Monday, July 28, 2008

Bush & Friends Having Fun With Torture

Anyway in case you missed it here's a couple of videos on the Bush Regime and its use of torture - Defending the indefensible

Detainees & torture
Torturing in the name of Jesus therefore it must be okay claims the Bush administration and their Fanatical Followers

first a little music about Guantanamo Bay

Geneva Conventions quaint & outdated
All talk about insisting on human rights of detainees characterized as being left-wing thinking which is traitorous thinking & unAmerican

8 BUSH's WAR (the Geneva conventions are disregarded)
part 8 of the documentary Bush's War

One wonders if Condoleeza Rice & Colin Powell are or were merely token Blacks in the Bush administration.

And from Democracy Now on torture of Detainees & Gitmo etc.

How the US and Bush torture people around the world-1/5

and so it goes,

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