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Renditions:" Mystery Flights " BBC Documentary

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Anyway here is part one of the 2007 BBC documentary Mystery Flights about US Renditions program .


So more of this film next time.

and from Truthout we get more recent revelations about the Rendition flights ::Secret CIA Flights to Greenland Reported, The Associated Press, 31 January 2008

Copenhagen, Denmark - Denmark will investigate claims that the CIA secretly used an airport on the Nordic country's remote Arctic territory of Greenland to transport prisoners in the U.S. war on terror, the prime minister said Thursday.

Denmark, like many other European countries, began investigating reports in 2005 that the U.S. intelligence agency quietly touched down on their territory as part of the CIA's so-called "extraordinary rendition" program.

Human rights groups have criticized the practice, in which suspects are transported for interrogation to countries outside the U.S. for interrogation.

From Information Clearing House (ICH ) we get the claim that a new reputable study of the death-toll in Iraq is now estimated at one million US Invasion And Occupation Killed One Million In Iraq
More than one million Iraqis dead since 2003 invasion: study


31/01/08 - -- LONDON (AFP) — More than one million Iraqis have died because of the war in Iraq since the US-led invasion of the country in 2003, according to a study published Wednesday.

A fifth of Iraqi households lost at least one family member between March 2003 and August 2007 due to the conflict, said data compiled by London-based Opinion Research Business (ORB) and its research partner in Iraq, the Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies (IIACSS).

The study based its findings on survey work involving the face-to-face questioning of 2,414 Iraqi adults aged 18 or above, and the last complete census in Iraq in 1997, which indicated a total of 4.05 million households.

Respondents were asked how many members of their household, if any, had died as a result of the violence in the country since 2003, and not because of natural causes.

"We now estimate that the death toll between March 2003 and August 2007 is likely to have been in the order of 1,033,000," ORB said in a statement.

But these figures seem to have little impact on most Americans since many average Americans according to one study believe that less than 15,000 Iraqis have dies since the Invasion and occupation of Iraq. As for the more conservative Americans they are indifferent to the deaths of Non-Americans especially when they are Muslims and /or Arabs . Even the deaths of Iraqi children and babies are of little consequence to most Americans or most Westerners. Every Arab and Muslim child or even infant is seen as a potential terrorist. As the old saying goes in the times of the War Against the Indians in America which has become a bit of a cliche but I think sums up the American ethos quite aptly is " The Only good Indian is a dead Indian ".Too bad Americans have never learned anything from their past except the lesson that one can get away with genocide if you know how to use the media and the propaganda machinery at one's disposal to prove the necessity for the intended genocide.

Will those in the Bush administration and their cronies and their death squads ever have to face justice . Will Hillary or Obama make sure that justice is done or are they too beholden to the statue quo. Will the torturers and killers be permitted to go free.

At Bush's state of the Union address Hillary Clinton showed her true colors as she stood up with the other sheep and applauded President Bush while Barack Obama to his credit stayed defiantly seated . Hillary Clinton like Bill Clinton is just one of the elite and has little interest in truly changing America's delusions of grandeur . Oh yes she might tinker with the system but otherwise she like Bush wants to make sure her and her rich friends continue to increase their wealth and power.What can one expect of a former CEO of Wallmart .

And why is it that so few of the members of the US Senate and Congress are unwilling to impeach Bush and Cheney .

And if the Democratic members of both house were really so concerned about the illegal and immoral practices of the Bush regime why weren't they protesting and booing Bush during his speech. Oh yes we are told that would not be polite . So when a dictatorial madmen is at the helm everyone is still obliged to treat him with respect. Is this what democracy now means.

For instance it would have made a bit of an impact if the Democrats and Republicans who disapproved of Bush were to have refused to attend Bush's State of the Union Address . But we have come to expect less and less of these quizzling politicians who have no interest in human rights or even respect for human life . For most of them it is just a game no matter what they claim or even as they shed a few well-planned crocodile tears . They seem to shed few tears for the million dead in Iraq or for those renditioned and tortured in the name of America, democracy and Christendom.

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