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Bush Regime Censoring Images of Dead American Soldiers

Cultural Insensitivity US SOLDIERS Inside a Mosque
Three Dead American Soldiers
Dead American soldiers in Iraq. Pictures being censored

For those who support the war or claim to support the troops it is disturbing that they do not want anyone to see the cost of the war in Iraq in terms of dead American soldiers. In fact they don't want to see the wounded or care whether the wounded and those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress are getting proper treatment. Those who die in battle are heroes but those who die from wounds or suffer from psychological problems due to combat are ignored or seen as cowards for not dying on the Battlefield.

Anyway in an article in The New York Times the authors note that the Bush regime and the military have been actively censoring images of American soldiers killed or wounded in Iraq The New York Times 4,000 U.S. Deaths, and a Handful of Images By MICHAEL KAMBER and TIM ARANGO July 26, 2008

BAGHDAD — The case of a freelance photographer in Iraq who was barred from covering the Marines after he posted photos on the Internet of several of them dead has underscored what some journalists say is a growing effort by the American military to control graphic images from the war.

Zoriah Miller, the photographer who took images of marines killed in a June 26 suicide attack and posted them on his Web site, was subsequently forbidden to work in Marine Corps-controlled areas of the country. Maj. Gen. John Kelly, the Marine commander in Iraq, is now seeking to have Mr. Miller barred from all United States military facilities throughout the world. Mr. Miller has since left Iraq.

If the conflict in Vietnam was notable for open access given to journalists — too much, many critics said, as the war played out nightly in bloody newscasts — the Iraq war may mark an opposite extreme: after five years and more than 4,000 American combat deaths, searches and interviews turned up fewer than a half-dozen graphic photographs of dead American soldiers.

And from Media With a Conscience July 26/2008 Wexler Wants Real Impeachment Hearing Now

The Judiciary Committee, we held a full day of hearings that focused entirely on the crimes of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and featured testimony by Rep. Dennis Kucinich regarding his Articles of Impeachment against President Bush.

This is a great start – but I am far from satisfied. Following statements by Chairman John Conyers and the Ranking Republicans, I opened with a forceful call for genuine and immediate Impeachment Hearings for President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

The crimes of this Administration must be revealed and Bush and Cheney must be held accountable. Without Impeachment Hearings, we cannot break through the blatant and unprecedented efforts by President Bush to shut down legitimate oversight by this Congress.

As you know, President Bush has inappropriately and repeatedly invoked Executive Privilege to keep Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, Josh Bolten, and other White House officials from complying with legal, Congressional Subpoenas.

I believe the only appropriate remedy is to hold Impeachment Hearings.

And from MWC: Media With Conscience:
Gravel: Take Bush to The Hague July 26, 2008

By Shahram Vahdany

Former Democratic candidate Mike Gravel says President George W. Bush should be taken to The Hague for war crimes rather than being impeached.

In a Monday video conference with Press TV, the former Alaska senator said President Bush does not 'deserve' to be impeached for invading Afghanistan and Iraq, which has resulted in the loss of 'millions of lives'.

"An Impeachment just means you would only take away his (Bush's) presidency. Well, he is almost done (with) his presidency. What really needs to happen is that these people have to be held accountable for the crimes they have committed," the 78-year-old Democrat said referring to the US president and Vice President Dick Cheney.

"If you impeach president and vice president, Nancy Pelosi is going to become president; that is not going happen," Gravel added.

Gravel is an outspoken advocate of impeaching Bush and Cheney over the disinformation campaign they have led in support of their go-to-war policies.
"There is a lot of very good news that makes me tremendously hopeful that we as a nation are starting to wake up and insist our congressional representatives act to make impeachment happen now," he had said in a statement in January after congressman Dennis Kucinich announced plans to introduce articles of impeachment against President Bush.


as for the British once again it appears they are not so innocent when it comes to abusing detainees in Iraq or Afghanistan

from PressTV on line 'UK covered up use of torture in Iraq'
Sun, 27 Jul 2008

The British government has tried to cover up the use of prohibited interrogation techniques by British soldiers in Iraq, lawmakers say.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights, consisted of twelve members from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, said in a report on Sunday that British troops in Iraq " had used 'conditioning techniques' to maintain the 'shock of capture' in advance of tactical questioning".

Wall standing, hooding, subjection to noise, sleep deprivation and deprivation of food and drink constitute the five banned 'conditioning techniques'. They can be used by interrogators to extract information and obtain confessions from detainees under physical and psychological coercion.

The methods have been described by human rights groups as torturous, inhumane, and cruel.

The committee argues that former Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram and Lieutenant General Robin Brims had told it earlier that British armed forces would not use the techniques as an aid to interrogation.

"In 2007, evidence came to light which appeared to contradict the clear assurances we had received from Lieutenant General Brims that conditioning techniques such as hooding and the use of stress positions were not used by the British army," the committee said, referring to the death of Baha Mousa, a 26-year-old Iraqi hotel worker while in British custody.

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