Friday, August 10, 2018

Under President Obama : Child Refugees The U.S. Deported Were Killed

Washington Post Attacks Clinton's Role in Honduran Coup : Hillary's Special Place In Hell

Leaked Audio Proves Hillary Clinton Is A Phony

Hillary Clinton and the Assassination Of Berta Caceres in Honduras

How Hillary Clinton and President Obama help to make Honduras one of the most violent nations in Latin America with their support of the Military Coup in Honduras.
Berta Caceres who was assassinated by corporate and govt hit squad called out Hillary Clinton for her role in ousting Zelaya and supporting the crack down on activists and feminists in Honduras.

Here's  video from Democracy Now on this issue in 2016 :

The violence in Honduras continues and both Hillary and Obama are unapologetic since the coup favored their NeoLiberal pro Capitalist ideology .
Both of them favor Wall Street , Big Corporations, Fracking , pipelines etc over the rights and needs of the people.

82 activists killed /murdered by Corporations and their Govt Sponsors in 2017
Did Hillary and Obama sign off on the murder of activists esp in Latin American countries such as Honduras, El Slavador , Guatemala , Brazil etc. ???

Hydro Electric Firm, Honduran Military Planned Berta Caceres Murder

"DESA high-level directors, state agents and criminal elements” formed a criminal network to “assassinate Berta Caceres," said a lawyer with GAIPE.

A hydroelectric company that environmental activist Berta Caceres had fought plotted with Honduran military and security forces to kill the Indigenous leader in March 2016, an independent commission has found.

The GAIPE found that high-level executives of Energy Development SA and government officials began planning the assassination of Caceres at least four months before they carried it out.The investigation was carried out by the International Group of Advisors and Expert Persons, which is comprised of several lawyers from Guatemala, Colombia, Holland and the United States and was based on dozens of interviews, court records and partial access to evidence provided by government investigators.

Roxana Althozt, a lawyer with GAIPE said, "DESA high-level directors, [Honduran] state agents and criminal elements” formed a criminal network to “assassinate Berta Caceres."

Honduran authorities have arrested eight people for the murder, however, the GAIPE investigation points to other suspects.

Caceres was an important and vocal activist within the Civic Council of Popular Organizations and Honduran Indigenous. For over two decades she worked to protect the lands of the Lenca Indigenous of Honduras, and successfully fought DESA’s construction of the hydroelectric dam, Agua Zarca on the White River despite continual death threats and militarization of the area by Honduran forces.

A year before Caceres was gunned down in her home in northeastern Honduras, she was the awarded the Goldman Environmental Award for her continued environmental activism against DESA and the hydroelectric dam, located close to Lenca tribe sacred space..."

and further:
Massacre by USA /DEA and Honduran military took place while Obama was President and Hillary was Secretary of State.
(I have argued bewfore that Hillary may have been involved due to her being influenced and advised by War Criminal Henry Kissinger who had a history of supporting brutal authoritarian regimes throughout Latin America???

The violence in Honduras against activists and dissidents  increased dramatically after the US govt helped to oust reformer and populist President Zelaya

Video Shows Horrific Details of DEA-led Massacre in Honduras

Newly-released video shows the massacre in Honduras' Mosquito Coast that claimed the lives of two pregnant women, a man and a child in 2012.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency's five-year attempts to defend a deadly raid alongside Honduran forces resulted in a major scandal in May of this year following an investigation that revealed officials took part in a systematic cover-up meant to conceal their role in the deaths of four civilians along Honduras' Mosquito Coast.

"...While the DEA asserts that the Honduran agents opened fire in self-defense after being fired upon, the video shows only one flash of light originating from the civilian vessel. According to Koenig, the flash may have been a result of a bullet striking the boat's engine, which was found to have been pierced by a bullet.

A group of four bipartisan senators has accused the DEA and State Department of “repeatedly and knowingly misleading members of Congress and congressional staff.”The Department of Justice didn't fail to note the inconsistencies in the DEA agents' recounting of the event, yet the DEA hasn't yet retracted its view that the massacre took place after the agents were fired upon.
“The DEA convinced themselves of a false version of events due to arrogance, false assumptions, and ignorance,” Tim Rieser, an aide to Senator Patrick J. Leahy who spent years investigating the case, told ProPublica and the New York Times.
“They rushed to judgment and then stuck to their story.”
Speaking to reporters, survivor and boat operator Hilda Lezama said that she remains stricken with chronic “extreme pain” from the wounds she suffered during the events of the night.
“I can’t afford to support my daughters,” she said. “We still don’t know why this happened.”
The video is damning evidence of the U.S. role in the drug war which has concentrated largely on iron-fisted military measures while showing little regard for the costs borne by civilians..."