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DAPL Company Hands Out $15 Million Bribe While Still Targeting DAPL Protesters

More recent news on NoDAPL protests so the fight continues
The courts and the state of Dakota are now demanding that NODAPL protesters who have been charged with criminal activities can no longer use attorneys from out of state which is prepaosterous and probably unconstitutional .
The other new story is that the corporation in charge of the DAPL pipeline Energy Transfer Partners has given North Dakota a donation or bribe of 15 million dollars to offset the cost to the state for fighting the pipeline protesters.
We also know that the Mercenary company TigerSwan is still actively monitoring anyone involved in the protests now or previously and is doing a dragnet sweep once agin in an illegal and unconstitutional manner . But under the Departmant of Homeland Security and the anti-terrorists laws passed since 9/11 TigerSwan and police may be acting within this legal framework by as we have already seen (secretly ) designating the protesters in this case as they have in others as Domestic Terrorists. But rember President Trump is only following the lead of former President Obama and the Democr5atic Party . And once again the Mainstream Media being on the side of President Obama , the Democrats and corporate America is mostly silent .

" DAPL Company Hands Out $15 Million Bribe "
The Young Turks
Published on 29 Sep 2017

"The builder of DAPL is giving A TON of money to North Dakota. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Ben Mankiewicz, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Join TYT:
“The builder of the Dakota Access pipeline sent North Dakota $15 million on Thursday to help pay law enforcement bills related to months of sometimes violent protests over the project's construction.
BISMARCK, N.D. — The builder of the Dakota Access pipeline sent North Dakota $15 million on Thursday to help pay law enforcement bills related to months of sometimes violent protests over the project's construction.
Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners has wired the money, said Mike Nowatzki, a spokesman for Gov. Doug Burgum. Company investors also contributed, he said.
The $3.8 billion pipeline began moving oil from North Dakota to a distribution point in Illinois in June. The project is still being contested in federal court by American Indian tribes who fear a leak could endanger their water supply, and protests from August to February resulted in a large-scale police response and more than 700 arrests.
The state has arranged for a bank credit line of up to $43 million to cover policing costs, including $5 million just added this week. Maj. Gen. Alan Dohrmann, who heads the North Dakota National Guard, has said costs shouldn't go past that figure.
Burgum said in a statement he was grateful for the contribution.”
Read more here:
Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz

" #NoDAPL Water Protectors Targeted... AGAIN! "
TYT Politics
Published on 28 Sep 2017

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( and TYT Politics' Emma Vigeland ( discuss the news that a North Dakota judge is trying to take away the water protectors' right to legal counsel from other states.
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" Private Security Tigerswan Launches Dragnet on #NODAPL "

Zoon Politikon with Holly Seeliger
Published on 30 Aug 2017

Then the pipeline was hit by several acts of vandalism targeting valve sites along the route. Starting in mid-March, saboteurs snaked down the line, piercing holes in exposed parts of the pipeline and setting equipment on fire.
The vandalism, which disrupted completion of the pipeline, created new work for TigerSwan. But the company did more than deploy additional guards along the line — it also embarked on a multistate hunt for the culprits.
By early May, TigerSwan had a pair of suspects. “The best assessment based on the known facts is that the attack was most likely conducted by Iowa activists; Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya,” states an internal report dated May 4.
On July 24, Reznicek and Montoya claimed responsibility for the sabotage. Standing in front of an Iowa Utilities Board sign, the two women read a joint statement: “After having explored and exhausted all avenues of process, including attending public commentary hearings, gathering signatures for valid requests for environmental impact statements, participating in civil disobedience, hunger strikes, marches and rallies, boycotts and encampments, we saw the clear deficiencies of our government to hear the people’s demands.”
“We are speaking publicly to empower others to act boldly, with purity of heart, to dismantle the infrastructures which deny us our rights to water, land and liberty.”
Twitter @HollySeeliger

" Mercenaries Literally Treated Standing Rock Protesters Like Terrorists "

The Humanist Report
Published on 4 Jun 2017
The Standing Rock Sioux tribe—along with other water protecters—were not only brutalized by the state of North Dakota, but were also harassed by mercenaries hired by Energy Transfer Partners, the company constructing the Dakota Access Pipeline. Leaked documents obtained by The Intercept reveal that the said mercenary company literally employed counterterrorism measures as a means of quelling the #NoDAPL "insurgency."

Meanwhile as we now know President Obama was working behind the scenes coordinating the crackdown on the DAPL protests.
The US government used the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, the National Guard , Local Police and private mercenaries TigerSwan to intimidate , harass and brutalize protesters.
And they went further by using the same tactics and strategies on these indigenous protesters as they would use on domestic or foreign terrorists.
They used various forms of survellience from planes to drones to monitoring cell phones and computers and hacked them or crashed them .
They also used agents to infiltrate the groups to sow discontent and to instigate violence against the police .
So Obama 's treatment of indigenous people is just the same old story of neglect and then push back and the use of dirty tricks if indigenous people fight back.
So the five centuries of oppression of Native Americans continues and the Mainstream Media for the most part ignores the story . When they do cover the story they base their narrative on what the government, police and the corporations tell them. So those in authority characterize the protesters as violent and unreasonable .

" Obama's Sleepy Tone On Dakota Protest Enrages But Doesn't Surprise "

President Obama's tone towards the Dakota Access pipeline protesters is as sleepy and obfuscating as ever, which shows his interest in protecting corporate polluters.
Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

" Standing Rock Protectors BRUTALIZED By Cops In Standoff "

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( reported from just east of the main camp, where Standing Rock water protectors attempted to cross a makeshift wooden bridge they built over the river in order to pray where their ancestors are buried.
But they couldn't cross the bridge, as they were met with over 100 North Dakota police who fired off pepper spray and rubber bullets at protectors (while standing on top of the site where their ancestors are buried).

" Police VIOLENTLY ATTACK Protesters At Standing Rock "

The Young Turks Published on 2 Nov 2016

Police continue to viciously attack the protesters at Standing Rock, ND. They are being hosed down with pepper spray, shot with rubber bulets and more. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.
"In another standoff between state police and protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline, rubber bullets, pepper spray and mace might have been used. One protester was rushed to a clinic, according to sources.
Hundreds of people came to the banks of the Cannonball River on Wednesday morning to pray, with water protectors going into the river while others remained on the shore.
There they were pushed back into the water.
Others were hit with mace, pepper spray, and rubber bullets, according to RT's Alexander Rubinstein.
Three were allegedly shot with rubber bullets. One was reportedly taken to a clinic.
Dakota Access protesters reported police firing rubber bullets at “point blank” range. Journalist and former congressional candidate Erin Schrode posted on social media, “I was just shot. Militarized police fired at me from pointblank range with a rubber bullet at #StandingRock.””*
Read more here:

" Standing Rock: Police shot journalist for no reason | How did it all begin "

Protect Mother Earth
Published on 3 Nov 2016

Standing Rock : As peaceful protests over the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline again turn violent, one journalist near the Standing Rock Sioux Indian reservation in North Dakota captured shocking video showing herself being shot by police out of nowhere as she conducted an interview.
Erin Schrode, an activist and journalist, was doing an interview at the edge of the Cantapeta Creek when police shot her with a rubber bullet. In her video of the incident, Schrode can be heard screaming, “Ow!” before crumbling to the ground.
Police in riot gear shot rubber bullets and used pepper spray on demonstrators — who call themselves water protectors — on the shoreline of the Cantapeta Creek, just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation here on Wednesday.
After a few relatively peaceful days at the campground where thousands have gathered to demonstrate against a controversial North Dakota oil pipeline, demonstrators put out calls on social media to "make your way to the river" for a "river action," but to do so "in prayer."
In a Facebook Live stream, Cempoalli Twenny, who says he is at Standing Rock to protect the water, said, "The pipeline is getting really close to the river now, so it's crunch time."


" Exclusive Video: #noDAPL Protestors Share Experiences of Police Repression "
Published on 21 Nov 2016

Hundreds needed medical attention after being tear gassed and sprayed with water cannons during a Sunday protest in North Dakota
Visit for more videos.
Lauretta Prevost with Mirrors and Hammers Productions,


" BREAKING WEB EXCLUSIVE: Watch Police Attack Unarmed Standing Rock #NoDAPL Water Protectors! "
Redacted Tonight with Lee camp October 28, 2016.

This is web exclusive breaking update on the situation in North Dakota - where Standing Rock water protectors were brutally attacked and arrested by riot police, Dakota Pipeline private security, and the National Guard. The cops were armed with rifles, rubber bullets, tasers, concussion grenades, mace, MRAPS, and LRADs. The situation in Standing Rock is dire as they try to protect their sacred land and clean water from corporate destruction.

"A Shameful Moment for This Country":

Report Back on Militarized Police Raid of DAPL Resistance Camp via DemocracyNow! October 28, 2016. -
We go to Standing Rock, North Dakota, for an update on how hundreds of police with military equipment raided a resistance camp Thursday that was established by Native American water protectors in the path of the proposed $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline. More than 100 officers in riot gear with automatic rifles lined up across a highway, flanked by multiple MRAPs, an LRAD sound cannon, Humvees driven by National Guardsmen, an armored police truck and a bulldozer. Water protectors say police deployed tear gas, mace, pepper spray and flash-bang grenades and bean bag rounds against the Native Americans and shot rubber bullets at their horses. "We learned a lot about the relationship of North Dakota to Native people," says Tara Houska, national campaigns director for Honor the Earth. "I was standing next to a group of teenagers that were maced in the face. … I was shot in the face by a bean bag round."

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