Friday, January 12, 2007


As they argue:
" Only a secession movement can save this nation. "

" All other methods of deliverance from the present evil have been tried and
failed. The secession movement will demonstrate to the people of the USA
and the world that the United States of American is presently in grave danger
of being destroyed. The secession movement will also demonstrate precisely
the method through which the destruction of these presently united States
of America can, and will, occur unless the grievances of The Creator's
Rights party are redressed."

And further from the same website:

The Creator’s Rights Party

Who Belongs to The Creator's Rights Party?

Believing that the words in the Declaration of Independence define
God's plan for government makes you a member of The Creator's Rights Party.

What Will the Party Do?

By attacking the lies, ignorance and evil that have destroyed God's plan for government,
The Creator's Rights Party will restore that plan to its rightful place of authority over
the people of this nation.

The present political party structure in the USA has totally failed to defend God's plan for government. The present generation of politicians failed to protect God's plan by allowing God's plan for government to be destroyed by the Supreme Court of the United States of America. The destruction of God's plan for government created a revolution in this nation.


*Prayer To God Outlawed In Public Schools

*Courts Abandon idea of God in Legal Reasoning Process

*Supreme Courts Overrule Will of God in Legalized Abortion

*Doctors Ignore God and Become Agents of Death

*Police and Military Forces Become Instruments of Tyranny By Enforcing Tyrannical "Laws"

*Homosexuals Introduce Perverted Image of God by Claiming God Created Them to Be Homosexuals



When a government replaces rules defined by the True God with contradictory rules, that government is moving to make itself an idol. But the government does not become an idol until the governed consent to obey the government. At that point the government becomes an idol in exactly the same sense of every other idol defined in the Bible.

Examine the "laws" created by the federal government of the United States of America.

· Federal Government, in direct defiance of the First Amendment, defines God for the American people. And what is the definition of God offered to the world? The federal government of the United States of America God in its decrees and statutes tells the world that God allows people to believe anything they want to believe about God. In that message, and in that definition of God, the federal government blasphemes the One, True God and turns the federal government into an idol committed to destroying the One, True God.

Beginning with the false premise that says God allows people to believe anything they want to believe about God, the federal idol goes on to enumerate blasphemous commandments that directly contradict the Laws of the One, True God.

· Federal Government allows mothers to have their children killed prior to birth effectively overruling God’s commandment against murder.

· Federal Government contradicts Bible and says Homosexual behavior is legal. To compound the desecration, the federal idol moves to make homosexual marriage equivalent to Holy Matrimony effectively confusing the great mystery, namely Christ and the church.

· Federal Government removes right to pray to God from public schools effectively contradicting the command of God to have no other gods before Him.

· Federal Government removes right for juries to refer to Bible in reaching their decisions.

· Federal Government removes quotations from Holy Scripture from Grand Canyon and other property owned by we the people.

· Federal Government removes right of local citizens to display religious symbols on property owned by we the people.

· Federal Government requires that teachers omit teaching about how God created the universe.

· Federal Government requires the military forces to accept homosexuals in the military as long as they don't ask or tell.

· Federal Government requires public schools to accept homosexuals as teachers.

· Federal Government proscribes the right to keep and bear arms.

· Federal Government requires all citizens to pay taxes that are used to kill unborn children.

· Federal Government requires all citizens to pay taxes that are used to empower homosexuals and other sexual outlaws to take over the nation.

· Federal Government conditions churches to believe they will lose their tax exempt status if they allow politicians to solicit support during ordinary church meetings.

Consent To Those "Laws" is IDOLATRY. If you will not see that fact, then you prove you are exactly the idolator we claim you to be.


In the face of this kind of idolatry, God's people must recognize that God will not allow it to stand. And most of God's people do understand that God is obligated to stop this idolatry or else be proven to be no God at all.

For over four decades the response of people who believe in the God described in the Holy Bible has been to try to persuade people to obey God rather than the federal government idol. But that response has failed to deter or arrest the idolatry.

There is one more message that must be sent to the American people or else God's people will have failed to preach the truth. The American people must be told that God is going to destroy this nation unless the governed turn away from idols and follow the One, True God.

There is one way that message can be impressed upon the American people in no uncertain terms, one message that simply cannot be ignored by the American people. The flag of the United States of America MUST be burned as a warning and an image of the coming destruction awaiting this nation unless it returns to the One, True God. If we omit doing this, we will all stand complicit in the coming destruction. But if we burn the flag, like Jeremiah of old, we will have completed the message God requires this nation to hear before He destroys this nation. "

What we see here is the Radical Religious Right stripped of any " political correct" language or other propaganda style techniques to sell their message to the public instead we see them as they really are. They have no use for " pretty phrases" or compromises with those who have in their view turned their backs on True American Values & who have therefore turned their backs on God.

But do these radicals represent mainstream Christianity or even the majority of " BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN EVANGELICALS " ?

The neocons often claim that Muslims in general should stand up & make public statements to prove that they do not support AlQeda or other Islamic Radicals .
If this is true of Muslims shouldn't Evangelical Christians who are anti-abortion or anti-gay also take a stand & prove they are not as radical as the Army of God or other such radical groups?


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