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Christianizing US Military , Holy War, and Mikey Weinstein.'s "Military Religious Freedom Foundation"

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"but sarge I'm an atheist '- Sarge says "clap that Godless Son of a bitch in irons""

Photo: Mikey Weinstein of Military Religious Freedom Foundation

"We are facing a national security threat in this country that is every bit as significant in magnitude, width and breadth internally as that presented externally by the now-resurgent Taliban and al-Qaeda. And it is the destruction of the US constitutionally mandated wall separating metaphysical and physical, spiritual and non-spiritual, church and state, in the technologically most lethal organisation every created by humankind, which is our honourable and noble military. I’m here to report to you today that that wall is nothing but smoke and debris. We are facing an absolute fundamentalist Christianisation – a Talibanisation – of the US Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force.”

Mikey Wienstein - Military Religious Freedom Foundation "Backward Christian soldiers:Evangelicals are taking over the US military, reports David Belden. And one man’s determined to stop them " The New, jan/Feb. 2008

"I want Americans, I want everybody listening, to go out and buy 5 weapons and 5,000 bullets - for your own protection, for self defense. Because I believe that foreign soldiers will come to our houses, to rape our wives and teenage daughters and kill the men right in front of them - and then the women will bear children of an ethnic stock different from what they are, and that's how you alter the course of any society; you change the ethnic stock. Egypt today is not the same ethnic stock it was during the Moses days." James F. Linzey; US Military Chaplain April 10 2005, "Messiah's Branch" radio.

Chaplain James F. Linzey Fear mongers and espouses various New World Order Conspiracy Theories.

James F. Linzey Espouses anti-Semitic, White Racialist Conspiracy Theory By Bruce Wilson at Talk To Action June 10, 2009

James F. Linzey is a prominent, active duty chaplain in the United States military. Linzey has stated that he was the command chaplain for the Operation Iraqi Freedom troop mobilization prior to the US invasion of Iraq.

In 2005 Linzey went on a speaking tour, under the auspices of an entity known as the Prophecy Club. In one of Linzey's Prophecy Club talks, which was recorded and sold by the club in VHS video format, Linzey claimed that "The Rothschilds", and European bankers who all have Jewish names except for "The Rockefellers", control the US economy through the Federal Reserve and are scheming to bankrupt, and enslave through debt, the American middle class. As an article on the website of the Jewish anti-Defamation League entitled Jewish "Control" of the Federal Reserve: A Classic Anti-Semitic Myth states,

"Most of the owners of the largest banks in America," wrote the late Sheldon Emry, an early leader of the racist and anti-Semitic `Identity" church movement, "are of Eastern European ancestry and connected with the Rothschild banks."

In the literature of bigots, the name Rothschild is a trigger for the most explosive of anti-Semitic tremors, and it usually sets off a litany of other Jewish names. In his recent book Called to Serve, Col. James "Bo" Gritz, the 1992 Presidential candidate of the extremist Populist Party, charged that "eight Jewish families control the FED"

And here's a video from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation

With God On Our Side-June 25, 2007
Dominionist Evangelical Fundamentalist take over of US Military
Help Build the Wall separating Church and State in the U.S. Military! http://www.helpbuildthewall...

One man's war against an Evangelical coup in America's military
Daramatization of Mikey weinstein's sons struggle with intolerant religious bigots in US military

Military Religious Freedom Foundation-April 27,2008

talked to Mikey Weinstein Plain Speaking at Dailykos,July 21,2009

There is a very good reason to fear something. Mikey says that it is possible. That "something" is that the U.S. Military has a majority of members that believe that one day God will call them to fight to remove anyone who does not believe in God and Jesus. At that point, the U. S. Constitution will not matter as this will directly proceed Christ's return to earth.

This is the belief held by a sect of religious evangelicals that has over 100 churches (including two of the largest in America) within the same city as the U.S. Air Force. Mikey's book is "WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE, One Man's War Against An Evangelical Coup In America's Military". The man who is at war is Michael Weinstein, former JAG officer, who worked in the Reagan White House and has four sons still in the military. He wants service people to be able to worship as they please or not to worship if they choose. This man is fighting the U. S. Government to guarantee religious freedom to people in the military. Religious freedom is arguably our most important right. Why in the world would someone have to sue to insure that of all things?

And right now, even more important, how does it affect our President's command of the military?

First of all, IF the President does not control the military, or if he only controls it until it is time for God to come back, then who makes the decision when God will come back? I would say that it is the man who can tell our people in the military and be sure that they will believe him. The more I read, the more I Googled, the more worried I became. Like it or not, there has been unbearable pressure for people in the military to belong to this single sect of evangelicals. It was done from the top and it was done systematically during almost the entire W. Bush administration.

Christianizing the US Military- Serving God and Country
In the video below the references are only to Christianity and the needs of Christian soldiers with no mention of other religions or belief systems or to those who are of no faith.The video is unabashed propaganda for supporting the Iraq War and doesn't bother to mention it was an unnecessary war which the Bush Regime lied about the reasons for invading Iraq. Bush himself has said the reason he went to war in Iraq was because ' God told him to' .

James F. Linzey -July 19, 2009

Backward Christian soldiers:
Evangelicals are taking over the US military, reports David Belden. And one man’s determined to stop them " atThe new Humanist, Jan/Feb 2008

Weinstein was shocked into action in 2003 by his son’s warning that the next time one of his fellow cadets at the Air Force Academy called him “a fucking Jew” he might hit him and lose his military career. Weinstein was transported back to an event he had never told his family about, when, as a student at the Academy decades before, he was severely beaten up by anti-Semites. He thought things had improved but was shocked to learn that the atmosphere was now worse, in that numerous officers were pressuring cadets to convert – not just Jews or sceptics, but Christians who were not “saved” in the right way. His complaints led to an official investigation, which according to the New York Times “found no overt discrimination, but it did find that officers and faculty members periodically used their positions to promote their Christian beliefs”. The Times quoted Brig. Gen. Cecil R. Richardson, the Air Force deputy chief of chaplains, saying, “We will not proselytise, but we reserve the right to evangelise the unchurched.” Weinstein’s unofficial investigation found widespread abuse of the constitutional separation of church and state throughout the military. In 2005 he filed a lawsuit against the military.

Weinstein founded the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), which employs the equivalent of 25 staff (and another 30 volunteers) to field complaints of religious harassment from military personnel (they have received over 6,000, 95 per cent of them from Christians), conduct research, apply pressure and pursue court cases. The MRFF’s research focuses on any official, and therefore unconstitutional, military support for evangelising. His greatest concern is with the Dominionist wing of the Religious Right, who aim to end the separation of church and state and establish a Christian nation. The most effective Dominionist organisations are those under the aegis of the Campus Crusade for Christ, including, Weinstein says,

“a group called the Officers Christian Fellowship, and for the enlisted folks, the Christian Military Fellowship. These groups have a goal they believe is much more important than the oath they all swore: to protect, defend, support and serve the constitution of the United States. It’s a tripartite goal and they are unabashed and unapologetic about it. It’s right on their web site. Goal number one: they want to see a spiritually transformed US military. Goal number two: with ambassadors for Christ in uniform. Let me say that one again, and think back over history. That hasn’t worked out too well in the last 2,000 years. Ambassadors for Christ in uniform. At least they didn’t have nuclear weapons and laser-guided weapons before. Third, empowered by the Holy Spirit. They work assiduously up and down the chain of command, using, in fact, the draconian spectre of command influence to push this weaponised Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s very digital, one and zero. Either you accept our view, or either we or our version of Jesus will have to kill you, and our version of Jesus will light you up on fire for Eternity, so you’re really gonna be dead.”

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