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Israeli Gestapo -Like Tactics Against The Palestinians

Israeli Gestapo Tactics in the West Bank
Israel locks down West Bank village over protests - 6 Jul 08
July 06, 2008 Al Jazeera
Israeli troops are sealing off the Palestinian village of Ni'lin in the occupied West Bank.

Villagers in Ni'lin are trying to stop the latest stretch of Israel's separation wall from cutting them off from their farmland.

Israel says the barrier is being built to keep out Palestinian suicide bombers.

Construction sites are flashpoints for confrontations between Israeli security forces and Palestinians, who are often supported by left-wing protesters from Israel and abroad.

David Chater, Al Jazeera's correspondent in the West Bank, filed this exclusive report.

Ghettoizing Palestinians bcoming a slow genocidal solution to the Palestinian Problem .
Why else would the Israelis shut down charity organization, schools and medicacal facilities to punish, drive out or kill all the inhabitants by bullets or starvation .

and from Media With Conscience MWC:Israel raids West Bank charity / July 7, 2008

Israeli troops have raided the West Bank town of Nablus, shutting down three facilities of a Hamas-affiliated charity and a medical centre, Palestinians say.
Monday's raid, which appears to have been part of an intensified crackdown on Hamas in the West Bank by Israel and the Palestinian Authority, targeted al-Tadamon (Solidarity) charity.
Adli Yaish of Hamas, who is Solidarity's chairman and mayor of Nablus, has been in an Israeli jail since June 2006.
Dozens of jeeps and two bulldozers entered the town early on Monday, closing a girls' school and sports club operated by the charity and confiscating computers, documents, cash and furniture, witnesses said.
"Now we need to look for an alternative place to educate these girls," Fidda Draikh, principal of the 160-student school, said.
"We cannot leave them without a school."
The Israeli military had no immediate comment on the Palestinian reports.

'No Hamas ties'

The shuttered medical centre has no ties to Hamas, Dr Hafez al-Sadr, the facility's director, said.
He said though the unit has the same name as the charity, it is run by a different charitable organisation that was controlled by Hamas until the government President Mahmoud Abbas replaced its chief administrator last year.
And Israel it appears controls the distribution of water to the West Bank and uses water rationing as a form of collective punishment on all Palestinians.

Israel cuts water supplies to Palestinians / West Bank
but the problem has been going on for at least a year yet nothing changes and there is no international outcry. Have the Israeli extremist lost all sense of decency?
Are Palestinians not also human?
Water-rich West Bank suffering from shortage of water
July 02, 2008

A human rights group has warned of grave water supply shortages in the
West Bank due to Israel's discriminatory water distribution.In a report
published on Tuesday, B'Tselem group reported that Palestinians living in the West Bank drink one-third of the per capita water consumption recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).The group also added that per capita water consumption by Israeli settlers is 3.5 times more than that of Palestinians."The chronic water shortage results in large part from Israel's discriminatory policy in distributing the joint water resources in the West Bank and the limits it places on the Palestinian's ability to drill new wells," the group revealed.

According to B'Tselem, the problem in the West Bank has been compounded this summer by the lack of rainfall over the past few years.Stressing that access to water without discrimination is recognized by international law as a fundamental human right, B'Tselem called on the regime "to ensure immediate,regular, adequate supply of water to every resident of the West Bank without

More about lack of water for Palestinians
So who's trying to drive who out

B'Tselem: Palestinian villages suffer a water shortage
December 05, 2007

The Bidu-Qatanna village bloc, in Ramallah District, suffers from a severe water shortage, as do many other areas in the Occupied Territories . Mekorot, the Israeli water company, supplies only one-half of the water consumed by the 50,000 villagers of this area. To meet the rest of their water needs, the villagers have to buy water from private suppliers at a much higher price and store it in unsanitary conditions. As a result, the residents are forced to consume poor-quality water and use it in small quantities. Meanwhile, the 3,000 settlers in the nearby settlement of Har Adar receive an unlimited amount of water, which comes from the same reservoir. (September 2007). www.btselem.org

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