Monday, July 31, 2017

The Faux Russia Hack Story Is The Real Criminal Collusion says Jamarl Thomas

Time to put aside differences between Progressives and Trump supporters as this insane FAKENEWS RUSSIAHACKING  has become too dangerous . This could lead to a major military conflict and even a nuclear war as these idiots in the Media and those in the Democratic Party and GOP are now pushing  a reluctant Trump into a disastrous policy towards Russia.

The Neocons and Neoliberals on both sides of the isle would love another major war .

The Democrats are pushing for war to cover for their 2016 election losses and their rigging of the 2016 Primary and other bits of ongoing corruption.

Jamarl Thomas of  @theProgSoapbox says this has gone too far there needs to be an investigation and if Hillary Clinton or Wasserman Schultz or others need to be locked up then lock em up.
He says he was wrong before but now agrees with Trumpsters to lock them up.

The DNC and Media have spent the last 8 moths demonizing Russia with their bogus Russia hacked the DNC and undermined US elections which they claim is equal to a military attack and so the US should go to war with a nuclear power Russia.

This is beyond some sort of ideological differences or branding or messaging this is dangerous for the USA and the world.

The Media and the DNC , Hillary Clinton, Comey, Lynch etc. need to be reined in and those who are guilty need to be locked up.

This is the real conspiracy of collusion between the Media and the Democratic Party and other interests.

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