War On Terror

--- Myth of American Exceptionalism ,  Apocalyptic Visions & The  War On Terror---
       Hubris : Abandoning Traditional liberal values of rights and freedoms  in pursuit of Empire as the Country is moved to the far right by the Tea Party/GOP movements.

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 ( Balmer is an Evangelical Christian who in this expose reveals how the Religious Right have distorted the Bible's message and rewrite the history of Evangelicalism in America to suit their agenda of remaking America into a Christian Nation ruled according to the Old Testament laws found in Leviticus and so forth.)

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( Bush/Cheney regime willfully and wantonly distort and cherry pick and fabricate  intelligence reports to help sell the necessity of invading Iraq and taking out Saddam . The Bush administration within ten days of  the start of the new government in January 2001 were intent on invading Iraq but they believed they had to invent intelligence and a pretext to go to war even though Saddam by all official accounts had been contained and was no longer a major threat to Israel or the US.)

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( The author posits the thesis that: The Inquisitional Impulse is part of Western Culture and has continued in various incarnations for over 700 years. The most recent is the United States War on Terror -seeking out the evil ones the enemies of the West and or Christianity and of American Consumerism and Capitalism and materialism)

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 ( National myth in which so called Greater Serbia was created through Divine providence which led to the belief  that non-Serbs those who did not belong to the Serbian Orthodox Church in order to purify Greater Serbia needed to be deported or eliminated or exterminated  hence Genocide of Muslims, Jews, Gypsies/Roma and so forth)
An historical illustration of hyper-nationalism which could arise anywhere if the circumstances are right)

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  (history of CIA search for techniques to acquire reliable intel from suspects or  to create sleeper double agents CIA sponsored illegal or unethical  experiments  )

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Pub. 2011.                   (An illuminating account by journalist Robin Wright of the Arab Uprisings in 2010-2011 referred to as The Arab Spring which was preceded bu similar non-violent uprisings in 2008 or earlier. The author points out that these uprisings are part of the stirrings of a younger Arab generation who want social and economic justice and who hope to bring about reform without Western interference.)

* Wright, Ronald:                         What Is America -A Short History Of The New World Order, Pub. 2009.



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