Wednesday, September 05, 2007

American Occupation of Iraq & Permanent Military Bases

Anyway don't hold your breath waiting for the Americans to leave Iraq & give up their occupation of that country ...The US military is or has been planning to stay for at least another ten or twenty years in Iraq as this piece from Alternet points out the Americans are building a number of permanent bases along with their Super Embassy Complex known as the Emerald City & the Iraqi people have no say in whatever the Americans plan to do...beside they will need these strategically located bases if they are going to bomb & possibly invade Iran so they can have better control over the region & its resources ... if a few hundred thousand Iranians need to die so that Americans can continue to enjoy their extravagant life-styles then so be it ...besides they are just a bunch of neanderthal barbarians according to the Pro-Bush pro-Neocon media ...
from Alternet here is a 27 minute video about the creation of pemanent basis in Iraq which also helps explain what billions of dollars have been spent on in Iraq...

Also check out from TruthOut :
Empire of Stupidity: Seven Years in Hell By Tom Engelhardt Tuesday 04 September 2007
" On body counts, dead zones, and an Empire of Stupidity."

Also see: David Bromwich article Iraq, Israel, Iran September 4, 2007 in The Huffington Post

and check out A TIMELINE OF THE IRAQI WAR " at Think Progressive

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