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Hannity & Drudge Report Smears Obama & Racism in Philadelphia Black Kids Kicked out of Pool & More

Yes, Virginia Photos can lie if they are taken out of context. Obama looks as if he is admiring young girls behind but video shows a different story. Druge Report & Sean Hannity owe the president & the public an apology. This was an outrigh smear-job on President Obama. Fox News, Sean Hannity & Drudge Report have no sense of decency or integrity. They make up stuff & then just move on.

Update on Photo Smear of Obama from Media Matters: July 11, 2009 2;42 & 3:26 PM

Media Matters' Frisch Debunks Obama G8 Photo Smear On MSNBC

Media Matters Senior Fellow Karl Frisch debunks conservative smears of President Obama based on a misrepresentation of a photograph from the G8 summit.

Fox News in their on-going attacks & smear campaign against Barack Obama uses a photo to accuse Obama of inappropriate behavior toward a young 17 year old girl. Biut as we see it is just a lot of nonsense. once again Hannity tries to make a federal case out of a photo taken out of context at G8 Summit. Fox & Hannity & co. will go to any lengths to attack Obama. Sean Hannity accuses Obama of eyeing young girl's butt - the still photo doesn't capture the context as Obama navigates stairs and helps girl behind him. Hannity calls it Obama's Bill Clinton moment . Hannity goes over the top as usual.

Is this smear a tad bit racist ? Is the suggestion that Obama has an uncontrollable libido - Is this just the old stereotype of black men as having no control over their sexual urges because they are more like animals than human beings or like white men who white racist claim can control themselves.

Ignorant Ass Drudge & the Freepers Have Media Running Obama Photo That Doesn't Show What They Say

Van Susteren airs video of Obama G8 photo shoot to counter "lying picture that's going around the Web"
8 hours and 6 minutes ago at

From the July 9 edition of Fox News' On the Record with Greta van Susteren:

The problem with this correction by Van Susteren is that the damage has already been done & many of the viewers will not see the correction . Others will see this correction as Fox News trying to protect itself. The correction was also not accompanied by an apology by Sean Hannity & his anti-Obama friends.

Even though the United States now has a black president this does not mean that racism is dead in America. Here is a disturbing story about a private club in Philadelphia which decided to kick a group of black children out of their pool . So Yes Virginia there are racist in America in private clubs & on Fox News & other mainstream media.

Racism alive & well in Philadelphia
The Young Turks
Black Kids Get Kicked Out Of Pool - Find Out Why? July 8, 2009

Watch more at

Philadelphia: Swim Club kicks out Black kids - Racism?

Racism and the Pool-
shadmia July 09, 2009

"There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion and the atmosphere of the club." John Duesler, president of the Valley Swim Club. Read all about the details in my Blog...

also see: at YouTube: Racism Charges At Swim Club

A suburban swim club outside Philadelphia is coming under fire after being accused of racism. Bianca Solorzano reports.

And another example of racism & stupidity at Fox News
Fox News America not a pure society like the Swedes & Finns:
They have not bred with non-Aryans ???
Fox Anchor: Americans Marry "Ethnics" and Other "Species"

Watch more at

From The Young Turks Racist Rep. Steve King Votes Against Memorial For Slavery

Steve King has a history of sounding racist for example he believed Al Qaeda would be quite happy if Obama won because Obama is black, his father was a muslim & Obama's middle name Hussein has according to King some special meaning for Muslims & people in the Middle East.

Rep. Steve King smears Obama: al-Qaida dancing in the street
March 8, 2008 Crooks & Liars/ via Think Progress

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