Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bush's Soviet Style " SHOW-TRIALS " of Tortured Detainees & McCain's 100 years of War

Anyway here's a funny and disturbing video featuring John McCain

Pat Buchanan " McCain will make Cheney look Like Ghandi"

And from The Real News Network :
Torture, tribunals and the death penalty
Michael Ratner: What is at stake is the future of justice in the US
Tuesday February 12th, 2008

So like the Soviets and the South African Apartheid secret police and the Secret Police and military in Chile during the Pinochet Regime, the Americans have managed to get evidence and confessions out of their prisoners by using torture. And they intend to use this evidence and confessions in a court of law to ensure convictions . The trial like that of Saddam will be a mockery of justice. Then it will be followed by lynchings since the guilt of the accused is a forgone conclusion. So why after years of imprisonment and abuse are these trials to be held now . We can only assume it is all part of Bush and Cheney's political strategy and has nothing to do with justice.
So tell me again how is it that the United States represents a more civilized state than Soviet Russia or Apartheid South Africa or the brutal Regime of Pinochet or that of Iran or Syria or Pakistan. Maybe I'm just slow but I still don't get it.

But then again the United States was the country that put Pinochet and about another dozen anti-democratic authoritarian and Fascistic dictators in power in various countries. It was also the Americans who helped to keep South African Apartheid government in power over several decades while condemning Nelson Mandela as a " terrorist " .

Oh and by the way it was the United States who helped to keep Saddam Huessein in power in Iraq until he disobeyed orders.

And what if one of these men being tried is not-guilty of the crimes he is accused of - well it doesn't matter as long as the American people get their "pound of flesh ".
As I have mentioned before many Americans have the attitude that if someone has been arrested and detained by US authorities they therefore must be guilty. If this is so then why bother having trials for suspected terrorists at all . And for that matter why have trials in the United States for anyone accused of a crime.

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