Friday, June 29, 2007


Anyway here is some more bits about the strange case of Vice President Dick Cheney who has created a new powerful Fiefdom which operates totally outside the confines of the American Government & its Judiciary as he reshapes the powers of the government & the way in which United States is run according to the will & fantasies of Dick Cheney - As a Canadian it is worrisome that Bush & Cheney are Stephen Harper's heroes & that so many Canadians wish deep down that they were Americans & not part of our second-rate nation but give Harper enough time we may become indistinguishable from America -at the moment we do as they the Americans tell us to do - their beliefs & policies - no matter how wrong they are - become our beliefs & policies as we join them in fighting this New Christian Crusade & so it goes... & if the American President wishes to for instance NUKE IRAN Canadians will as the sheep they are Applaud & Cheer as we prove Western Civilization is superiour to all others or so this is what they keep telling us as we destroy one country after another in the name of the Elite the powerful the super rich or even the Royal Family of England all of whom have been blessed by a vengeful tyrannical GOD...( see rant by Rick Mercer below)

Keith Olbermann and Rahm Emanuel on Defunding Dick Cheney

Jon Stewart-Another Dick Nugget 06-27-07

Jon Stewart on the Liberal Biased Media & Janet Jackson's Nipple
John Cougar Mellencamp " Aint that america "

Make- announce- type-spellcheck- publish-Journalism in the New Age
To seriously question policies is to be a " disloyal citizen " in a time of Perpetual War & so it goes...
amyfriel's Channel at YouTube - great bit of editing great song for the clip-

and Lewis Black on the liberal biased media
conservopedia & Qutube

Rick Mercer rant about the Queen -funny but oh so true why do so many Canadians want to believe that the Queen is someone special that by a quirk of fate being born into a certain family she is therefore better than everybody else & has been chosen by GOD to lord it over us - no wonder Conservatives laugh when we speak about equality & justice since in their view these ideals have nothing to do with the reality of the world as created & maintained by GOD or as ruled over by the various elites ...

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