Saturday, December 31, 2016

How the Russian "Election Hacking" Story Was Sold to Americans by Hillar...

Mainstream Media , President Obama, DNC and Hillary Clinton spreading "Fake News" erroneously claiming Russia interfered with the American General Election. This is just propaganda 101. Instead of the DNC and Hillary Clinton accepting responsibility for losing the election to Idiot Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton and DNC screwed over Bernie Sanders and his supporters making her the presidential candidate for the Democratic party .

Hillary then ran a lackluster right of center campaign to appeal to Republicans and centrist and not to Progressives and ignored the Democratic base such as the working class . labor unions, the working poor , minorities etc. She took them all for granted and so lost as millions of voters were turned off by her and the DNC 's arrogance and her belief that this was Her Turn and therefore entitled to become president.

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