Thursday, November 24, 2016

#NODAPL Enbridge Lies and I have the video PROOF. John Bolenb...

OIl Company Enbridge colluding with US government, the Environmental Protection Agency and Dept. of Health and President Obama to cover up major oil spills.

It is Enbridge which is involved in the Dakota Access Pipeline which the Native Americans are protesting against at #StandingRock to protect their sacred grounds and the water and their treaty rights.

The mainstream Media once again is ignoring this ongoing environmental disaster created by the pipelines .

The media has only paid attention when the company erroneously accuses protesters of committing acts of violence . The media doesn't even question what the company and the local police are telling them about protesters.

The media per usual is on the side of Big OIl and Big money and like Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry , Joe Biden and now President elect Trump are also on the side of Big Oil and Big Money who are donors to these politicians political campaigns or give them lucrative positions with the companies after they leave the political arena.

So it is all part of the revolving door from corporation to government and then back to private corporations and or Wall Street .

And so it goes,


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