A morning show that positions itself to appeal to whites uncomfortable with the idea of racial integration in America? So long as the numbers are solid, the media brand experts would say, why the heck not?

...The sad fact is that while legal segregation might have ended in the streets of America, media segregation is alive, kicking, and delivering to the bottom line in the Fox boardroom. And as long as there are enough Americans who like what they see (e.g., blond woman, blond woman, blond woman ... black male criminal), enough ad revenue to be mopped up doing it, and virtually no choice as to how we get our cable content delivered -- that segregation will continue to thrive.

So, welcome to the 1950s. Segregation is alive and well on cable TV.

Fox Host Glenn Beck: Obama Is A "Racist" (VIDEO) at Huffington Post, July 28,2009.

This morning on Fox and Friends, Fox host Glenn Beck accused President Obama of being "a racist."

The group was discussing the recent Gates controversy, and Beck exclaimed that Obama has "over and over again" exposed himself as "a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture. I don't know what it is..."

When Fox's Brian Kilmeadeon pointed out that many people in Obama's administration are white, so "you can't say he doesn't like white people," Beck pressed on. "I'm not saying he doesn't like white people, I'm saying he has a problem," Beck said. "This guy is, I believe, a racist."

The question is What does Beck mean when he says "i'm not saying Obama doesn't like white people and yet Beck claims Obama is a racist. A racist is someone who extols the virtues of their race over that of other races. A racist brands or believes that the races are fundamentally different and that some races are better than others. A white supremacist may hate black people as a race and yet believe that some black people are exceptions to the rule.But Beck believes Obama is not a real American but has a hidden agenda to turn the US into some form of Fascist or Communist state or dictatorship in which whites are second class citizens and all who disagree will be put in the so-called Fema Camps for re-education .This is also all part of the New World Order conspiracy theory which Beck, Dobbs , Hannity et al promote as if these positions were rational and based upon actual evidence.

The "One Thing" as Beck would say is that he can't believe the American people willingly and knowingly put a black man into the presidency rather than Sarah Palin and what's his name -John McCain. Beck & Dobbs et al will not be happy until there is a widespread violent insurrection against the Obama administration.

Part of the racist slur against Obama is that most of what he has done is to further undermine White Control and supremacy in the U.S. to achieve some form of a radical Black agenda. So even the Health Care Bill has as one of its motivations "Reparations" for Black slavery, segregation, lynchings and unjust treatment of Blacks throughout American history. These conservative spokespersons still seemed a bit pissed off because the US government in the 1950s and 1960s tried to put an end to Segregation and the Jim Crow laws of the South. Whenever they speak about so called activist judges in many cases they are referring to Supreme Court rulings which went against racial segregation and upholding the rights of Black Americans to the right to vote and the right to enter schools and colleges which previously were not open to Black Americans etc.

Right Wing Attacks Collide: 'Racist' Obama Using Health Reform for Reparations by Peter Daou at Huffington Post, July 29,2009

In addition to the racial undertones of the birther movement, one theme gaining traction on the right in light of the Gates arrest is that Obama is racist:

Another attack line is that the push to reform the health care system is some nefarious plot by Obama to promote socialism, to bankrupt the country, or other such nonsense.

On Fox Nation, in an astounding stretch of imagination paranoia, they've gone one step further and merged both anti-Obama talking points.

Details from Newshounds:

At their "fair and balanced" website purportedly devoted to "tolerance," and "civil discourse," Fox Nation is suggesting that Obama's health care bill is a back door bill for slavery reparations. And yep, they suggest that white people will die as a result. The short Fox Nation post states: "Still believe in post-racial politics? Read the health care bill. It's affirmative action on steroids, deciding everything from who becomes a doctor to who gets treatment on the basis of skin color. President Obama is on the record as being officially opposed to reparations for slavery. But as with other issues, you have to sift through his eloquent rhetoric and go beyond the teleprompter to get at what he really means."

The original article linked to by Fox Nation is from IBD and concludes with this:

The racial grievance industry under health care reform could be calling the shots in the emergency room, the operating room, the medical room, even medical school. As Terence Jeffrey, editor at large of Human Events puts it, not only our wealth, but also our health will be redistributed.

Fox Nation is a well trafficked site and the article gets featured coverage, so this isn't some throwaway comment on a fringe blog.

and Chris Wallace & Don Imus question Lou Dobbs & CNN's motives for promoting the Racist Birthers::

Chris Wallace, Don Imus: Lou Dobbs Acting Like "Grassy Knoll Nut" by jason Linkins at Huffington Post , July 30, 2009

Lou Dobbs, whose flaxen locks change color and hue depending on how terrified he is that day of the coming Mexican reconquista, is all about the birthers now. And everyone is yelling at him, save his boss, Jon Klein, who's busy pretending that Dobbs is covering the controversy instead of fanning it. Who's yelling at him today? Chris Wallace and Don Imus, for starters!

Chris Wallace on Don Imus radio show:

WALLACE: You know, I guess what surprises me is that one of our competitors, I'm not going to say their name, but their initials are CNN, they're saying, well, we really can't decide for the public what a legitimate news story is, so we'll cover it; what if a bunch of people decided the earth is flat, we're now going to report that story and let people vent on that? That's what news organizations are about, is debunking and editing and deciding what's relevant and what's worth talking about, and what isn't, and clearly the birth certificate story isn't worth talking about because it isn't true. And I think to everybody's satisfaction it's been demonstrated it's not true. I'm a little surprised -- you know, I'm not surprised that people will do things, because some people will do something for ratings every time.

IMUS: Like, uh, I guess leading the charge is my friend, by the way, Lou Dobbs, who appears on this program on a regular basis, and I like -- love Lou, known him for years, but it makes him look like a grassy knoll nut.

WALLACE: Well, exactly, exactly. But either grassy knoll nut or just so calculating in his sense, well, there's some audience out there and I'll chase it.

IMUS: I can't believe Lou Dobbs would do that, do you?

WALLACE: Oh no, no --

and so it goes,

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