Tuesday, July 29, 2008

McCain Blames Obama For Rising Gas Prices

Anyway John McCain is at it again and the Mainstream Media gives him a pass- Was Obama working behind the scenes to make oil prices rise ??? of course the rising prices have nothing to do with Bush, the Iraq war or threatening Iran with Nuclear War so the Mass Media tells us. Somehow all that has gone wrong with oil prices, the economy , the war on terror is Barack Obama's fault. I guess this is to be expected of those who believe everything went downhill in America when racial segregation was outlawed & black Americans were permitted to vote and were guranteed equal rights with the White Ruling Class. These are the same people who defended Barry Goldwater at his most extreme. Even Goldwater eventually changed his views on a number of issues including segregation . While McCain appeals not to the best but to the worst in America.

The Young Turks Latest McCain Ad - Blames Obama For Rising Gas Prices Added: July 21, 2008 Watch more at The Young Turks

And here's a second video from The Young Turks and what phoney Bush is: The Young Turks Corporate welfare Bush finds the economic crisis in America is funny The rich continue to get richer. When things get tough Bush bails out the rich investors. While average Americans lose their jobs and houses but Bush's friends are still doing well. Bush - "Wall Street Got Drunk" July 22, 2008 Watch more at The Young Turks

and so it goes, GORD.

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