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anyway there is more about torture in the news this week.Americans follow Communist guide on torture. Chritopher Hitchens gets water-boarded decides it is torture.
WALL-E gains ire of the conservatives.

From the Young Turks we get the connection between torture used by US forces was from a manual which was a Chinese document on how to torture to get POWS to make false confessions. This manual was obtained by the Pentagon who then used the manual to teach American soldies what to expect and how to try to resist. This manual has now been used by the Bush Regime to teach interrogators on how to torture detainees. So Americans are using known Chinese communists techniques on Detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan and Guantanamo etc. How then can these US officials deny that these techniques were and are torture.

U.S. Is Using Communist Torture Methods
July 02, 2008
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Hitchens wants to distance himself from the Neocons and Bush fearing the game is up all bets are off The extremist lose if it were only so.
Hitchens gets water borded, Withdraws from Iraq in eleven seconds/ Alternet by JohnDolan July 2, 2008

So why does Hitchens make such a big show of just realizing it now, after five years of supporting it? To me, the answer's easy: He's withdrawing from Iraq, making a big Jesus-on-the-cross demonstration, like a public punishment, for supporting the war all this time. By getting himself tortured in this half-assed way, he gives himself a reason to see the light, desert from the Neocon forces before it's too late. Karl Rove won't be happy, though, because the last thing the GOP wants is for people to start realizing what we're actually doing in Iraq. Reminds me of the debate about abolishing flogging with the cat-o'-nine-tails in the British Navy. The first time the bill was introduced, everybody laughed at how ridiculous a notion that was. Then somebody thought of having a real cat-o'-nine-tails introduced to the House of Commons, a bloody old Exhibit A. Nobody said a thing; they just voted unanimously to forbid it.

That's all it takes to change anybody's mind about torture, getting one little 11-second whiff of it, even if it's nowhere close to the real thing. The interesting thing is not that Hitchens changed his mind; it's the strategic thinking that made him decide to do it now. The timing of this little martyr is the key here, and what it tells you is that Hitchens is declaring martyrdom and getting out. He just unilaterally withdrew from Iraq, and in only 11 seconds

Neocon Defender Hitchens Being Waterboarded
says it is torture - does he see the writing on the wall end of the neocons?

And here's a piece on the lighter side as it were.

Having seen Wall-E I can say it was a delightful little film about Robot Love and Human beings who after 700 years in space were utterly useless and completely dependent on technology in which everything is automated . From the moment people awake each day on a cruise ship which is in outerspace the humans go from one fast food outlet to another . Their main activity is eating . Meanwhile the robot Wall-E continues for over seven hundred years to stack garbage on Earth. Being an imaginative sort of robot he has created a whole city out of cubes of garbage.

I half expected the right wingnuts to go crazy over Wall-E because it does have a message about the environment and such .But these people also went nuts over that evil liberal film ' Happy Feet '. And guess what the right wingers including the hate-filled Glenn Beck have gone ape-shit over Wall-E.
Anyway the Young Turks sum this up in their usual comical fashion.
Wall-E is the New Conservative Whipping Boy
The Young Turks
July 03, 2008

" Malthusian Fear-Mongering "
Liberal Propaganda / Communistic

July 03, 2008
Many right wing groups have come out against Wall-E, the newest Disney movie, calling it left-wing propaganda. Are they right? Dan Abrams is joined by Conservative radio host Lars Larson and In Touch Weekly Senior editor Kim Serafin

More on Wall -E: There is a somewhat more serious review and evauation of its message . Frank Rich argues the film is more in tune with what's happening in American society than either John McCain or Barack Obama.

Wall-E For President/ 06 July 2008/by: Frank Rich, The New York Times

One of the great things about art, including popular art, is that it can
hit audiences at a profound level beyond words. That includes children. The kids at 'Wall-E' were never restless, despite the movie's often melancholy mood and few belly laughs. They seemed to instinctually understand what 'Wall-E' was saying; they didn't pepper their chaperones with questions along the way. At the end they clapped their small hands. What they applauded was not some banal
cartoonish triumph of good over evil but a gentle, if unmistakable, summons to remake the world before time runs out.

...For all the hyperventilation on the left about Mr. Obama's rush to
the center - some warranted, some not - what's more alarming is how small-bore and defensive his campaign has become. Whether he's reaffirming his long-held belief in faith-based programs or fudging his core convictions about government snooping, he is drifting away from the leadership he promised and into the focus-group-tested calculation patented by Mark Penn in his disastrous campaign for Hillary Clinton. Mr. Obama's
Wednesdayaddress calling for renewed public service is unassailable in principle butinadequate to the daunting size of the serious American crisis at hand. The speech could have been - and has been - delivered by any candidate of either party in any election year since 1960.

What Mr. Obama has going for him during this tailspin is that his
opponent seems mortifyingly out-to-lunch. Mr. McCain is a man who aspires to lead the largest economy in the world and yet recently admitted that he doesn't know
how to use a computer, the one modern tool shared by everyone from the post-industrial American work force to Middle Eastern terrorists to Pixar animators. Getting shot down over Vietnam may not be a qualification for president in 2008, but surely a rudimentary facility with a laptop is. What Mr. McCain has going for him is a press corps that often ignores or covers up such

...Mr. McCain should be required to see 'Wall-E' to learn just how far
adrift he is from an America whose economic fears cannot be remedied by his flip-flop embrace of the Bush tax cuts (for the wealthy) and his sham gas-tax holiday (for everyone else). Mr. Obama should see it to be reminded of just how bold his vision of change had been before he settled into a front-runner's complacency. Americans should see it to appreciate just how much things are out of joint on an Independence Day when a cartoon robot evokes America's patriotic ideals with more conviction than either of the men who would be president...

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