Monday, September 10, 2007

Chris Hedges & American Fascists - The Radical Christian Right

In case you missed it here's Chris Hedges author of American Fascists being interviewed on CBC's The Hour by George stroumboulopoulos-

Chris Hedges describes the Religious Right movement as radical & dangerous as it has been influenced & infiltrated by the Dominionists & Christian Reconstructionism . These Christians are not representative of earlier forms of mainstream American evangelicalism . Their aim is not just to have a say & some influence in American society or have a place at the table as it were since they insist that their view of the Bible & Christianity is the only true view . What they wish to do is to create an authoritarian intolerant Theocracy which would rely on a loyal Christian army & militant police force to ensure the enforcement of its draconian laws . They have already had some success in America by creating a climate in which many Americans see Creationism & Evolution as being both equally valid scientific theories & that both are reasonable yet different views of the processes at work in the natural world . Further many people see no problem in having Creationism or Intelligent Design given at least a fair hearing if not equal time in the public schools & universities. Of course the Dominionists aim would be to have only Creationism be taught in the schools & universities & Evolution banned.

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