Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nick Cave - There She Goes, My Beautiful World (Live)

Anyway so I'm not in the mood for anything too deep or serious so here's some music to pass the time ...

Awesome live performance of his song from the album Abattoir Blues /Lyre of Orpheus- just wanted to share this...gord

And here's NICK CAVE performing his song " NATURE BOY " from Abattoir Blues from Mexicat at YouTube- Hope you Enjoy it like I do ...

Ah... what the hell so here is another truly great performance by Nick Cave...maybe this one will make you a fan or not -it comes on like gangbusters given to such great lines like " an army of tanks bursting from your chest "...NICK CAVE - SUPERNATURALLY
From: StrawberryHills at YouTube

"Once I was your heart's desire
Now I am the ape hunkered by the fire "

Take care,

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