Thursday, November 23, 2017


Standing Rock Ghost Dance #MniWiconi #WaterIsLife "Obama's War On The Indian Nations"

Robbie Robertson Ghost Dance live in Agrigento! American Genocide !!!

Thanksgiving to 'Redskins' - Dispelling American Myths That Hide Native ...

Shamelessly Joe Biden Struck Locker Room Promise to Speed Thru Sexual Abuse Testimony

Saturday, November 18, 2017

~172~ RT America A Foreign Agent, Tax Deductible Sexual Abuse, & More

Tupac Katari: 'I will return and I will be millions'

My Lai - The Face Of U.S. Imperialism

Hundreds demonstrate against racism in Durham

Saudi Arabia Worst Country In The World

It is typical that the elites in the West including Liberal and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans et al all befriend Saudi Arabia for its oil and money. The West needs the oil and the West needs Saudi money for investments and buying Western Military equipment. So the elites only tepidly criticize Saudis poor record on human rights. Even Hillary Clinton and Obama were reluctant to call out the Saudis and in fact supported the Saudis brutal crackdown in Bahrain and the Saudis carpet bombing of Yemen.
Even the Western Media tends to downplay the poor human rights record of the Saudis. But even further than that the Media and elites are reluctant to call out the Saudis fro their ongoing support for various terrorist groups . Instead the Media and elites prefer to blame other nations such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria for actions which are primarily due to the policies of the Saudis .

Neoliberal Obama versus Radical Outspoken Rev Martin Luther King Jr.

Unlike Radical and outspoken Martin Luther King Jr. the establishment never had to worry about Neoliberal President Obama rocking the boat or taking on Wall Street , or poverty in America or the USA Military Industrial Complex.
Now the mainstream Media led by Hillary , the DNC and RussiaPhobe Rachel Maddow and the Dept of Homeland Security, the FBI , NSA are all making up Fake News proclaiming #Occupy , #BlackLivesMatter, #NODAPL , #MniWiconi protests in Dakota were all staged by Putin and the Russians.
Anyway to be a bit sarcastic or snarky : Because as everybody knows there is no racism or discrimination against Blacks, Hispanics, Indigenous peoples or Arabs or Muslims etc.
The Mainstream Media and the Democrats and Faux Progressives have lost their way, their bearings and no longer have any sort of moral center and have left human decency behind. All that matters is that the Democrats win and that the GOP be defeated . But their policies aren't much different when it comes to Wall Street, militarism, wars, interventions and militarizing the police and allowing the local police to get away with killing Blacks and Hispanics and anyone the Elites and Bourgeoisie see as marginal and inferior.
I am ashamed more and more everyday of my generation which includes the baby boomers who once had ideals but now just want a comfortable life for themselves and their inner circle and to hell with everybody else.